Why Trump is the least of our worries in DC…

The time-sensitive invitation you requested from Louis Navellier…

Why Trump is the least
of our worries in DC…

Love him or hate him, the new president won’t likely “steal” your retirement. There is, however, one credible threat to your long-term wealth festering in Washington DC. No politican will stop it. Only we can protect ourselves!

Fortunately, there’s a proven strategy investors like you are using right now to profit in the final stages of this aging bull market… stand tall in the face of the turbulence headed our way… overcome this government-sanctioned theft.

Only you can decide if this somewhat “radical” approach is right for you, too. You need the facts to make your decision. But you must act today, while this soloution and time-sensitive opportunity is still available…

February 13, 2017

Dear Fellow Investor,

A menace has taken root in Washington.

It’s a very real threat to our long-term wealth and wellbeing.

But it’s not Donald Trump (though he might make it worse).

In fact, the threat standing between hardworking investors like us and the safe and comfortable retirements we deserve predate Mr. Trump’s arrival in DC by many years…

  • It’s not the exorbitant U.S. tax rates extracted from our capital, income, and investments, crippling and unfair as these are…
  • It’s not the “nosebleed” valuations some consider HISTORICALLY precarious… or the “certainty” of disappointing future returns they portend for investors…
  • It’s not even the specter of a 2008-style financial crisis… an extended secular bear market… or the looming market “crash” that could wipe out years of hard-fought gains.

It’s not illegal immigration… Islamic extremism… or global climate change, either. Whatever your position on these issues, none realistically stands between you and me and the unassailable wealth we want and deserve for our loved ones and for ourselves.

You probably know what this “government-sanctioned” threat is. I’ll give you my opinion on the matter just ahead. Including the simple, yet “radical” steps I want you to take beginning today to protect yourself.

Though I should warn you upfront. Not every Joe on the street will be open to what I’m about to propose to you. Still fewer will hear about it with you today. Assuming, that is, they hear about it all.

You see, while a small number of qualified investors are reading this along with you this morning, that number far and away exceeds the handful who can realistically do what we’re about to do together, by many, many times.

That’s why I’m so pleased to have caught up with you this Monday morning. And why I so strongly encourage you to let me know what you think just as soon as you’ve heard me out.

Again, what I’m about to propose
won’t work for everybody…

Of the investors who read my research each week — including my premium Blue Chip Growth, Emerging Growth, Dividend Growth, and Ultimate Growth members — no more than 1 in 100 will have the courage and resources to put this plan into action.

And that’s a good thing, believe it or not, as we’ll discuss in the next few pages.

We’ll also discuss the nuts and bolts of what I want you to do in the coming weeks, including the unique benefits you can expect if you agree to my terms today. Plus the simple steps you’ll need to take to maximize your chances of capitalizing on this opportunity.

None of which is to suggest you’ll be without guidance or asked to go it alone. Or that you’ll lack encouragement and support. Quite the opposite. Not only would I never suggest you do anything I wouldn’t do with my own family’s money…


And I will be right there — in the trenches with you every step of the way — as I’ll explain in detail ahead.

More important, a close-knit group of investors just like you is already implementing this simple wealth-building strategy right alongside me — and they’ve been at it, laying the groundwork for you, going on FIVE YEARS now with great success.

For example, there’s Jon N., a Navellier Blue Chip Growth member. Jon recently wrote in to report how much he appreciates “the returns we’ve achieved” together with the approach I’m about to share with you.

Adding this superlative…

“Of the services I have subscribed to in the past, it has
been the best performing and the most instructional.”

And there’s Les F., another longtime Blue Chip Growth member who recently reached out to me to that there really is no more guesswork with this “no excuses” approach to building long-term wealth, explaining…

“The instructions are specific and actionable. There is
no ambiguity on when to buy/sell and at what price.”

And, finally, there’s a gentleman named John G., a relatively newer addition to my Navellier Growth family, who gets right to the point of the matter, declaring simply…

“I make MONEY!”

Jon, Les, and John, as I mentioned, are real people and experienced individual investors just like you. They are also among a small handful of intrepid Navellier Growth members who took me up on a proposition just like this one back in September 2012.

You’ll hear other success stories like theirs just ahead. Including from folks like Sam A., Wally V., and Marcy K., who made the same decision you’re going to be asked to make in the next few moments…

And who are, for reasons they’ll explain to you in their own words, pretty darn glad they did.

Yet, amazingly, your timing may
be even better than theirs was!

