Vanguard’s 17 Most Powerful Funds for 2017

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Investor uncertainty persists as we move through Trump's first 100 days. Lingering questions remain about his policies — like trade barriers and tariffs — that may hurt business rather than help it. 

The result: 99% of Vanguard’s investors don’t know where their money needs be in 2017.

Fortunately for you, Dan Wiener and Jeff DeMaso reveal what Vanguard’s been hiding from you since you first opened your account. The news can make you 179% richer! Read on to discover…

Vanguard’s 17  Most Powerful Funds
Decades of documentation show that a small group of Vanguard funds, when combined properly, outperform the average Vanguard Investor by a whopping 179%.

2 Problems:
(1) Vanguard won’t give you the names of these funds, and they
(2) Won’t tell you how to combine them properly, either.

1 Solution:
The only way you can get the names — and the 179% extra profits that come with them — is to read on and discover…

    • The most powerful growth fund is one of Vanguard’s lesser-known funds,
    • The most powerful income fund also works as an index-beating growth fund,
    • The most powerful ETF holds stocks, but not the ones you think.

    Fellow Mutual Fund Investor,

    Dan Wiener and Jeff DeMaso Make
    Investing with Vanguard 100%
    Easier and 179% More Profitable
    Dan Wiener tells you  what Vanguard won’t.Jeff DeMaso, Co-Editor & Director of Research

    Dan Wiener is a Vanguard genius. Along with his Director or Research and Co-Editor Jeff DeMaso, this dynamic duo reveal what Vanguard has been hiding from you since day one. Together, they put the spotlight on a side of Vanguard you’ve never known… the hidden side where…

    You’ll find Vanguard’s 17 Most Powerful Funds
    Your job of selecting the best-for-you Vanguard fund becomes remarkably easy
    Your profits double right along with Vanguard’s 1%
    179% More Profit

    The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors is helping tens of thousands of Vanguard investors like you. Many of these investors came on board with relatively modest portfolios. Now, they’ll never be average again. They are Vanguard’s 1%.
    Join Us Now! Our Profit Advantage
    Is Widening Faster Than Ever

    Make Your Vanguard Experience
    179% More Profitable

    The chart above illustrates the 179% profit gap enjoyed by Vanguard investors acting on Dan’s recommendations.

    Dan believes you should be riding Vanguard’s top line, too. Act on the information Dan gives you here in this Special Report and make this your most profitable year ever at Vanguard.

    I love Vanguard, but their advice to individual investors is lacking.

    And now — with a massive dose of uncertainty over how the markets will behave as we move through Trump's first 100 days — investor fear is spiking.

    Few Vanguard investors know where their money needs to be right now. With more than 170 funds to choose from, mistakes come easy. Most every Vanguard investor needs help deciding which funds to own these days. No one is telling them which funds to buy, sell or flat-out avoid.

    Vanguard will never tell you to sell a fund, even if the market continues to be bumpy for the balance of the year, or even more frightening, if the market crashes like crazy. What’s worse, Vanguard has a way of telling you to buy the funds no one should own. And you’ll discover that the funds you should own have actually been hidden from you since the day you opened your Vanguard account.

    Sounds incredible, I know. But it’s true. I’ll show you proof in a moment. First though, I should introduce myself.

    I’m Dan Wiener. I’m the head of the world’s largest independent research operation dedicated to helping Vanguard investors succeed. The bulk of my wealth is in Vanguard funds.

    Today, my research director, Jeff DeMaso and I will show you how Vanguard can protect you and make you richer than you ever imagined. Jeff and I want the same thing: to bring you in as a subscriber to The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors, so you reap the same rewards we do right along with Vanguard’s 1%.

    My wealthiest subscribers are some of the most demanding people you’ll ever meet. They have no money worries and yet they still want to get much wealthier. And like you, they abhor risk.

    I’m proud to say I exceed their “impossible” demands for safety and performance year after year, simply by using Vanguard’s most powerful funds. And if you’ll let me, I’ll meet your demands and exceed your expectations, too.

    Start with a FREE copy of
    Vanguard’s 17 Most Powerful Funds

    These 17 Vanguard funds work like gangbusters for investors building wealth… investors seeking income… investors who want both growth and income. That’s how powerful they are!

    Hold just a few of these funds in the proper mix and you could double your Vanguard profits starting today.

    I’ve rushed this critical message to you because Vanguard will NOT guide you into the funds you should own. They actually guide you into their worst funds.

