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Private Invitation for the Next 50 Investors Only

Retire on March 31, 2018!

Impossible? Absolutely not when you have my
“12-Month Retirement Plan” working for YOU…

With a winning investment every three days
the retirement of your dreams is at your fingertips!

By Hilary Kramer
The Investor’s Advocate

NEW YORK: I must warn you…

If you miss this, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life…

Because as you’re about to see, 2017 into 2018 has the power to be the biggest profit opportunity of our generation.

So please take 10 minutes to read this… Because I’m going to show you exactly how this will happen.

And then you can judge for yourself.

I’ll get straight to the point:

  • My 12-Month Retirement Plan applies the same system I used to manage a multi-billion dollar hedge fund… and grow it to 5X its original worth.
  • By the first week of March 2017… This 12-Month Retirement Plan won 26 out of 30 investments this year. That means every time we invested, the odds were 86.7% that we’d win!
  • We made 7 times as much money as we lost, making any losses insignificant…

And in the interest of full disclosure, I’m going to show you every single win AND loss.

I want you to see the kind of money you can make… and how fast you can make it:

  • 21.66% Check Point Software Technologies (CHKP)
  • 15.93% Omnicell (OMCL)
  • 12.67% J.M. Smucker (SJM)
  • 12.42% VanEck Vectors Rare Earth/Strategic Metals ETF (REMX)
  • 11.05% Public Service Enterprise Group (PEG)
  • 10.53% Allstate (ALL)
  • 10.14% iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology (IBB)
  • 10.01% Netflix (NFLX)
  • 8.19% Domtar (UFS)
  • 8.36% Symantec (SYMC)
  • 6.14% Splunk (SPLK)
  • 2.14% CA Inc. (CA)
  • 0.67% Direxion Daily Healthcare Bull 3X ETF  (CURE)
  • -1.56% Talend (TLND)
  • -9.22% CurrencyShares Japanese Yen ETF (FXY)
  • 19.58% ArcelorMittal (MT)
  • 13.21% XL Group (XL)
  • 12.44% Honeywell (HON)
  • 11.93% Global X Lithium ETF (LIT)
  • 10.86% Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  • 10.46% VelocityShares 3X Long Gold ETN (UGLD)
  • 10.13% E-Trade Financial (ETFC)
  • 9.78% Cerner (CERN)
  • 8.88% PayPal (PYPL)
  • 6.23% iShares Emerging Market (EEM)
  • 5.62% (ALRM)
  • 1.77% HealthEquity (HQY)
  • 0.17% Direxion Daily Real Estate Bear 3X ETF (DRV)
  • -7.48% Bio-Techne (TECH)
  • -14.94% Ambac Financial Group (AMBC)

Now, my members who put $10,000 into each investment — winners AND losers — are on track to fatten their retirement account with an “extra” $124,196.95 in 12 months.

And should they choose to retire at the end of those 12 months… they can continue to fatten their portfolios by using the same investing system… and rake in an unheard-of six-figure retirement income!

Let me show you why…

Look at the market … Even though the Dow continues to make new highs…

Every indicator we’ve studied says it’s NOT overbought… Which means our stampeding bull market has miles of room yet to run…

…And shows absolutely NO sign of slowing.

Which is why I’m bringing you this urgent market update today…

And showing you a powerful way to build a lifetime of wealth in a short period of time… using the 12-Month Retirement System.

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Hilary Kramer spent more than 25 years on the front lines of Wall Street.

She cut her teeth working for some of the biggest Wall Street firms, then managed money for some of the world’s wealthiest families and institutions. She quickly turned a $1 billion private equity portfolio into a $5 billion juggernaut.

She became a millionaire at age 30, and retired at age 37 with enough money to last a lifetime.

Hilary’s insight and forecasting ability to identify Game-Changing stocks ahead of the Wall Street herd made her clients a fortune. Now, she wants to do the same for YOU!


But the time to get involved is NOW, because you are on the verge of reaping the profits from a 12 to 24-month mega rally.

Which means you must take advantage of this market surge NOW…

Trust me when I say, you are standing on the brink of the biggest profit opportunity of our generation.

