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Are We Hitting A Top for The S&P 500?

Posted: 18 Jul 2012 12:36 PM PDT

It is looking like there is some significant resistance for the S&P at these levels. Surely a top could come at anytime as the daily news flow dictates the overall trend. Markets clearly have limited memory from day to day and this is about as good of a time as any to look at the […]

TDI Podcast: Curzio on Natural Gas, Gold and Small Caps (#271)

Posted: 18 Jul 2012 08:54 AM PDT

In this episode, Frank Curzio provides some of his insight on the global markets, small caps and natural gas plays. He also explains why he thinks that Microsoft (MSFT) may be a decent company to own at this time. A few junior gold-miners are explored and what energy stocks to be careful of. We also […]

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Written by John Thomas

I began my investing career back in 1998. I quickly discovered day trading, small cap and penny stocks. I was the editor of my own investment newsletter, stock promoter, investor relations, public relations and have witnessed the back-end process of taking a private company public through reverse merger and registration. That is roughly over a decade in a nutshell. During this time I learned how to identify the rats, sharks and people who truly want to help you learn about investing. Now I do research and write.
My hope is to pass along nuggets of information that could help or the very least entertain you on your way to financial success.

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