    To put it nicely, Vanguard’s advice comes up short. But most of Vanguard’s investors don’t know this…

    Vanguard keeps you out of their best funds and instead steers you into some of their worst funds. As the examples below illustrate, it doesn’t matter what your goal might be. Vanguard won’t give you good advice. For instance…

    If you’re seeking a fund that will achieve “ANY GOAL,” Vanguard will push you into STAR LifeStrategy Funds. Vanguard calls this group of funds the all-in-one solution for “any goal.” The reason, Vanguard says, is because it’s “an easy way to save for whatever goal is important to you.”

    Vanguard won’t tell you these funds are so watered down in mediocrity that none of Vanguard’s STAR LifeStrategy Funds has a chance to lift you from the ranks of “ordinary.” Ever!

    If you’re looking to achieve the goal of “SAVING FOR RETIREMENT,” Vanguard will push you into Target Retirement Funds. Just pick your expected retirement date and you’re set. Easy, right? Well, picking your retirement date isn’t so easy these days, but that’s another story. The point here is:

    Vanguard won’t tell you these Target Funds are designed for folks who wish to remain ignorant of better options. As Vanguard puts it, Target Retirement Funds are for “initial investors, not experienced or sophisticated investors.”

    Incredible, isn’t it? But it’s true. The best fund family on earth, whether your financial goals are general or specific, is Vanguard. Yet, Vanguard never tells you to buy any of their most powerful funds. That’s why…

    Plain and simple: Most folks are NOT getting the best Vanguard has to offer. And by “most folks” I mean 99% of them.

    Vanguard hands the other 1% of their individual investors 179% more profits than the average Vanguard investor! Why? Because those who make up Vanguard’s 1% are savvy enough to ignore Vanguard’s fund-selection advice.

    Instead, they follow my advice.

    Vanguard’s 1% always have an easy time selecting funds that keep the profits rolling in—all while keeping their portfolios smartly diversified and balanced for safety.

    Yes, it’s easy for Vanguard’s 1%—because I do all the work for them. I give them 4 model portfolios to follow, if they so choose: (1) Growth, (2) Conservative Growth, (3) Income, and (4) an entire portfolio made up of ETFs. Whether you want to grow your money or are mainly interested in boosting your income, I’ll give you just what you need.

    In fact, the average Vanguard investor was up an annualized 8.4% over the past 5 years, but with my safe and profitable approach using Vanguard’s most powerful funds …Yours FREE - Vanguard’s 17 Most Powerful Funds

    • My Growth Portfolio is up 13.2%
    • My Conservative Growth Portfolio is up 12.3%
    • My Income Portfolio is up 9.5%
    • My Growth Index Portfolio (composed of ETFs) is up 12.6%

    And the story in 2016 was no different… my Growth Portfolio was up 9.6%, my Conservative Growth Portfolio was up 9.6%, Income Portfolio was up 6.4% and Growth Index was up a whopping 12.0%.

    All of my model portfolios outperform the average investor by big margins because we act on information Vanguard won’t tell you.

    A handful of the funds in our portfolios are so powerful I've chosen them for more than one of our model portfolios. These super funds and more are all revealed in your free copy of Vanguard’s 17 Most Powerful Funds.

    You’ll discover the growth funds, funds to use for generating income, and even a few ETFs in your report that Vanguard will not bring to your attention. None of the funds in this valuable report are among Vanguard’s most popular.

    The Powerful Growth Fund Most
    Vanguard Investors Miss

    A fund like this, one that's packed with stocks purchased for far less than they are worth, can be a fantastic fund for growth investors as well as value investors. It even pays a dividend, but I'm not recommending this fund for income investors.

    When the bargain-priced stocks in this fund snap back to their proper valuation, investor profits have the potential to be massive… especially when the stocks are mid-caps!

    Mid-caps have plenty of room to grow right off the bat. That's one reason why I've always been a big fan of these companies. Sure, small-caps might have even more room to grow, but mid-caps are better. They've grown their way out of the small-cap category and tend to be solid companies with real businesses, real balance sheets and real history.

    Unlike small companies, the mid-cap arena's denizens are a bit more grown up. They might be young, but mid-caps are run by professional management, often times still under the direction of visionary founders. Yet, mid-caps tend to be overlooked by Wall Street, where the bulk of the attention is focused on S&P 500 companies.Yours FREE - Vanguard’s 17 Most Powerful Funds

    This is one of Vanguard's newer funds. It was added to the menu in 2010… 3-year return is 35.6% (for an annualized return of 10.7% over those three years) and the 5-year return of 98.2% (annualized return 14.2% during those five years).

    Buy this fund today, if you can. There is no minimum investment required.