But don’t just take my word for it. Let me show you why…

The next 12 months are THE most
important for a six-figure retirement:

History proves a massive bull market is just beginning to roar…

Why? Historically, giant tax cuts cause giant market gains.

We saw this happen during JFK’s tax cuts…
And it happened again during Reagan’s tax cuts.

Look at early 1964. The Kennedy Tax Cuts were passed shortly after his death… and the Dow skyrocketed 32%…

Which was a lot… because the Dow hadn’t gained that much in the prior five years combined!
Reagan’s tax cuts caused a massive bull market again, in 1986 — 1987.

In the excitement leading up to Reagan’s revolutionary tax cuts — and during the economic boom afterwards — the market DOUBLED in just over a year and one-half:

Now, that excitement in those months leading up to the Reagan tax cuts is much like the excitement you see building in the market today, before Trump’s tax cuts.

It’s the single biggest power behind the market surge we are seeing now, according to MarketWatch

But it pales in comparison to what will happen right after the tax cuts get signed into law… because you’ll see history repeat itself, as we cash in on a monster boom.

And I want you to have the right stocks that exploit this boom for maximum gains… just as I’ve given my followers 26 gains in the first nine weeks of this year.

And if you act quickly…

You still have time
to buy low!

“A one-woman financial powerhouse.”
Financial Times

“… Your indispensable guide to joyful gains rather than portfolio-shrinking heartache.”

Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes magazine

“Hilary Kramer’s encyclopedic knowledge of individual stocks is exceeded only by her enthusiasm for sharing her ideas with average investors.”

Randall Forsyth, Editor-in-Chief,

“Hilary hits it out of the park with fresh insights and compelling ideas. Hurray for Hilary!”

Gerri Willis, host, The Willis Report, Fox News

“… Reveals a truth that Wall Street doesn’t want you to know—that investment success can be yours by traveling the lesser-known but readily available path of small stock investing.”

Gene Marcial, columnist and former BusinessWeek columnist

But that time is slipping away… because NOW is the time to get in early.

Even though the market’s been making record highs this year — we’re only in the first inning of this bull market. The market is rising now… only because of the promise of repealing oppressive regulations like Dodd-Frank… and the promise of coming tax cuts.

So if you buy now, you buy low…

Because once the burdens of red-tape and big taxes are removed… this market’s going to launch like a rocket.

But even more important:

You must know which stocks to buy… because even in a bull market, some stocks will underperform… while other stocks will double… even triple the market’s returns.

This means you must have a systematic method that consistently picks winners.

That’s why you should put my 12-Month Retirement Plan to work for you. It efficiently selects specific stocks that position your portfolio to outperform the market… giving you explosive growth for the next 12 months.

Which is why it’s won 26 investments in the first 62 days of this year…

And even better: This system is just getting warmed up. I’ve got many more profitable investments on my buy list, just waiting to be closed out as big winners…

…As well as more hot plays on my “watch list,” waiting to move to my “buy list.”

With all this going for you… I truly believe, THIS is your time. You’re in a place where you can dump boatload after boatload of cash into your retirement account… until it overflows with enough wealth to keep you happy and worry-free for a dream retirement.

But only if you’re willing to seize the moment… and get these specially selected stocks while their prices are still low.

And here is my promise to you in order to make this happen:

I’m GUARANTEEING You a Minimum of
70 Double-Digit Wins in the Next 12 Months!

How much would it change your life if I give you 70 double-digit winner in the next 12 months?

That averages out to 5 to 6 double-digit gains each and every month.

That’s more than one double-digit gain per week!

And you can rest assured…

Pocketing 70 double-digit gains will be a breeze for you…

Yep, you read that right. It will be easy for me to give you 70 double-digit gains over the next 12 months.

Now, how on earth can I guarantee you this many gains? Let me put it this way…

2016 was a lousy year for the market, until the election finally helped out for the last two months…

Yet my investors made 141 wins. 96 of them were double-digit gains.