In fact, every hurdle that stood between these investors and their goal of building long-term wealth back in September 2012 is very much in place today. If anything, the path to success is even more daunting for us now.

  • U.S. stocks, as measured by the broader market indexes, are even more RICHLY valued than they were back in September 2012…
  • The global economic recovery continues to plod along… U.S. wages are largely stagnant… and corporate profits have finally peaked…
  • The U.S. political landscape, already contentious in the days of Obama vs. Romney in 2012, is downright explosive in the wake of the surprise Trump victory in 2016.

Frankly, I’m not surprised to hear that my clients are nervous. Or that cash levels are at historic highs. Or that far too many hardworking Americans are sitting out the historic bull market and falling further and further behind.

Of course, any one of these would be a legitimate cause for concern in ordinary times. But now there’s one final, toxic ingredient to add, straight out of Washington DC. Making for a truly combustible cocktail.

And by that I mean historically low, even NEGATIVE, interest rates.

Particularly, the rates of “return” we can expect to earn on our hard-earned cash and so-called risk-free, fixed-income investments — a “return on investment” that is all but guaranteed to fail to keep pace even with inflation.

Best case, this means we need to ratchet down our expectations (and our lifestyles) as we head into retirement. Worst case, we actually LOSE money in real terms each and every year we hold on to these so-called “safe” investments.

Please understand, this is no wild “prediction.” It’s basic math. And, again, it’s no accident.

There are market forces at work, to be sure. But it’s no coincidence that low interest rates play into the hands of money-hungry governments across the globe.

Especially, governments like ours, addicted to spending money “borrowed” from its citizens.

In the business, we have a word this. We call it “financial repression.” We can discuss it at length when you get back to me if you like. But for now, let’s agree it’s a state of affairs that systematically favors borrowers (them) at the expense of investors (us).

Again, Donald Trump didn’t start this racket. But if we know one thing about the new President, it’s that he’s no stranger to spending other people’s money — and that he’ll be shrewd enough to keep his borrowing costs LOW.

That’s bad news for investors like us. It basically guarantees that the fixed income investments we’ve been told to consider no-brainers as the CORE of our retirement portfolios will earn us much less than we had been told to “expect.”

In fact, they will very likely COST US MONEY!

That’s the problem. The solution
takes forward thinking and courage…

Just ahead, I’ll share a personal experience that really brought this conundrum home for me. It’s an interesting story I think you’ll appreciate. It’s also the impetus behind the “radical” proposition I presented to that “small group” of investors I told you about earlier.

If you’re up for it, I’d like to make that same proposition to you today. But first, let me tell you why these folks are so pleased they took a leap of faith with me back on Labor Day 2012.

Working together, over nearly five years, we have systematically…

  • Reduced our overall portfolio volatility, thus minimizing our potential exposure to future painful drawdowns that history assures us are inevitability coming our way…
  • Increased our exposure to high-quality industry leaders, including asset-rich companies with unassailable balance sheets, and dividend-paying “stalwarts…”
  • MADE MONEY each and every year, despite our intentionally “defensive” posture — never suffering a down year, including in 2015, when the broader market gave up 0.7%…

That includes no fewer than 106 individual winning positions LOCKED IN, the profits already rolled over into even more profitable ideas. Plus more than 23 active positions in our current investment portfolio with hefty “unrealized” gains ready to harvest.

As important, we’re achieving these wealth-building results with total PEACE OF MIND — sidestepping the FEAR and CONCERN now plaguing other individual and professional investors as the aging bull market plods through its final, most volatile years.

“I sleep better at night knowing I'm invested conservatively
to weather volatile movements in the market.”
Sam A.

Yet, as gratifying as our performance has been, there’s a more fundamental reason why early adopters like Sam and John reflect fondly on their decisions to join me back on Labor Day 2012. Namely, that…

Every one of the concerns that prompted them to accept my
proposal was legitimate at the time — and every single one is only more
urgent and pressing as you read this invitation today!

Especially, if like many of my friends, family, and high-net-worth clients, you have a fairly significant amount of investment capital already “at risk” in the markets — and don’t have 20 or 30 years to make up for any lost time.

Which brings me to a small confession…

Please, don’t get the wrong idea, I’m a stock-picker at heart, and I love the work we’re doing together throughout my Navellier Growth community. I love that you and your fellow members have made money on my recommendations over the years.
I’m especially pleased to hear that you have put your profits to such good use.

