Trump’s Bull Market will come to a Crashing Halt

Fellow Investor,

We're off and running: The most improbable President of all time!

Whether you cheered or jeered Trump’s ascension to the Presidency… are you ready for the danger facing you as an investor?

Like you, I’m hopeful that Trump will focus on a pro-growth agenda, but a day of reckoning is fast-approaching for our mismanaged economy and overleveraged stock market.

Trump can do all the right things and he’ll still get blindsided by an out-of-control force that he can do nothing about.

  • It’s not the Washington bureaucratic swamp that will look to undermine him at every opportunity,
  • It’s not the press, which has already declared itself in opposition to his Administration,
  • And it’s not the Democrats in Congress, who declared him illegitimate and a disaster before he ever took the oath.   

I’ll reveal this enemy in just a moment, but even if you didn’t vote for Trump, you must know this:  Trump’s #1 enemy is YOUR enemy, too.

The secret clique that is setting Trump up to fail is also about to bring the Trump bull market to a crashing halt and cripple your portfolio.

Investors who foolishly load up on stocks now will suffer painful losses in the next 12 months. Speculators who use leverage could be wiped out.

The danger Trump can’t do anything about is…



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