But in case you’re tempted to think that 2016 was some kind of fluke, check out what my members got before then:

  • In 2015, we banked 148 winners (94 of them were double-digit gains)
  • In 2014, we banked 196 winners (127 of them were double-digit gains)
  • In 2013, we banked 103 winners (76 of them were double-digit gains)

So guaranteeing you a minimum of 70 double-digit gains combined in the next 12 months will be a piece of cake…

…Because since 2013, we’ve helped create many worry-free retirements… The kind where people spend their days sunning themselves on warm beaches, with their toes in the sand.

Maybe you’d like to spend more time with your family… play with your favorite grandkids… and visit them, even if the live out of state.

Or maybe you want to cruise the coast, fishing for the one that got away, but never will again…

In 12 months, that can be you. That’s what 70 double-digit gains can buy you… and what my 12 Month Retirement System delivers.

And if I give you even one less double-digit win than 70… you don’t pay a cent. You’ll have a year’s membership scot-free.

Fair enough?

Now here is why I can make such a bold guarantee. It’s because…

This is the closest you’ll ever get to having your
own personal Professional Fund Manager

What I’m about to offer you today is just like having a high-powered Fund Manager and their professional research staff toiling away for you day and night.

We will:

  • Find high-return investments…
  • Give you the exact price range to buy…
  • Show you the exact time to sell and take profits.

The only thing I don’t do is cash your checks for you.

But I do give you a steady stream of profitable stock picks that will stuff your investing account full of cash. And I say “a steady stream of profitable stock picks,” I mean you’ll get, on average, 5 to 6 double-digit gains per month.

Sometimes you’ll get a little more. Sometimes a little less. But you’ll always average 5 to 6 per month…

Which, like I said earlier, is the same as averaging 1 to 2 double-digit gains per week.

And to make sure this happens, I’ve flung open the doors to the complete collection of my most treasured investing advisories… and profitable investing memberships. I’ve held nothing back. You’ll get everything I have. Every investment. Every trade. Every bit of research.

I’ve even created a special high-end portfolio, all new, that no one else has access to, ANYWHERE …

This is the top investing service available today at ANY price. With 70 double-digit gains… you can imagine how fast your portfolio can grow in the next 12 Months.

Not only can it grow fast… it can operate at peak performance with no effort on your part…

…Other than entering your rapidly-growing stock picks into your online brokerage account.

If You Want to Retire In 12 Months…
Let Me Introduce You to My Inner Circle!

Today, you have the opportunity to make the same outrageous sums of money that I’ve made for my other investors.

Even if

…. you’re afraid of market crashes. (This simple strategy works whether markets boom OR bust.)

…you’re starting on a shoestring. (You and I can grow even a tiny account quickly.)

…you’re afraid stocks are too risky, and you could lose money. (The 12-Month Retirement System uses a tightly-controlled risk management strategy that protects your money while growing it.)

…you don’t know which stocks are good investments. (I recommend high-value stocks for you that are rising in price.)

… you’ve never made money in stocks before. (With my 70 double-digit wins per year guarantee, you’ll have that turned around forever!)

In the next few minutes, you’ll see how you and I can make each and every one of these promises become realities.

This will help you and me to form that same bond of trust that I have with my Inner Circle members…

By giving you only high-return portfolio-changing picks… so you’ll never fear not knowing what to invest in, ever again…

And so you can haul in oodles of cash from the 12-Month Retirement System.

So let me reveal what exclusive benefits I’ve got for you in your 100% risk-free test-drive of Inner Circle:

All of my advisory newsletters and
trading services, FREE!

Today, you’ll get a rare opportunity to receive 100% FREE access to my services for the next 12 months. Each service is committed to delivering lucrative stock plays that deliver consistent double-digit winners for my members.

Let’s start with…

12-Month Retirement Path #1
Executive Summary:

Service: Value Authority

Strategy: Value (Conservative)

Wealth Path: You are GUARANTEED 10 double-digit gains a year.

Price: Yours FREE! (Value $399)

12-Month Retirement Path #1:

You get the ultimate in conservative, safe, secure, yet highly profitable investing advisory FREE: Value Authority.

Since I started this service in May of 2014, it’s already handed my members 65 winning investments… with 48 of them double-digit gains. Which means I’ve over-delivered on my promise of 10 double-digit gains per year.