Description: '

“We were able to use our gains to travel to South Africa for 14 days, which was one of our life-long dreams.”
—Richard S., New Bern, North Carolina

I won’t deny it. I can’t get enough of hearing stories like that! After all, they’re why I got in this business in the first place. But here’s the thing…

While members like you have always assured me you are profiting from my recommendations and general investment advice, in recent years, I’ve begun to detect a subtle undercurrent in our conversations.

Apparently, in my enthusiasm to bring you the best investment opportunities the market has to offer each month, I may have underestimated exactly what it takes to confidently build and protect your wealth in this increasingly uncertain market…

Including the COURAGE it takes to stand firm when the headlines are scary… the knowledge and CONVICTION to double down during times of market panic… and the RESOLVE to “coldly” take profits in a beloved holding when other investors are exuberant.

Not to mention the unique challenges involved in assembling my
top recommendations into a diversified, BALANCED portfolio —
especially in today’s historic negative-yield environment …

And by that I mean nothing less than a professionally optimized portfolio carefully constructed to offer you the SAFETY you need to sleep well at night — and the INCOME and GROWTH you need to reach your long-term financial goals and dreams.

Of course, these challenges, legitimate in ordinary markets, are only amplified further at times like this, when the returns offered by fixed-income investments are artificially repressed — and when you’re asked to consider the “radical” step I’m about to propose.

But don’t worry. I’m also writing today with a solution as well as a proposition. In fact, not only do I believe my team and I have devised an elegant, step-by-step “system” that can help us put an end to every nagging concern we just discussed…

I am convinced we can overcome these wealth-blocking hurdles— and dramatically improve our long-term results — in LESS time… with LESS effort… and with much less STRESS than you might realistically think possible.

I know this must sound fantastic. But when I tell you exactly how we’re going to do it — and the truly life-altering results I expect to deliver — I’ll think you’ll agree it’s not only doable, it’s downright easy.

Don’t forget, thousands of your fellow investors is ALREADY doing it!

Why you can expect BETTER
results starting this afternoon…

The fact that you’re reading this today tells me you’re already “steeped” in one or more important “factors” of the market. That’s a valuable advantage you have over the vast majority of other investors. Some members assure me this is everything they need.

In Blue Chip Growth, for example, you have access to the best positioned large-cap “industry dominators” from across the globe. At Emerging Growth, we focus laser-like on alerting you to faster-moving, smaller companies with huge potential.

At Ultimate Growth we crank it up a notch in pursuit of even more excitement and eye-popping returns. Or maybe you prefer the more stable “A-rated” dividend payers we favor at my recently launched Dividend Growth.

If you’re looking for market-beating investment ideas, that’s a phenomenal head start right there. And, again, it could be everything you need right now.

But if you’re not 100% convinced you couldn’t be growing your wealth even faster, think about this for moment…

Photo: Louis Navellier -- A team of true professionals on your side.My quantitative models and my personal staff of professional analysts scan the entire market 24 hours a day, seven days a week — constantly sifting the data and crunching the numbers in search of the very best opportunities for new money at any given moment…

From across the entire universe of publicly traded securities. When you run the numbers like I do, that’s more than 5,000 individual securities — and an almost infinite number of constantly changing financial metrics and variables.

And while sometimes this leads us to opportunities suited for my Blue Chip Growth members. Other times we uncover rapidly growing smaller companies with massive growth potential better suited for my Emerging Growth Buy List.

Some markets — like the market we’re navigating right now, for example — are best suited to my yield-obsessed Dividend Growth investments, while others favor my thrill-seeking Ultimate Growth members. But here’s the thing…

Just as often, however, my quantitative models and dedicated team of analysts turn up opportunities that don’t quite fit into any of these buckets.

In this low-yield, event-driven market, for example, we’ve been uncovering …

  • High quality real estate investment trusts (REITS) — that offer high levels of current income plus the promise of increasing payouts and the opportunity for market-beating growth…
  • Fast-growing mid-cap companies — these are market “tweeners” I call “tomorrow’s blue chips”— in the sweet spot of their massive growth cycles with their hyper-growth still ahead of them…
  • Overlooked value plays — “fallen angels” with solid businesses and cash flows, and whose bargain basement prices and generous dividend yields make them too attractive to pass up…

Plus, a wide range of off-the-beaten-path opportunities in such diverse sectors as regional banking, the beaten down energy pipelines and transportation sectors (a perfect Trump “play” if ever there was one), raw materials, and even asset management and financial services.

In other words, even if you have the time and resources to follow all four of my “stock-picking” services religiously, you’re still not getting access to the full range of opportunities that don’t fit the specific profiles.

