SUNB Is Our New Energy Pick! Big News Issued Saturday!

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SUNB Is Our Explosive New Pick





Good Morning!



The time has come. What you’ve been waiting for – an at the open alert!



Zero gaps, just the potential for fast moving profits.



Let’s Get To It.



Name the hottest sector on the stock market that is being talked about every day on the political trail. If you said energy then you are right. Every day President Obama and the GOP hopefuls are talking about oil prices, how they are surging, and how to fight the problem.



With oil prices moving up around 10% in just the last month alone, global attention has once again shifted to renewable energy to include hydroelectric power, bioenergy, geothermal energy, solar energy, and lastly and perhaps most importantly wind energy.



Introducing SUNB – Sunbelt International Corp.




A description of the company from its website:


Sunbelt International is a company that provides energy alternatives.

Sunbelt is a progressive company that provides clean, renewable sources of power generation. Sunbelt provides remote, urban and industrial clients the means to save money, reduce environment impact and realize their sustainable living goals. Sunbelt International wants to expand worldwide; through this growth it can set higher objectives, serve more people, increase its knowledge base, and further the corporate mandate.




SUNB is in a white hot area of the stock market and at just the right time with the global shift in focus from oil dependence to renewable energy independence. 



Sunbelt International has the potential to provide triple digit gains. In fact I would not be surprised if SUNB hit $0.18 or higher very early on this morning.



Let's go over why.




SUNB is at the bottom of its trade range right now sitting at $0.12. The last time traders took a significant interest in the company it sent the price per share skyrocketing from $0.15 to $0.245 – that’s an increase of 63.3%. Since then the stock has been trading between $0.14 and $0.18. 





The fact that we are sitting at $0.12 is absolutely great news for us because resistance is at $0.14 and after that it should be fairly easy to hit $0.18, which is also the moving average. Exactly how much of a difference is that? A whopping 50% profit margin! This should be a fairly safe trade because $0.12 is the absolute bottom for this stock!



Not only is the price per share of SUNB perfectly poised for an awesome trade, but also the business it is in is practically second to none. Asia, Sunbelt’s key target region, is the world’s second largest producer of wind energy – second only to the European Union. Asia has a cumulative wind power capacity of 82,398 megawatts. Compare that to the United States 43,000 megawatts and you can see why.




SUNB is not trying to sneak their way in the backdoor either. They are focusing on rapid growth, which is shown by the press release they announced Saturday evening ( The press release states that Sunbelt has attained access to a large property, which will be used as a test facility with an end goal of being able to produce 200 megawatts of wind energy! This helps the company achieve one of its goals, which is to provide security and economic sustainability to rural areas through the development of wind and solar energy generation.




This is absolutely HUGE because a nuclear power plant produces 800-900 megawatts of energy and the largest solar facility in the U.S. at Kramer Junction generates 345 megawatts.




Could SUNB be building towards becoming a small power and energy company? One could definitely speculate that they are.




What makes the speculation even better? It’s the fact that SUNB produces wind turbines and solar prowinder hybrids in nearby China. This means that the turbines used on the property are their own and they do not need to subcontract another company to build them onsite. It would all be kept in house. Lower costs, higher profits!




Let’s remember that one megawatt of energy can comfortably power 1,000 US homes (the average American household uses 10,000 kilowatts a year). So with an end goal of 200 megawatts being produced on the property that means that 100,000 homes could be powered. That is the equivalent of a small city. Smells like a small power company in the making to me!




Why is wind energy set to explode in the next few years? In President Obama’s State of the Union Address in 2011 he stated that America should aim for 80% clean power by 2035 ( If the U.S. decides to grow wind energy as much as the rest of the world is then the demand for turbines created by SUNB could also grow here in the states just like it is doing in Canada!




Making this company even more attractive is the prowinder hybrid turbine, which the company produces. This turbine is completely different from any other in that it actually captures solar energy through solar panels as well as wind energy – ALL ON THE SAME UNIT! This is a product that farmers, small towns, and just about anyone with land can use to lower their carbon footprint as well as lower their energy costs!




SUNB should have the attention of many after Saturday’s news. Watch it closely at the open and also throughout the day because I suspect this thing could breakout very quickly. Being that SUNB is trading at the bottom and could run up significantly consider booking profits quickly!



We really like SUNB and are happy indeed to present this opportunity to you!



As always, reach out to us with any questions by emailing us at [email protected] or by replying to this email. 



Happy Trading!


Jeff Mirkin








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