    Get the details in your free copy of Vanguard’s 17 Most Powerful Funds.

    If boosting your income is more important to you than growing your capital, then respond today, get your free report, and immediately turn to…

    Vanguard’s Most Powerful
    Income Fund

    You’ll learn about the powerful “income” fund that made its way into 3 of our 4 model portfolios. The only model that does not contain this fund is our Growth Index Model. That’s because the fund is actively managed.

    Dan Wiener Turns Average Vanguard Investors Into MILLIONAIRES

    He’s been doing it for over 26 years. And Dan along with Research Director and co-editor Jeff DeMaso, are doing it again this year—boosting profits for Vanguard investors like you! But this year, Dan and Jeff want you along for the ride.

    Dan’s nearly 3 decades of work have made many a Vanguard investor richer than they ever expected. Much richer! The evidence shows that Dan’s advice makes his readers 179% richer than the average Vanguard investor who invests with Vanguard on his own.

    And let’s just say, if it impacts your portfolio, count on Jeff to raise that red flag.  His expert market views and opinions have appeared in such publications as USA Today, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, InvestmentNews, and Kiplinger, to name a few.

    This is not a snapshot of selected “good” years. Dan and Jeff beat the market and Vanguard’s most popular index funds, and your own profit expectations over the long haul. Neither Dan nor Jeff want you to miss out a moment longer.

    Think of it—thanks to Dan and Jeff, members get $1,000,000 more than average for doing nothing more than you’re doing now, investing with Vanguard. Good reason to see if you’d like to belong? Not sure? Want to see the statistical proof with your own eyes before you decide?

    Here’s the proof you want—proof that membership makes the $1,000,000 difference:

    Starting with $100,000 in 1991 and never adding a penny since, Vanguard investors on their own would now have $629,492. An investor following Dan’s advice would now have $1,756,245! In other words, they’d be more than $1,000,000 wealthier.

    Here’s the year-by-year breakdown…

    Growth Model
    Starting Value100,000100,000

    % Advantage: 179%
    Extra Profit: $1,126,753

    It pays dividends, but so do a lot of Vanguard funds. In fact, Vanguard has 5 funds with dividend or income in their names

    • Dividend Appreciation Index
    • Dividend Growth
    • Equity Income
    • Growth and Income
    • High Dividend Yield Index

    Until you get your hands on Vanguard’s 17 Most Powerful Funds, you’ll probably pick the wrong one. Most average investors do. The average guy believes conventional wisdom, which says actively managed funds don’t stand a chance against index funds.

    But I prove conventional wisdom is dead wrong.

    The managers I buy beat index funds so convincingly researchers at Duke University were compelled to study my methods.

    Duke University Studies
    How I Beat Index Funds

    The university’s formal study has a clear title: Do Vanguard’s Managed Funds Beat Its Index Funds? Their research concludes:

    “The probability that [Dan Wiener’s] Growth Portfolio could have outperformed by such a wide margin because of luck rather than skill is only 13.4%.”

    But the Duke researchers failed to factor in the real reason my method produces 179% greater Vanguard profits: close attention to risk.

    Maybe not you, but most Vanguard investors hardly ever think about risk when selecting funds. Most think their funds carry little (if any) long-term risk simply because they are Vanguard funds. That’s crazy.

    But Vanguard’s in no hurry to change this all-is-safe-as-can-be perception. They want you to be average. They love it when investors flock to the same few funds, such as 500 Index and Total Stock Market Index.

    Look—you don’t beat the average Vanguard investor year after year for decades running by testing your luck. You do it by making decisions based on facts… facts Vanguard often won’t tell you… facts that give you priceless advantages that can double your profits!

    And the fact is, you’ll beat index funds left and right when you know who’s who among Vanguard’s fund managers.

    Ever hear of Don Kilbride?

    Don’s on the secret short list of index-beating managers making us rich. He’s been keeping us happy since he took charge of the fund he manages in early 2006, and unless you know about Vanguard’s short list of top-notch managers, you’ll keep missing out on all the magic Vanguard offers.

    Don’s Dividend Growth magic has attracted so much money that Vanguard, rather than add managers, suddenly closed the fund to new investors. If you don't already own Dividend Growth, but you still want to beat the market with a lot less risk, get your free copy of Vanguard's 17 Most Powerful Funds.

    Get your free copy and you’ll not only get all the names of the Vanguard funds you need to know, you’ll also discover how to combine them properly for superior safety.