Yet every one has a place in your portfolio — and work perfectly in tandem with the large-cap market leaders I recommend each month in Blue Chip Growth and Dividend Growth, and the up-and-coming small caps you’ll find on my Emerging Growth and Ultimate Growth Buy Lists.

In short, if you are looking to maximize your returns… if you want to maximize your chances of accumulating the true legacy wealth you want and deserve… and if you are determined to do so as SAFELY and SURELY as possible…

You need exposure to every one of these types of investments we just discussed. This is something I learned firsthand back in 1980 and have confirmed over three decades in the business (this letter is your personal invitation to GAIN from my experience!).

Most important, you need all these diverse
investments in just the right balance

This final point might just be the most important we’ll discuss today …

As important as it is to have exposure to every one of these diverse investments at just the right time and price, your PROFITS are multiplied many times and your SAFETY is maximized when they are assembled in a BALANCED, optimized portfolio…

Specifically, a portfolio built with attention from the ground up, constantly monitored, and expertly pruned and managed as needed to MAXIMIZE your profits and MINIMIZE your risk.

Again, I’m proud of the work we’re doing together at Navellier Growth. It thrills me to hear when folks like D.W., a Blue Chip Growth member from Austin, Texas who writes in to tell me…

Description: '

You have supercharged my retirement portfolio. I have been a subscriber for years and being so has paid off handsomely for me and my family…beating the market year after year after year.

And like Bob H., a Blue Chip Growth and Emerging Growth member from Southbury, Connecticut who recently reached out to let me know…

Description: '

My portfolio is up over 60% in under a year since subscribing. That’s the kind of return I was used to in the late 90s’.

I hope your experience has been equally positive. Maybe you bought Baidu (up 204%)… Southwest Airlines (up 194%)… Monsanto (up 162%)… Amazon (up 116%)… Fiserv (up 104%)… or one of our other widely held, large-cap growth winners.

Or maybe you bought Valeant Pharmaceuticals (up 208%)… HMS Holdings (up 182%)… Depomed (up 168%)…XPO Logistics (up 98%)… or Douglas Dynamics (up 92%).

Or, for that matter, any of the literally dozens of fast-rising Emerging Growth and Ultimate Growth recommendations that have doubled our money in the last decade.

I believe those results speak for themselves — and that the best is yet to come. Yet, after discussing the investment landscape at length with you and your fellow members back in 2012, a couple of doubts still nagged at me…

  1. First, unless you’re an active member of all four of my investment advisory services, it’s almost certain you weren’t alerted to EVERY ONE of these massive winners we just discussed.
  2. Second, even if you do have access to all my top recommendations, it’s still possible you’re struggling to match my documented track record of beating the market by 3-to-1 with my Blue Chip Growth stocks…

Much less matching the blistering results we’ve posted at Emerging Growth, where we have confounded the academics and skeptics — and consistently outpaced the broader market by an almost unheard of 6-to-1.

After consideration, I realized there are reasons for this — and none of them is your fault!

  1. You might be overwhelmed, for example. Over the years, I’ve recommended literally hundreds of different opportunities to members like you. It’s easy to understand how you could struggle to decide which recommendation to buy and when.
  2. And then there are resource constraints. Cash is a low-yielding investment, especially in this market. Few investors have access to the unlimited “dry powder” required to act on every new recommendation — month after month, year after year.

Sure enough, this one-two punch — the combination of limited resources and uncertainty over which of literally dozens of top recommendations each year to buy at any given moment — is the No. 1 challenge I hear from my longtime members and readers like you.

It pains me to think that even one of my loyal members is struggling to match my performance for any reason. That’s why I’m so thrilled to be able to offer you a solution that can address these common pain points and put us both at ease.

Which brings me to a second,
even more startling confession…

Earlier, I acknowledged that my focus on leading you to the best investments each month may have blinded me to some of the day-to-day challenges you may be facing while trying to assemble these investments into a real-world portfolio.

As a professional analyst and asset manager who takes pride in having spent more than three decades helping others build real wealth in EVERY TYPE of market, my second confession may be even more startling.

I’ll explain briefly. Since by now you may have heard the chatter…

Just over five years ago, I was approached out of the blue to invest some “very important” money for a very demanding client. With the explicit mandate to deliver not only current income and safety, but also growth.

You may also have heard that this “client” was my wife, Wendy — my sharpest critic and the one person I simply CANNOT afford to disappoint. I won’t deny that I was a little bit spooked!

