Sell These Stocks Before Tomorrow’s Opening Bell

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Fellow Investor,

President Trump’s honeymoon on Wall Street is OVER—and so is the non-stop Trump rally we’ve enjoyed since his election.

Things got shaky after the White House and Republicans failed in their attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare—markets dropped a quick 1% in response.

And they have been wobbling ever since now that the unbridled optimism about President Trump’s big policy promises—tax reform, accelerated GDP growth, a $1 trillion infrastructure spending plan—has given way to reality.

The truth is that even with Republicans firmly in control of Washington, his agenda is far from a sure thing.

That has rattled markets and a massive shakeup is now underway that’s dramatically changing which stocks will be the winners and losers in the months ahead.

If you don’t adjust your investments immediately, you could be in for some serious pain ahead.

The easy gains from this Trump rally are a thing of the past…many of the big winners are about to crash down to earth…and you are running out of time to make your move.

I urge you to take two steps immediately:

Step #1: Get rid of any stocks you own that have gotten ahead of themselves, have shaky fundamentals or are about to report weak earnings in the coming weeks.

It’s almost guaranteed you own at least one or two stocks right now that fit the bill.

But don’t worry, I can help you with this. In a minute I’ll show you how to get instant access to my list of 250 such stocks I recommend selling now.

My team and I have spent weeks crunching data and putting together my quarterly grades on 5,000 stocks, including household names like Apple, Citigroup, Nike, McDonalds, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, Verizon, Amazon, Target and many more.

Some passed with flying colors… and some failed miserably.

I was frankly blown away by the number of big-name, widely-held stocks that got a D or F rating. Tens of millions of investors own these stocks and could be in for huge losses when they report earnings in the next few weeks.

I urge you to dump them right NOW before Wall Street does and you get left holding the bag on a sinking stock.

With earnings season now underway, there is very little time left to protect yourself!

Sell These Stocks
Before Tomorrow’s Opening Bell

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the moves you make today can make or break your investing results in the year ahead.

That’s why I want to give you immediate access to what may be the most important research I publish all year—my Portfolio Grader Second Quarter Ratings Guide.

This Ratings Guide is a proven early warning system.

Over the past year it has helped investors like you avoid disaster after disaster as weak stocks imploded.

One of my most surprising calls of the first quarter was placing a sell rating on Under Armour, the athletic apparel and equipment company (and Wall Street darling).

Investors who heeded my advice survived a huge 36% plunge brought on by an earnings miss and the departure of their CFO.

But Under Armour isn’t the only popular stock I’ve saved investors from…

Take a look at some of the huge losses posted in the past several months by stocks that were on my “sell” list for the first quarter—all while markets surged to all-time highs…

Description: Reserve Your Copy NowUnder Armour down -36.1%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowL Brands down -27.98%
Description: Reserve Your Copy NowPBF Energy down -23.62%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowSally Beauty Holdings down -22.0%

And that’s on top of some of the biggest losers of 2016 that made my “sell” lists…

Description: Reserve Your Copy NowOffice Depot down -51.26%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowGNC Holdings down -32.64%
Description: Reserve Your Copy NowEmbraer down -39.3%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowVerifone down -28.66%
Description: Reserve Your Copy NowCredit Suisse down -38.95%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowKate Spade down -27.62%
Description: Reserve Your Copy NowFossil Group down -32.74%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowGoPro down -21.62%

Now my analysts and I have spent hundreds of hours over the last several weeks, putting more than 5,000 stocks through my rigorous testing.

And I have to warn you…

Some of what we’ve uncovered is shocking. The chaos caused by Trump’s first one hundred days has led to major changes in my ratings for hundreds of stocks.

I have never seen so many stock ratings change in such a short period of time.

There are millions of people who have no idea that they own what are now some of the most dangerous stocks in America.

Hundreds of stocks—including a slew of big names—got an F rating from my proven Portfolio Grader system and could hand unsuspecting investors huge losses in the months ahead.

I’m talking about big name stocks in industries that are considered “safe,” like consumer staples, banks and utilities.

I’m talking about widely-held stocks that millions of people own in their portfolios, their IRAs and 401(k)s.

I’m talking about red-hot stocks that Wall Street loves (and loves to pump).