But even more exciting — This is a conservative service. That’s why it’s generating a 74.2% win rate! That means nearly three out of four of your investments give you profits

And it’s all from using special tactics my friend Warren Buffett taught me. My members and I buy and hold carefully picked underpriced stocks…

…which grow steadily, surely and safely, until they reach their full, profitable value.

A year’s subscription to Value Authority is normally $399… which you get FREE when you join my Inner Circle.

12-Month Retirement Path #2
Executive Summary:

Service: GameChangers

Strategy: Growth

Wealth Path: You are GUARANTEED 12 double-digit gains a year.

Price: Yours FREE! (Value $499)

12-Month Retirement Path #2:

You get in on ground-floor opportunities of big growth stocks in GameChangers.


With GameChangers, you buy low, getting in early, before the herd… Then you hang on until the stock peaks. That way, you capture the maximum profit run.

Since late 2010, readers have scored a grand total of 139 GameChanger gains (with 119 double-digit gains).

And 2016 makes the 6th consecutive year we met or beat our promise of 12 double-digit gains per year.

12-Month Retirement Path #3
Executive Summary:

Service: Breakout Stocks

Strategy: Rapid Gains (Moderate to Aggressive)

Wealth Path: You are GUARANTEED 12 double-digit gains a year.

Price: Yours FREE! (Value $1,995)

Normally $499 per year, GameChangers is FREE when you join my Inner Circle.

12-Month Retirement Path #3:

You get fast money with Breakout Stocks.

I seek out stocks on the verge of a breakout that can quickly gain 20% to 50%+ in a matter of 3 to 6 months.

In 2016, we closed out 20 winning trades (13 of which were double-digit gainers).

You’ll get lucrative plays from takeover targets, companies with new products, or fallen angels ready to fly again…

Each one has a specific event ready to push share prices through the roof.

This service is a little more aggressive than the previous two, but the rewards come much faster…

Its regular price is $1,995 a year, but FREE for you as a member of my Inner Circle.

12-Month Retirement Path #4
Executive Summary:

Service: Absolute Capital Return

Strategy: Rapid Growth

Wealth Path: You are GUARANTEED 2 double-digit gains a month … or 24 every year!

Price: Yours FREE! (Value $3,995)

12-Month Retirement Path #4:

Absolute Capital Return is my elite high-powered trading service… with a high-profit twist:

It’s like being my trading apprentice for the next year.

I’m going to take you by the hand and spoon-feed you trades… Just like I did for new traders on their way to their first million.

The gains come fast — you’ll only hold a position for 30 to 90 days, on average. And I promise you’ll receive at least two double-digit gainers every month.

But I do better than my promise. For example, in 2016, we banked 40 winning trades (30 were double-digit gains).

The membership fee is normally $3,995 a year, but during this very special offer, you get in FREE.

Bottom Line: When you combine everything you get with my services, you have four proven ways to pour cash into your retirement account…

There’s no way you can lose!

You get a combined value of $6,888 absolutely FREE!

But I’m not done giving you benefits just yet.

Not by a long shot because…

Your Inner Circle membership gives
you EVERYTHING I have, including…
My "million-dollar investor’s dozen."

You get 12 of the most valuable secret resources I keep hidden in my vault…

But they're yours exclusively as a member of Inner Circle.

Inner Circle Exclusive #1: I reveal my own Personal Portfolio to you!

Description: hoto: Hilary with Steve ForbesYou get my very own personal portfolio — for Members Eyes Only

You get two big benefits from my own private portfolio: "Elite" picks that are not available anywhere else… not even in my other services…

And you get a simplified look at the cream-of-the-crop picks from each of my services (without having to sort through every stock in each of the services).

But also very important is…

  • Inner Circle Exclusive #2: My Strategic Allocation Technology

    For many people, deciding how much to put in each trade… or how to diversify your portfolio… can be terrifying… unless someone’s holding their hand or guiding them every step of the way.