Being handed a seven-figure lump sum and asked to put that money to work right away in a portfolio that could simultaneously serve three such seemingly conflicting goals is frankly a little daunting, even for a guy with my experience.

Particularly in a low-interest rate environment. In other words, an environment very much like the one we face today.

And just like that, the very real concerns you’ve expressed to me in emails and letters — and in person when I travel the country speaking to individual investors — took on a more immediate urgency.

Suddenly, the challenges you are facing investing YOUR own “very important” money in this extended, low-yield market were no longer abstractions. In short, I was plunged into the same rocky seas you may find yourself in right now…

Frankly, it was a gut-check. And the seeds of the unusual proposal I’m about to make were planted. So let me tell you what happened next… the rare opportunity it represents for you… and why there has never been a better time to get started.

Now you can invest like my most-
demanding high-net-worth client…

To make a long story short, I pulled myself together and got busy.

Over the next few weeks, I ran and refined my proprietary models… pored over the data… consulted at length with my team of analysts and professional portfolio managers…

And together we set about investing my wife Wendy’s $3.4 million inheritance in a diversified, BALANCED portfolio …

A fully optimized portfolio that my team and I are 100% convinced would give her the absolute best chance of delivering on her three non-negotiable demands — SAFETY, INCOME… and GROWTH — no matter what the market throws our way.

More important, we didn’t rely on low-yield fixed-income investments. Turning instead to the conservative stocks of rock-solid blue chip companies, especially those with a proven history of paying and growing their generous quarterly dividends.

Of course, this — tilting your focus away from wealth-draining cash and other fixed-income investments in favor of a conservative, diversified portfolio of rock-solid, dividend paying stocks — is the “radical” step I want you to consider today.

It wasn’t easy I assure you. It took nothing less than the full resources of my staff of professionals and my three decades of experience identifying market-beating stocks and personally managing high-net-worth accounts to get the job done.

But I’m thrilled with the results. And I’d like to share those results — and that success — with you beginning today. You see, something dawned on me over the course of those stressful months I spent planning and building Wendy’s portfolio…

It occurred to me that my most loyal Navellier Growth members like YOU could profit from my experience. And not simply by gaining access to my thought process and the unique insights I acquired investing Wendy’s windfall…

But even more so by actually SEEING how I went about attacking that daunting “challenge” — step-by-step… setback-by-setback… breakthrough-by-breakthrough.

Which brings me to the unique solution I’d like to propose to you today.

Starting right now, when you say the word, I will do for you exactly what I did for my wife, Wendy.

I will show you exactly how to build a market-beating, conservative stock portfolio like hers — in real time, step-by-step, stock-by-stock.

With the exact same care and attention to detail… the same rigorous concern for SAFETY and GROWTH… and leveraging the exact same professional money management skills I honed over more than three decades in this business.

But that’s not the half of it.

You see, back on Labor Day 2012, I did something “radical.” Something that really sets what I’m about to propose to you apart from your experience as a member of Blue Chip Growth or, for that matter, nearly every other investment advisory on the planet…

I personally set aside a not-insignificant chunk of my own money (a quarter of a million dollars, to be exact) and deposited it in a personal brokerage account — so that I could literally put that money to work right before your eyes.

This way, instead of merely “hearing about” my best new investment ideas the moment I uncover them, you can literally FOLLOW ALONG as I manage my own portfolio — a diversified investment portfolio of REAL MONEY in REAL TIME.

In other words, I’m not just going to SHARE my “past” experiences with you… and TELL you what I learned putting Wendy’s $3.4 million inheritance to work… I’m going to SHOW you exactly HOW to do it yourself!

For the past four-and-a-half years, I’ve been doing just that. Working side-by-side with the handful of Navellier Growth members you’ve heard from today — and who made the same life-changing decision you can make for yourself in just a few short minutes.

Ok, so what do YOU have to do to
“profit from my experience?”

First, you’ll need to respond to this personal invitation just as soon as possible. This way I’ll know that you’re serious about joining my Charter Members, my wife Wendy, and me as a special new member of my Navellier Family Trust.

Then, once you’ve claimed the spot I’ve reserved for you — which you’re encouraged to hold on to it for a full 90 days without any risk or commitment whatsoever — exactly how you use your Navellier Family Trust privileges is entirely up to you.

Description: TRADE ALERTSIf you like, you can simply kick back and watch your inbox or keep your phone handy for my personal email and phone alerts announcing EVERY TRADE I plan to make in my real money Navellier Family Trust portfolio.

I’ll contact you directly, telling you exactly what to buy… how much I’m buying myself… how much I want you to pay… and WHY I think it’s a perfect addition to our Navellier Family Trust Portfolio.