    Now, if you’re convinced index funds are best for you, for whatever reason, then you absolutely MUST see Vanguard’s 17 Most Powerful Funds. Because in it, you’ll discover…

    Vanguard’s Most Powerful
    Index Funds Are ETFs

    Ever see Vanguard’s short-list of funds with top performing index-beating managers? That list remains a big secret to you, doesn’t it?

    What about Vanguard’s best new ETFs? You can’t find them either because they’re hidden from you.

    Hard to believe, I know. If you doubt me, go ahead and try to find Vanguard’s new ETFs.

    You won’t find them under “All Funds” on the company’s personal investors website. You and every other individual investor must click “Institutional Funds,” even though you are not an institutional investor.

    Or, you could try navigating through Vanguard’s ETF page. But you still won’t find them. You have to click a tiny to “Other Indexes.” And even when you do that, Vanguard will steer you away, suggesting that you look elsewhere.

    It’s crazy. Vanguard’s in an ETF war with BlackRock’s iShares, but Vanguard keeps you away from some of its best ETFs by hiding many of its newer ones from you.Yours FREE - Vanguard’s 17 Most Powerful Funds

    Vanguard’s 1% know where to find these new ETFs. I devote an entire model portfolio to Vanguard’s best, and I reveal the most powerful ETF for you in your free report, Vanguard’s 17 Most Powerful Funds.

    The most powerful Vanguard ETF tracks stocks, but not the ones you might think. It tracks mid-caps!

    And I’m so impressed with Vanguard’s S&P MidCap 400 Growth ETF that I put it in 2 of my 4 model portfolios (it’s not recommended for conservative investors). You’ll see why the moment you get your hands on your free report.

    You’ve read this far so I know you’re already a smarter Vanguard investor than you were yesterday. But there’s much more you must know as soon as possible, which is why I want to welcome to you Vanguard’s 1% today.

    To help you get started, Vanguard’s 17 Most Powerful Funds is yours free. And that’s just the tip of the bonus bonanza.

    I’m piling on the gifts because there’s much more Vanguard won’t tell you, such as:

    • The secrets to opening the doors to Vanguard’s closed funds.
    • The secrets to diversifying your portfolio with Vanguard’s managed funds and ETFs.
    • The secret to discovering how safe or risky your Vanguard funds really are.

    So, it’s important you also get a free copy of the…

    Biggest Book of Vanguard
    Secrets Ever Published

    Free with 2-Year MembershipIt’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen, or perhaps even knew existed. And it’s yours FREE—in addition to your free copy of Vanguard’s 17 Most Powerful Funds.

    It’s the 2017 FFSA Independent Guide to the Vanguard Funds. No Vanguard investor should be without this awesome owner’s manual. Yes, “awesome,” because the moment you lay eyes on it you will be shocked and awed.

    And you won’t be able to put it down.

    As you flip through the pages, you’ll see why members rake in 179% greater profits than ordinary Vanguard investors…. each page gives you more fund insight than Vanguard ever seems to reveal.

    • Want to nail down the true risk packaged into your Vanguard funds? This is nearly impossible for others to do, but now you can do it with ease and speed when you accept this gift. You can do it in 5 seconds!
    • Think you’re already safely diversified? Maybe you are, but if you own more than one Vanguard equity fund, you’re probably not. No fears… you’ll discover the solution in seconds. Seriously!
    • Sick and tired of being shut out of Vanguard’s hottest funds because either they’re closed, or you simply don’t know about them? End all your Vanguard frustrations immediately! Let me send you a FREE copy of this wealth-building guide.

    The more you flip through this, our 27th Edition, the smarter you get. You’ll be a Vanguard genius in no time. You’ll put your finger on the facts you really want faster than you ever could on your own.

    What’s more, you can’t get this Vanguard fund owner’s manual anywhere else, at any price. Only here, only right now, and only if, in return, you agree to take a first-hand look at my advisory and give membership a 2-year, risk-free trial run.

    And I’m not done yet. I’ve reserved 4 more
    extra bonus gifts in your name
    all FREE!

    EXTRA BONUS GIFT #1: Vanguard’s Hot Hands Fund

    Beat the market with just one fund! I have been announcing the year’s hottest Vanguard fund since 1996. I call it my “Hot Hands” strategy. Whatever you want to call it, it works like gangbusters! The strategy has generated 14.1% annualized return since I first wrote about it in 1995, versus 9.1% for 500 Index and 9.1% for Total Stock Market. That’s the kind of performance you expect from Vanguard. And now you can get it!


    EXTRA BONUS GIFT #2: Vanguard’s Income Boosters

    The best bond funds for the next 12 months can generate welcomed income for you. The worst ones can do the opposite—lose your money. Get this special report and make sure your income rises this year with Vanguard’s most powerful bond funds.