    That’s why my Inner Circle uses my Strategic Allocation Technology:

    • Get a pro-level allocation tool, just like high-rolling fund managers use to balance their portfolios!
    • Benefit from my patented formula that DYNAMICALLY responds to triggers in the world economy. Then it recommends allocations to balance and fine-tune how much money will need to perform at optimum levels in each investment.
    • Manually tweak your settings anytime, if you want to customize it to your personal choices. OR…
    • Gradually align your personal investing account with my allocation strategy over time as you open and close new investments
    • Use my Strategic Allocation Technology on each and every service…

    Which is an exclusive benefit that other subscribers don’t get in.

    Inner Circle Exclusive #3: The Update Center

    This is where you’ll get important, breaking news on your investments. Just one glance at your new Update Center and you get:

    • Latest Stock Commentary
    • Market News
    • Actions to Take
    • Latest on each of our services

    See this for yourself:graphic: Update Center screenshot

    So, should there be a big market swing or mid-week news on one of our stocks before I publish the next Mid-Month Update or Monthly Issue… you can find that info 24/7 in the Update Center.

    It keeps your finger on the pulse of money-making opportunities.

    Speaking of updates…

    Inner Circle Exclusive #4: Double your profit updates!

    Like each of my services… Inner Circle has its own monthly publication.
    But instead of getting Inner Circle just once a month… You get my advice TWICE as often, because…

    • Important developments happen too often… and without up-to-the second alerts and updates, you would be left out of the loop.
    • Some of our positions make money quickly, so you’ll need this extra mid-month update to make sure you maximize your winners.
    • Optimize and fine-tune your holdings, with this extra mid-month update…

    … Because I want you to make the most of your money.

    Inner Circle Exclusive #5: “Hilary’s Hotline”

    How would you like to get hooked up with my direct email address?

    When you have an issue you’re trying to sort out, or have questions about the inner workings of an investment, you can use this email address to contact me to get you that extra help.

    Bottom Line: You and I are in this together. So as a member of our Inner Circle, you’ll never invest alone…or wonder what to do.

    Inner Circle Exclusive #6: My NEXT secret service is yours FREE!

    Chances are good I’ll come out with another hot new service while you’re an Inner Circle member.

    Now, this is a secret… but I have a hot new plan in the testing phase today. And in early results, it looks like a barn-burner!

    But until I unveil it, Shhhhhhh!

    When it’s proven and I release it, you get this… and ALL new services as part of your Inner Circle membership, too!

    Inner Circle Exclusive #7: High-end investing tutoring!

    You get…

    • A treasure-trove of investing know-how. So if you want to learn how I find stocks and sort out the profitable ones this will be it.
    • Exclusive FREE online video and written educational materials that reveal my inside secrets for successful trading and investing.
    • Straight from my time in the trenches at Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers, you get tips I reveal to no one… except my Inner Circle members

    Like I’ve said… you get everything I can possibly give you. I hold nothing back.

    Inner Circle Exclusive #8: Forget the pains of “Customer Service” with your own Personal Concierge!

    Should you ever need help, we will always respond to you in a fast, friendly, and professional way to make sure you’re happy… with your exclusive Concierge service. If you’re joining the investing elite, you should be pampered like one. So be prepared for the finest quality, fastest, and most personal customer service available.

    And you get served immediate through your exclusive Inner Circle concierge to personally serve your every membership need.

    Inner Circle Exclusive #9: You and I gotta talk…

    You get exclusive access to FREE online events with me every 90 days.

    These events are your opportunity to go one-on-one with me personally… and hear my answers to your fellow Inner Circle Pro members’ questions.

    Find out why I favor some stocks over others… what I think the outlook for the market is in the immediate future — or the months ahead… or how to accelerate YOUR wealth building…

    I’m very open — you can ask me almost ANYTHING regarding making you more money.

    Inner Circle Exclusive #10: Let’s meet up!

    Exclusive FREE invitations to join me at special events. Meet me at the Money Show… or whenever else I speak in public…

    From time-to-time, I’ll be holding events that get you and other Inner Circle members a backstage pass.

    I’ve hosted a live investing workshop in Washington, D.C. last summer… and I hope you’ll join me for my next event in May 2017.