I’ll also send you private access to a simple tool that will calculate exactly HOW MUCH you should by, based on the size of your own portfolio.

Even that’s not all. I’ll also make sure you receive something else — one of the most popular features of Navellier Family Trust.

Description: Membership StatementAt the beginning of each month, you’ll receive your personal Navellier Family Trust Monthly Member Statement. Here you’ll find my latest thoughts on the market and economy… a full review of our monthly activity and performance… and a thorough analysis of our current Navellier Family Trust portfolio…

Or if you prefer, you can keep an eye on my secure Navellier Family Trust website — where you’ll find my latest trade alerts, my full investment rationale, lively discussions, and exclusive content not found anywhere else.

Description: image: Monthly Family Trust Conference CallsIn any case, you’ll want to be on hand for my Family Trust Conference Call — where I personally review the month’s results with you… brief you on my latest thoughts for the coming month… and answer any questions you might have for my analyst team or for me.

However much or little you choose to engage, you’ll always know what stocks I’m buying… what stocks I’m selling… and the instant I plan to trim or add to an existing position. In short, you’ll know EVERY MOVE I MAKE as I build and manage my own portfolio…

Combining the portfolio management skills I amassed over three decades as a professional investor with the timely insights picked up while investing my wife Wendy’s $3.4 million and my own $350 million real money portfolio!

Meanwhile, you simply follow along with my trades in your own brokerage account. It’s that simple. You can see why my Charter Members tell there is “no more guesswork” — and why you will never again have to worry about matching my market-beating results.

Of course, you keep 100%
control of your money…

I’ve heard from a number of your fellow Navellier Growth readers over the past week or so asking whether I will be taking control of your investments if you decide to join us — or executing the Navellier Family Trust trades for you.

In fact, I considered both ideas. I opted for a different approach for two reasons.

First, while a few members have requested a more traditional “custodial” type relationship, many self-directed investors wrote in expressing a desire to handle their own investments and keep control of their own accounts.

Not only does this approach save you money in fees and expenses — and keep your money in your account should you unexpectedly need it — it also jives nicely with my mission statement for Navellier Family Trust

“Bridging the gap between traditional newsletter advisory services and
‘managed account’ style investing reserved for high-net-worth individuals.”

It’s also for this reason that I structured the service so that you don’t need a $3.4 million portfolio like Wendy’s to benefit. Or even half that. You can benefit with most any size portfolio, from as little as $5,000 and up.

Exactly how much you choose to invest is up to you. For example, after much deliberation, and input from you and your fellow members, I chose to personally invest $250,000 (to which I added an additional $100,000) — a sum that has grown to $477,000!

I settled on this figure for two reasons.

First, unlike a million dollars (which I seriously considered), I felt that $350,000 was close enough to the dollar figure you may want to commit — so that our experiences will be as similar as possible…

While at the same time, it’s significant enough to show you I mean business. With a quarter of a million dollars on the line — you’ll know I won’t be taking chances, and that you’re getting my full attention and best-thought-out advice.

Because this point is really important: I do want you to follow along as best as you can!

You see while there will be lively discussions and a strong educational component I think you’ll find extremely valuable, the PRIMARY GOAL of Navellier Family Trust is for you to mimic my returns and thus make more money.

That’s why, while the choice will always be yours, I strongly encourage you to follow along with my every move, whenever possible. It’s also why you can expect more frequent communication from me than you are probably used to.

At Navellier Family Trust, we won’t be constrained by such details as page and word counts for issues… or production schedules… or even market cap or other “style” restrictions. We are free to act quickly — and go WHEREVER we want WHENEVER we want…

Opportunistically seeking out the market’s very best investments at all times. Whether that means sitting tight for days or even weeks at a clip — or moving quickly to load up on…

  • Smaller stocks with the potential to deliver us quick 50% -100% gains…
  • Dividend payers capable of delivering solid long-term capital gains, PLUS hefty yields for income and stability, or
  • Blue chip stocks that provide ballast in rocky markets and the promise of exponential wealth-multiplying appreciation over time

This is the best way to ensure that you are investing right alongside my wife, Wendy, and me. Making money when we make money — and as near-perfectly (and effortlessly) replicating our results as logistically possible.

Hence the name Navellier Family Trust. When you accept this invitation, you really are investing in confidence with a trusted friend — as if you’re part of the family. I hope you can see why I’m so excited, and why I’m concerned we might have to turn people away.

