You were this close to saving your portfolio

You were this close to saving yourself
from massive losses in the months ahead…

Here’s your last chance to make the smartest
investing move you’ll make all year.


Dear Reader,

As a fellow investor, I know how regret can haunt you when you make a bad decision.

But this doesn’t have to be one of those times…

I recently sent you an opportunity to grab my Portfolio Grader Second Quarter Ratings Guide…and you were this close to making a great financial decision.

Earnings season is just about to kick into high gear and my newest Ratings Guide gives you critical buy and sell ratings on some of the most widely held stocks in America (I’d be shocked if you didn’t own some of the stocks on this list).

3 Hours Left!  to Save 83%With the complete list of 250 A-rated (Strong Buy) and 250 F-rated (Strong Sell) stocks at your fingertips, it’s the easiest way I know to get some peace of mind and make sure your portfolio is in good shape for the volatility ahead.

In addition to my exclusive ratings, you get a full-page report on every stock that explains why I expect it to soar or crash in the months ahead.

And you were so close to making one of the smartest decisions you’ll make this year and grabbing your copy of my Portfolio Grader Second Quarter Ratings Guide.

But it’s not too late. All you have to do is complete your order now, and you’ll get instant access to this 500+ page report.

Remember, if you decide you want this Second Quarter Ratings Guide once you see quarterly earnings start to roll in, you’ll have to pay the regular $79 cover price.

But if you order before this offer ends at noon today, you can get it for just $13—an incredible 83% discount.

That’s a very small price to pay to make sure you don’t get caught holding some of the biggest losers in the months ahead.

And the profits from just one of my top-rated stocks could make this $13 look like peanuts.

to get instant access and give your portfolio a check-up today.

 to Get Your Ratings Guide Now


Louis Navellier
Navellier Growth


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