    I can’t tell you how exciting it is when we get the opportunity to meet and talk about stocks face-to-face.

    Inner Circle Exclusive #11: High-valued investing videos

    Exclusive videos — eyes only, for Inner Circle members. These exclusive videos let you in on a breaking opportunity, hot sectors I’m watching, answers to your questions, and so much more!

    And I also want to tell you about…

    Inner Circle Exclusive #12: My personal “Millionaire’s Investment Library”

    As an Inner Circle member, you get FREE access to one of the most comprehensive wealth-building libraries ever assembled.

    Of course, you don’t have to read these reports or act on them to exploit the coming rally for every dime it’s worth.

    But if you do, they’ll give you special opportunities seldom available to individual investors… and could help you unlock a seven-figure net-worth!

    Here are just a few recent reports and titles I’ve written for members:

     for your FREE reports!

    • 2017 Inner Circle Strategy Guide (Value $47)
    • Same Day Stock Secrets (also known as How to Trigger "Flashcard Profits" in 24 Hours Or Less) (Value $97)
    • Top 5 Mistakes Investors Are Making Now (Value $47)
    • 2017 IPO Watch List (Value $47)
    • Top 5 Small-Cap Stocks for 2017 (Value $47)
    • 99 Toxic Stocks to Sell (Value $47)
    • Three Breakout “Barn Burners” Ready to Catch Fire (Value $47)
    • 2017: The Year of the Consumer (Value $47)

    And many, many more.

    The Millionaire’s Investment Library is like your own personal MBA in Finance.

    You get every scrap of research, every investing secret I’ve got… I hold NOTHING back when you become a member of Inner Circle.

    When you join today, you’ll receive instant access to THREE hot-off-the-press research reports. This exclusive research is yours absolutely FREE as an Inner Circle member.

    Research Report #1: Decoding the Fed and Its Impact on the Market for your FREE report!

    Mandatory for 2017! This report addresses the “will they or won’t they” guessing game over whether a Federal Reserve rate change is ahead that has kept a cloud hanging over Wall Street.

    This timely report has high-value information that’s already lining investor’s pockets with big profits. And it can line yours, too… Download your FREE copy today!

    Research Report #2: How to Manage Risk in a Volatile Market for your FREE report!

    The level of investor fear is on the rise and that often leads to major mistakes. I don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why I just published this special report on how to combat that fear and protect your money.

    In it, I’ll share the specific risk management strategies I employ across my services to handle any potential downside, from identifying the best entry and exit points to allocation to understanding technical signals through chart analysis. Don’t wait a moment longer, get your free copy now!

    Research Report #3: 10 Stocks to Heat Up Your Summer Portfolio

     for your FREE report!Summer has a history of volatility on the street, sending investors to the sidelines. But the summer of 2017 —specifically the next 180 days—are shaping up to be very different.

    This report walks you through my expectations for the market as the Trump rally explodes into an all-out bull market.

    I’ll also share my top 10 picks that are poised to outperform, as well as my proven strategy for building a well-diversified portfolio that puts those recommendations to work. You’ll want to download this timely report before it’s too late.

  • These just-released reports, the exclusive benefits you get a an Inner Circle member (valued at $5,000), along with all the investment education and advice in the Millionaire’s Investment Library (valued at $3,000), would normally cost $8,000 — but you get it FREE as a member of Inner Circle.

    We just ran through my
    “Million-Dollar Investor’s Dozen.”
    But I’m not done yet…

    Maybe you’re curious about how it can possibly get any better.

    When you combine everything you get with my services, “privileged picks” for Inner Circle members only, my restricted-access Inner Circle Portfolio, and the exclusive million-dollar investor’s dozen you get as part of my Inner Circle

    It’s a package worth well over $14,888!

    Would you pay that to retire with a six-figure portfolio in 12 months?

    YOU DON’T HAVE TO pay anywhere near that much! But before I tell you how little you have to invest in my 12 Month Retirement System, which you’ll get FREE as a member of my Inner Circle

    Remember also, as a member of Inner Circle, you are guaranteed at least 70 double-digit gains each year which is 5 to 6 double-digit gainers a month (despite market volatility).

