Why join a penny stock newsletter?

Penny stock newsletters are the engines of the penny stock market. They spread a message to many investors in a short period of time about a situation or a penny stock they feel their members can profit from. They draw attention to certain penny stocks.

Yes, many of the penny stocks they cover are paid advertising, however if a penny stock newsletter does not send out profitable information, they won't be around very long, no one would follow them. So it's in their best interest to screen a potential client penny stock company to assure its a good fit to present to their members and followers.

If a tree fell in the woods and no one was there to hear or see it, did it happen? Does it really matter?

Because penny stocks are not afforded the attention of Wall Street analysts and firms, they are left to their own means of garnering attention from the markets. Most of the time, these companies are small businesses with great ideas, products or services and just need a boost of investor confidence to take them to the next level. However, because these companies are on a tight budget, they normally don't have their own Investor Relations (IR) department or Public Relations (PR) department. The officers of that company are forced to wear the IR or PR hat. Something they may have very little experience in doing. So where do they turn? Penny stock newsletters of course.

Many of these penny stock newsletters act as IR and PR consultants to their client companies. They help plan a marketing budget and advise in the best way to utilize this budget for maximized results and design marketing campaigns.

If a penny stock company was making big things happen, but no one was there to witness it did it really happen? Yes, but until you read about it somewhere you won't know about it. And if no one knows about it, then it may as well not have happened.

The need for penny stock coverage.

Penny stock companies need to raise capital by any legal means they can until they become profitable. Some penny stock companies are already profitable and need a capital injection to get to the next level.

Let's say your an officer of a penny stock company. Your job is to expand profitable business operations. You need more capital in order to do this. As an officer of a publicly traded company you have a duty not only to your company but to your shareholders too. This means, building a profitable business and capping stock dilution where ever possible which hopefully translates into higher share prices. Your investors will love you.

Penny stock newsletter coverage can result in increased volume, increased shareholder base, and greater awareness from the market. Let's face it, if the markets like you, your stock will most likely rise. This in turn allows you to raise money from those private angel investors (whether a fund, venture fund or large private investor) or complete an acquisition through much less dilutive means. Investors do not like dilution, but dilution happens even in the large cap markets. If you strategically utilize your company stock as a tool for growth, this can play out big for all involved. It all starts with gaining attention from the markets.

If you or your company are in need of such services, contact us, we know who's who and what's going on out in the penny stock markets. We can analyze your needs then find and refer a proper fit for your situation.

Are you a bag holder?

There aren't many things that beat the feeling of making a profitable investment. Making a profitable trade is an empowering feeling. You can do this in any market. But we like to do this in the penny stock market, because the potential for larger gains is more exciting and exhilarating.

However, there is no worse feeling then buying at the top of a penny stock run and watching your investment get cut in half or dwindle to nothing. Of course this can happen with NASDAQ stocks and NYSE stocks too.

When we first started out in the penny stock markets over 12 years ago, one of the best things we did was find good penny stock newsletters that fit our investment styles, this was a tremendous help in staying in tune with the penny stock market. We continue this practice today.

By joining a good penny stock newsletter you increase your chance to get in on a penny stock run on the way up, not on the way down. Keep in mind, not all investors are members of penny stock newsletters. By being a member or following a good penny stock newsletter you increase your chances of being notified of profitable and active penny stocks.

No mater how you slice it, penny stock newsletters are here to stay and are very much an integral part of the ebbs and flow of the penny stock market. Its also a great way to be notified and keep track of active penny stocks. Just remember when you do a scan for percentage penny stock gainers and see some big gains, there was most likely a penny stock newsletter out there that told their members about it before it happened.

If you are interested in keeping track of active penny stocks and increasing your chance to win, join our newsletter. Capturing penny stock gains is very fun, and at PennyMotion we have a ton of fun.

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