    EXTRA BONUS GIFT #3: Vanguard’s Dirty Double Dozen: 25 Funds You Must Sell Now

    Vanguard is never going to tell you to sell their funds, no matter how bad the fund might be. But I am quick to tell you which funds you must dump right now. Find out if any of your Vanguard funds are on the list.


    FAST-ACTION REWARD (EXTRA SURPRISE BONUS #4): Vanguard’s Best (and Worst) ETFs

    Can't forget the famous heroes, now can we? There are times when using a Vanguard ETF is the best choice. My Index Model portfolio uses ETFs exclusively. And if you like to index…

    You'll love this bonus gift. You'll go inside Vanguard's ETF secret hideaway and learn about the new ETFs I recommend. You'll also discover the ETFs you should avoid. You'll learn how to maximize the ETF tax advantage, too.

    Plus, you'll find out what Vanguard won't tell you about ETFs, such as how to put together a perfectly balanced, powerful portfolio made up entirely of ETFs.

    All those gifts are, as I said, already reserved for you. And because they are gifts from me to you, they are yours to keep free no matter what… yours FREE just to see if membership is right for you.

    If you find you don’t like belonging, no problem. Keep all the gifts. But if you like belonging, as I’m sure you will, then you’ll have gifts coming to you for all through 2017 in the form of bigger, safer Vanguard profits!

    The gifts are free, but membership is not. Most members pay $229 a year to belong and the extra profits they receive pay for their memberships many times over. I’m not asking you to put up $229 today. You’re getting a special rate… just $99.95 (100% fully guaranteed, of course).

    There’s Only One Way to
    Stay a Step Ahead of Vanguard

    Join Vanguard’s 1% and get the private advisory they follow, The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors. Your monthly issues will give you:

    • Analysis of overall market conditions
    • Performance analysis of all four model portfolios
    • Exclusive interviews with Vanguard’s top fund managers
    • Fund distribution schedules
    • Advance news of new funds opening
    • Warnings of funds facing closure
    • Alternatives for closed funds


    • Vanguard’s growth funds to own in 2017
    • Vanguard’s income funds to own in 2017
    • Vanguard’s balanced funds to own in 2017
    • Vanguard’s funds to avoid now


    • Email hotline alerts
    • Full private website access
    • Full access to the savviest Vanguard investors you’ll ever meet in our members-only forum

    And when you consider my promise to double your Vanguard profits, well, history shows a $100,000 portfolio will give you…

    $43,337 in EXTRA Vanguard
    Profits Each Year!

    Your membership cost is just 27¢ a day, and that 27¢ turns into $119 in extra Vanguard profits—every day!

    And that means your extra profits pay for your membership in less than one day. And you risk nothing along the way! Sweet!

    Tell me you’d like a 2-year trial, and you pay even less per day. PLUS—you get the 2017 Independent Guide to the Vanguard Funds—FREE, too!

    Either way, one or two years, you have my personal safety-net assurance that you risk nothing.

    All your money will be returned to you if you’re not happy with your decision to join us. Everything you get is yours to keep free even if you decide that membership is not right for you.

    My advice: try the 2-year trial. You get more reports and you’re still protected by my 100% money-back guarantee. You keep all the reports FREE, regardless of what you decide.

    We’re ready right now to get your gifts out to you. So please, may I have your permission to release your special reports to you today?


    Daniel P. Wiener, The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors

    P.S. Your special low rate of just $99.95 for a 1-year membership comes to just 27¢ a day, which buys you $119 in extra profits on a daily basis. As a result, your special-offer trial membership pays for itself in just one day.

    P.P.S. Membership pays for itself even faster when you sign up for a 2-year trial. Plus, you get a FREE copy of the most informative book ever published on the Vanguard funds, the 2017 FSSA Independent Guide to the Vanguard Funds.

    Join Now and Get This Special 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

    You risk nothing. There’s no risk to you now, later, or ever! All risk remains on my shoulders, not yours. And everything’s in writing.

    The first part of your 100% money-back guarantee: Every penny will be returned to you in full if you’re not 100% thrilled within the first half year (6 full months!) of service.

    The second part: You can cancel at any time for any reason after your first 6 months and get a refund of the balance remaining on your membership. All the bonus gifts are yours to keep FREE!

    I’m promising you’ll become a savvier, more confident investor with the knowledge you need to improve your Vanguard returns with lower-than-market risk. If I fail to live up to those promises, then please, take me up on this guarantee.


    This publication, FFSA, and The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors
    are completely independent of The Vanguard Group, Inc.


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