Now for the “nuts and bolts”
details I promised you…

The fact that you’re still reading tells me you’re giving this revolutionary idea some serious thought. Before I tell you how to sign up, here are a few administrative details to consider as you read on…

  1. This year’s enrollment in Navellier Family Trust officially begins today, Monday, February 13, 2017.
  2. The few available seats will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis (so I ask respectfully that you please not forward this email to anyone).
  3. I will be enrolling new members for three days only or until we reach our membership limit, whichever comes first… at which point, I must close the service and begin building a wait list. I’m sorry, there can be no exceptions.

So, please. If you think you may want to join us, I do hope you will get back to me with your answer just as soon as you’ve made your decision.

Frankly, I’d prefer that it didn’t have to be this way — and that everybody could join us. But there’s simply no way around it. My top priority is to guarantee you the experience and personal attention you deserve.

Remember, we will be buying and selling together. And while you will always receive my trade alerts ahead of time — so that you can buy before I do — I can’t say for sure what effect this buying pressure will have on the market.

“Without question the most comfortable service to trust my
modest non-annuity portfolio. I think the "calculator" method
is the best way to buy and diversify.”
Wally V., Family Trust Charter Member

I will take all available precautions to avoid moving the market, but keeping the membership small is the only way I know to make sure you get the full benefits of this one-of-a-kind experience. Even if this means turning away qualified members who would like to join.

Finally, I should tell you that, while I have no way of knowing when we will have to close the doors and start a wait list, I can tell you that this will be your only opportunity to join this year.

In other words, there’s no pressure to join. But if you do think you want to join us, it would really put my mind at ease if you wouldn’t put this decision off.

By now you must be wondering
just what it will cost to join…

You can probably sense that Navellier Family Trust is special — and costs a bit more than your typical stock-picking newsletter. But I think you’ll agree it’s fair once you see everything that’s included, and given the returns you can expect to achieve.

Especially if you’ve ever shopped for institutional-quality research. You know you can easily spend thousands per year (my Navellier Platinum Growth Club, which you may have considered joining, costs $11,294 per year, for example)…

And if you’ve tried to find quality portfolio management… look out! Not only are you asked to hand over your money and agree to onerous lockups, you’ll also be hit with a management fee and untold “hidden” costs for the privilege.

Instead, what would it be worth to you to get…

  • A coveted front row seat as a professional money manager with 36 years experience builds and manages a $350,000 portfolio for safety, income, and GROWTH…
  • Email and phone alerts of all portfolio moves… every buy… every sell… every rebalancing… ahead of time so you can always trade first
  • A monthly communiqué directly from me, discussing the month’s portfolio moves… market-moving events… and everything you need to build your own million-dollar portfolio…
  • Unlimited access to our 24/7 password-protected website where you can ask me questions, tell me what’s on your mind, challenge my ideas, and strike up a conversation with your fellow Navellier Family Trust members…
  • Every step-by-step instruction and all the CONFIDENCE you need to reproduce my market-beating results in your own portfolio — MINUS the day-to-day stress you may be feeling right now!

Finally, what if instead of shipping off your hard-earned money with frankly no guarantee of ever getting it back, you could keep 100% control of your money in your personal account, yet invest it in CONFIDENCE with a trusted friend?

Now imagine you could have all those things — and the opportunity to test-drive the entire process with no pressure… at your leisure… for a full 90 days… and never risk a penny? Well, that’s exactly what I want you to do.

Of course, you get my ironclad,
money-back guarantee…

I hope you can agree that Navellier Family Trust is unlike anything I’ve ever offered to you before. But some things will never change.

For one thing, you can rest assured that every stock I recommend to you — and buy for our Navellier Family Trust portfolio — has been fully…

  • Screened by my proprietary quantitative stock-selection and earnings-quality model…
  • Thoroughly vetted by my team of analysts and by me personally, and …
  • Identified as the very best opportunity to offer you the SAFETY and market-beating RETURNS you’ve come to expect from me.

As important, you can rest assured knowing that I have my own family’s money — REAL MONEY — invested right along with you. This way, you know you’re getting my very best ideas and that I’m not taking any unnecessary chances.

Nonetheless, because my primary concern is that you are happy with your decision to join us, I insisted that you be permitted to sample the entire service with no risk whatsoever. So here’s how we’re going to make that happen…

You simply respond to this private invitation right now and claim your spot. Take a look around… check out the dedicated Navellier Family Trust website… hit me up with any questions you may have… and compare notes with your fellow members.

