The Hyper Fi Stock

The Hyper Fi Stock

Ruckus Wireless went public near the end of 2012 at $15 per share and quickly rose to a peak of $24 before interest waned and brought the share down to its current state, which has been floating around $10 for a while now. The company, known for its “carrier class” WiFi technology has been part of an overall boom in wireless products being developed to handle the larger and larger bandwidths associated with networking in general. Where Ruckus’ share (RKUS) differs is that it’s considered to be “The Hyper Fi Stock.” The real questions, though, are what will hyper fi do for consumers and what can you do to possibly capitalize on the technology?

What is Hyper Fi?

For all intents and purposes, Hyper Fi is a patented technology owned by Ruckus Wireless that has a lofty goal of accommodating the internet’s insatiable hunger for more of that precious digital bandwidth.

At this time, the current wireless mobile system that can be found the world over is costing businesses and consumers alike trillions of dollars in lost time and an inability to handle the constant load stressing mobile communications channels. Hyper Fi from RKUS is the answer to these shortcomings in that it opens up the proverbial data floodgate by “beaming” information straight to devices rather than the current model that stands as more of a broadcast. This direct-to-user stream allows for substantially faster connection speeds, alleviates mobile congestion and opens the way for newer and better data-heavy services.  Ruckus has come out with what they call Beamflex, and Ruckus has a patent on it.

Ruckus Wireless Beamflex Eplained

That all being the case, the question of what is Hyper Fi stock becomes something more along the lines of what can be done to capitalize on the current mobile bandwidth shortcoming.

Projections About Hyper Fi and RKUS


The thing about RKUS, the hyper fi stock, is that its projections are absolutely boggling when you look at what some of the numbers indicate. Some have gauged that it will see a growth in numbers reaching as high as over 6,000%. Yes, you read that right. Six. Thousand. Percent. Even if this stock reaches half of that growth potential, it’s bound to create a fistful of savvy millionaires. Even better, at its current price of around $10, there’s really not a ton of risk in taking the leap to purchase one hundred shares or more. Especially when it comes to those looking for relatively low risk, possibly high reward shares, we haven’t seen anything this promising since a little software company went public in March of 1986.

Ruckus Wireless, Inc. is a provider of carrier-class Wi-Fi solutions. The Company’s solutions, namely Smart Wi-Fi, are used by service providers and enterprises to solve network capacity and coverage problems associated with the rapidly increasing traffic and number of users and client devices on wireless networks. The Company’s products include gateways, wireless local area network (WLAN) controllers and access points. The Company’s products include the Company’s technologies, such as Smart Radio, Smart QoS, Smart Mesh and Smart Scale, to enable connectivity in a range of operating conditions for service providers and enterprises. The Company’s Smart Wi-Fi technologies include Smart Radio, Smart QoS, Smart Mesh and Smart Scale.The Company’s Smart Wi-Fi solutions are marketed under the SmartCell Gateway, ZoneDirector, ZoneFlex and FlexMaster brands

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