I’ve even given failing grades to stocks and sectors owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

 to Reserve Your Copy NowAnd it’s highly likely that you own some of the names I recommend selling now.

I guarantee you will be surprised when you see the full list.

I feel so strongly about getting this information into your hands, that I’m giving you a limited-time chance to grab it at a huge discount.

Get your copy now and you’ll save 83% and get instant access to all 250 stocks that are on my “sell” list today.

Plus, my Portfolio Grader Second Quarter Ratings Guide will help you with the second step I want you to take today…

Get My Top Stocks for the Second Quarter

If you want the biggest profits in the months ahead, the second step you must take now is to buy stocks with rock-solid fundamentals that are about to announce blockbuster earnings and can thrive no matter what happens dead ahead on Wall Street or in Washington.

My Portfolio Grader has a lengthy history of pinpointing such stocks. These A and B rated stocks have passed my stringent testing with flying colors to win a coveted spot on my “buy” list.

Just take a look at some of the wins from my January 1Q guide, all up double-digits in the past three months alone:

Description: Reserve Your Copy NowCSX Corporation Up 32.5%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowArista Networks Up 37.8%
Description: Reserve Your Copy NowIDEXX Laboratories Up 31.5%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowTAL Education Group Up 43.1%
Description: Reserve Your Copy NowCognex Corporation Up 31.5%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowSymantec Corporation Up 28.3%
Description: Reserve Your Copy NowHasbro Corporation Up 24.5%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowApplied Materials Up 20.2%

And this success isn’t limited to just the past quarter…

Take a look at the big gains we saw throughout 2016 on some of my top-rated stocks from last January’s 1Q Guide:

Description: Reserve Your Copy NowNvidia Up 89.5%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowFresh Del Monte Up 52.5%
Description: Reserve Your Copy NowAbiomed Up 32.2%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowPaycom Software 42.7%
Description: Reserve Your Copy NowUlta Up 35.9%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowCintas Up 33.1%
Description: Reserve Your Copy NowTexas instruments Up 27.9%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowVail Resorts Up 27.6%
Description: Reserve Your Copy NowNasdaq Up 25.9%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowKorea Electric Power Corp Up 23.6%
Description: Reserve Your Copy NowEbay Up 21.6%Description: Reserve Your Copy NowGeneral Mills Up 23.2%

This massive market rotation is giving us a chance to buy tomorrow’s winners right now—often at good prices.

The original “Trump Trade” is dead, but I’m incredibly bullish on the new stocks that will lead the market in the months ahead.

And as you can see, owning the winners and avoiding the losers on this list can have a huge impact on your investing results.

That’s why I urge every investor, whether you have $50,000 or $500,000 invested—to get a copy of my Portfolio Grader Second Quarter Ratings Guide to give your investments a thorough check up immediately.

Get instant access to this 500+ page report now and you’ll save an incredible 84%.

Save 83%—72 Hours Only!

This report is the easiest way I know to give your portfolio an instant tune up. Ten minutes with my Portfolio Grader Second Quarter Ratings Guide and you’ll be able to sleep well at night knowing you don’t own any of the 250 worst rated stocks you should dump now.

Plus, you’ll have access to the 250 top-rated growth stocks I expect big things from in the months ahead.

 to Reserve Your Copy NowBut time is of the essence now that the easy gains from the Trump rally are over, a massive rotation is underway and volatility is picking up again.

When 1Q earnings start pouring in this week, I expect big moves—both up and down—based on earnings announcement by many of the companies in this report.

That why—for the next 72 hours only—I’m offering loyal readers like you a chance to get your copy at a big 83% discount.

My Portfolio Grader Second Quarter Ratings Guide normally costs $79. But today you can get my 500+ page Guide and give your portfolio a complete check-up to start the year for just $13!

That’s a VERY small price to pay for the peace of mind that you don’t own one of the 250 stocks on my “sell now” list…

To make sure you don’t get caught holding the bag in the biggest losers in the months ahead…

To get the names and my analysis of the 250 best stocks for the second quarter.

Get your copy now for a fraction of the regular cost and give your portfolio an instant check-up before it’s too late.


Louis Navellier
Navellier Growth

P.S. There will be NO exceptions… this special discount expires in 72 hours. So don’t miss out on saving 83%—get your copy now.


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