Then go ahead and put the service through its paces for an FULL 90 DAYS. Follow my trades as I help you integrate your cash into a balanced portfolio, optimized for safety, income, and GROWTH…

Take as long as it takes to get a feel for everything the service does for you and the one-of-a-kind benefits it offers you and your family. In short, with your own eyes that everything I’ve said about Navellier Family Trust is true.

And if for any reason you decide you don’t want to stick with us, you can tell me to send you your money back — up to the last day of your first three months. I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund — NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

You have my word on it. Remember, when you become a member of Navellier Family Trust, you really are like a member of my family. My guarantee to you is so complete and ironclad, we don’t have to say another word about it. Now, this may be the best news of all…

Join today — get $3,500 in bonuses
and save up to $7,500!

When you respond to this invitation and join me today, you can knock a full $500 off our lowest new member rate. As an added bonus, I’ve arranged for you to get a free year of Blue Chip Growth.

I’ve also arranged for you to receive one full year of my top-performing Emerging Growth small-cap advisory service, just as I did for my Charter Members back in 2012. That alone is a $995 dollar value.

All three services, Blue Chip Growth, Emerging Growth, and, of course, Navellier Family Trust are yours for as long as you decide to stay on as a member. In return, you pay just $1,999 for one year — a legitimate $500 savings off the cost of Navellier Family Trust alone.

Again, I understand that’s no small investment. But I sincerely believe that it’s a bargain given everything you get in return and the returns I expect you to earn.

But you have to respond today to get everything we just discussed — at this special price. It’s my personal thank you for following along with us last week and requesting this invitation today.

Even better, here’s something else I truly hope you’ll consider…

As we’ve discussed, when you join me at Navellier Family Trust, you keep 100% control of your money. It stays in your account so it’s there whenever you need it. In other words, I can’t “lock up” your investment — and I wouldn’t even if I could.

But I do want to do everything in my power to encourage you to stick with us at Navellier Family Trust through good markets and the occasional setback. Preferably for a minimum of three years — but at least until I can prove how much money you can make.

For this reason, I’ve made my three-year discount as irresistible as possible. When you join for three years today — as more than half of my Charter Members did back in 2012 — you get three full years of Navellier Family Trust for just $3,499 — meaning you get one full year FREE.

Of course, all the benefits of Blue Chip Growth and Emerging Growth are yours to keep as long as you are a member. And here’s one final thing I think you’ll really appreciate…

When you take me up on my Special 3-Year Offer, I want to extend your full money back guarantee to a FULL SIX MONTHS. This way, the risk is 100% mine, and you can’t possibly second-guess your decision.

If at any time, you’re not absolutely thrilled with your decision to join us, I’ll personally send every last penny of your money back to you — no questions asked. Up to the very last day of your first six months!

“Frankly, I’m in awe that you permitted
me to join your Family Trust…”
— S. Smith

It warms my heart to hear kind words like those from my Charter Members.
Though, I can assure you, the privilege is mine.

I consider it an honor to wake up each day and get to work helping you build the wealth you need to live the life you’ve always dreamed about.

It’s been that way every day since way back in 1980…

That’s when launched my first investment advisory service for individual investors, MPT Review.

Like Navellier Family Trust, I ran MTP Review as an optimized, integrated portfolio… built from the ground up and managed in full view for a select group of members…

In just five years a $100,000 original investment grew to $461,555…

And topped $1 MILLION in 10 short years!

I hope you can see the possibilities — and why Navellier Family Trust is so dear to my heart.

In a sense, it really is like I’m coming home.

My only regret is that we can accommodate so few members each year — and will almost surely have to turn people away once again.

I do hope you’ll join me, and that you’ll get back to me right away.

Of course, if for some reason you choose not to take me up on this unusual proposition, I fully understand.

But if you think you might be interested in taking advantage of this historic opportunity, please don’t put this off and risk missing out.

I rarely have the opportunity to invite new members to join as at Navellier Family Trust

And this special low-price discount is only available to longtime Navellier Growth members like you who had the foresight to request this private invitation — and who respond today.

or the scroll down right now and fill in the secure form below to claim your reserved seat!


Louis Navellier
Navellier Family Trust

PS: I don’t exaggerate when I say I expect the few available seats to go quickly. If you think you might want to join, don’t wait. Claim your seat now. If later tonight you change your mind, no worries. We’ll just fix it. In fact, take the whole 90 days to decide. If it turns out Navellier Family Trust isn’t for you, I’ll gladly give your money back and offer your seat to someone on our wait list. To claim your spot, now.


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