    Are you ready to get started?

    Because financial independence
    is finally within your reach!

    I am fighting for you. I am fighting for your future. This is why they call me “The Investor’s Advocate.”

    And now, you finally get the opportunity to NEVER have to rely on anyone, ever again.

    I still remember when I first became financially independent…

    It was when I made my first million. And I want those same feelings for you.

    I finally felt that I was a success. That I had achieved something few ever do… even though it’s so simple (you’ll find out just how simple!).

    I felt like I had no limits in life. That I could achieve anything I wanted.

    And now I want to share those same feelings and that same ability with you.

    I want to make sure you get the same share of the pie I’ve helped so many others get. Because I’m still in love with Main Street America…

    Not those empty suits I worked with on Wall Street.

    Those are the types of people I could easily charge $15,000 a year for my recommendations.

    For a guaranteed 70 double-digit wins, $15,000 would be cheap.

    Especially when you consider that the combined price of all of my publications is $6,883.

    Now, add to that the 12 extra benefits my “Million Dollar Dozen” that only Inner Circle members get (valued at $5,000) and my $3,000 Millionaire’s Library…

    Then we’re close to that $15,000 price tag. But you won’t pay anywhere near that. Not even close!

    Because I’m committed to keeping Inner Circle within the reach of the Main Street investors I want to help.

    These very investors are the people that it’s been my life’s passion to work with… so the price is far more affordable.

    Lock in your spot NOW:
    Only 50 investors will get in…

    For the next 72 hours, I’m opening up 50 new spots for investors to join me at a substantially discounted price of $1,495just in time for the mega rally that is going to spread across Wall Street within the next 12 months.

    After that time, the doors slam shut.

    That’s why I’m really not trying to talk you into joining my Inner Circle.

    We’ve only got 50 spots open. I can only give this level of elite service to so many investors at one time!

    And some of those are already spoken for by investors on our waiting list.

    So why not give it a risk-free test-drive? My 12-Month Retirement system could be your last, best hope to become completely financially independent, during — or before — your retirement.

    But I only want you with us if you’re passionate and excited at the prospect of new wealth… life-changing wealth…

    Which is my goal for each and every member of my Inner Circle regardless of the tier of service you select.

    The truth is, when I guarantee all these double-digit wins a year, and we only have 50 openings, we usually have investors crashing the gates as soon as we open the doors.

    So I only want you if you’re absolutely THRILLED to get a spot… If not, then please, step aside and let someone else in who will appreciate the opportunity.

    Someone who’s hungry to gain TRUE financial independence.

    Someone who’s tired of struggling, and wants to live a life of ease and opportunity.

    Someone who really wants lifetime security for themselves and their family.

    Because that, my friend, is what an Inner Circle membership can buy you.

    However, if you’re torn inside… maybe fearful if this will work for you… that’s a different story.

    Here’s what I can tell you:

    In two decades on Wall Street… and six years working with individual investors… I’ve lost count of how many millionaires I’ve made.

    My point is — I have a plan. It’s tested. It’s proven. It’s been repeated.

    Because of this plan, I know exactly where we’re going. I know how to get there. And I want to bring you with me. So go ahead now


    Still, in case you have any fear… any doubts… any worries…

    Even though you KNOW joining us is the right thing to do…

    Allow me to reassure you with my unique…

    TRIPLE Guarantee!

    I want to make sure you are protected in every way possible. So you get my one-of-a-kind, triple guarantee…

    But hold on, because this is the WILDEST, most generous guarantee I’ve EVER offered:

    Guarantee #1: Performance!

    In Inner Circle, you get a minimum of 70 double-digit wins in the next 12 months with the “Core” level of service no matter what the market does!

    Go ahead, scrutinize your winnings. Because they MUST add up to my promised 154 double-digit gains over a 12-month period… just like I PROMISED you they would.

    That’s how much confidence I have that I can deliver these kinds of results to you… to accelerate your journey to becoming a high-net-worth investor.

    It’s that simple.

    Yet on top of Guarantee #1, you also get TWO satisfaction guarantees…

    Guarantee #2: 100% Satisfaction!

    You must agree Inner Circle meets or exceeds your expectations in every way.

    You MUST be 100% satisfied with your membership.

    That’s why I’ve structured my guarantee in a way that will ultimately benefit you the most. Here’s what I ask: Give me 60 days to get your portfolio perfectly positioned for the 12-month rally that is dead ahead. Let me get all the chess players on the board in the ideal “check mate” position for the 12-month rally.

    If you’re not thrilled with the profits you’ve made in that 60 days, you can cancel your membership all the way up to your 60th day of membership and still get 100% of your money back. That’s right, you can cancel after and still walk away with all your money. Your risk NOTHING in this scenario… But you stand to make significant profits off the Trump rally.

    You MUST be COMPLETELY DELIGHTED with the investments I give you. Or I will RUSH you an immediate full refund. Every cent. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

    Now, you also get…

    Guarantee #3: Ongoing Satisfaction!

    Track every investment. Put each of them under a microscope.

    Because even after the first 90 days, you are still protected.

    If you desire to cancel any time after 90 days, for whatever reason, I will RUSH you a refund for the remaining portion of your membership.

    Plus, you get to keep the entire Millionaire’s Library (this is a $3,000 value), and all of your wins and any bonuses — with my compliments.

    This means you are triple protected. You have no risk. There is nothing to lose.

    So please don’t hesitate — not even for a second. Click the button below to join Inner Circle Pro now, before this offer times out:


    Which reminds me —

    There IS A Catch…

    Remember earlier, I said this offer was only open for the first 50 investors?

    Depending on when you’re reading this…

    As early as tomorrow, the window could slam shut…

    And the savings of $14,888 will be gone.

    Every time we open up Inner Circle for new members, it quickly sells out. And not everyone makes it in…

    Many end up on our waiting list.

    So please, I urge you… don’t let that happen to you. Because when you add in everything you’re getting…

    PLUS the gains you can make during ANY market conditions — without worries or fear…

    PLUS the soaring wins you’ll make when you’re guaranteed a minimum of 70 wins to beef up your portfolio to a world-class net-worth for Inner Circle

    PLUS the fact that you’ve got an iron-clad 3-way guarantee…

    PLUS the fact that your payback for your investments as an Inner Circle member should be almost instantaneous…

    I think you‘ll agree — this is one offer you can’t afford to miss.

    Besides, there’s no reason not to give it a try, when it’s completely risk-free.

    I mean, it’s only a test-drive. You’re not on the hook for anything for the next 90 days.

    And even then, you must be completely satisfied to continue your membership.

    Plus, you can make enough during your 90-day test-drive to pay your membership dues for years!

    And at the deep discount you’re getting, with a gigantic savings of up to $14,888, it’s just too good to pass up.

    So I’m inviting you to come aboard now.

    I urge you to do it now because we expect to sell out fast. (We always do.)

    So go ahead. Join me. Click the button below because you’re not risking one cent:


    A final word, from me to you

    What you’re about to join will change your life forever.

    photo of Hilary KramerYou’re about to leave behind all your doubts, fears, and failures of the past.

    You’re trading those in for a lifetime of wealth… and even adventure.


    By playing stocks for consistent, dependable, and reliable gains … which is exactly what we do in Inner Circle.

    Now you have the opportunity to get a front-row seat to the greatest show on earth! The daily world, as it unfolds before you.

    All the money, all the power, all the moves, all the different strategies to choose from, laid bare before your eyes…

    This is the real world. A world most individual investors could never hope to see.

    But it’s yours for the taking. Reach out and grab it, for the sake of everyone you love.

    Yours for Higher Profits,

    Hilary Kramer
    The Investor Advocate

    P.S. My guarantee is one of the wildest ones I’ve ever made — or ever seen anyone else make:

    A minimum of 70 double-digit winners in the next 12 months, guaranteed for Inner Circle.

    Plus, you get a three-way Iron-Clad guarantee to cover everything else… as well as an enormous savings of up to $14,888 that you can use for anything you want!

    But remember, I can only promise 50 openings before we slam the gates shut. So now — I hope we’re not already full!



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