Second Notice: Your Exclusive Invitation Awaits.

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A Personal Invitation

March 21, 2014

Fellow Investor,

About two years ago, I sent a private message to my most loyal readers. In it, I invited them to join me on a brand new journey—one that I promised would revolutionize their investing.

A few hundred brave souls took me up on that offer, and the wealth they've generated investing along side of me is nothing short of life changing.

We have achieved gains any investor would die for, racking up an astounding 374 winners—a whopping 329 of them for double- or triple-digit profits!

That's like locking in a new double- or triple-digit gain every 2-3 trading days.

And it all adds up to an incredible $593,561 in sheer profit in just over two years.

We have a lot to celebrate these days, but we're celebrating much more than just profits…we're celebrating freedom.

Look, whether we like it or not, there is a freedom that only money can bring.

Freedom from worry about your financial future. Freedom to enjoy life with the ones you love. Freedom to travel, to retire in style, to pursue your passions.

That kind of freedom is within your grasp today. And to help make sure you reach out and take it, I'm going to do something you might find shocking…

I'm Re-Opening Our
Founding Membership

This is your invitation to join an intimate group of savvy investors who make up my Inner Circle.

Our group is small by design. You see in order to deliver the personal attention, unique events, and exclusive investing ideas that I promise, we must strictly limit the number of members we accept.

That private invitation I sent when we launched Inner Circle quickly sold out. Since then, new spots rarely come up for grabs so I'm typically only able to make this invitation two or three times a year. And we quickly sell out each time I do.

In fact, I must warn you that we have had to turn away dozens of interested investors in recent months.

Given that existing backlog, and the fact that this is our first opening this year, I fully expect the few memberships we are making available today to be claimed quickly. In fact, they are likely to go even faster than normal thanks to the unusual offer I'm making you today…an offer so incredible that this is the last time you will see it.

Before I give you all the details on how to reserve your spot and lock in a huge discount, let me show you how I helped my Inner Circle members rack up an incredible 329 double- and triple-digit winners in just over two years—and how I propose to do the same for you.

Get All 4 Of My Profit-Packed Advisories
Absolutely FREE!

I spent 25 years managing money on Wall Street—and used the know-how I gained to become a self-made millionaire before I turned 30. I started Inner Circle to use that knowledge and experience to help YOU build your own fortune.

This is your chance to have a front-row seat to watch the way I manage my own family's money…and the way that I ran money for some of the wealthiest investors on the planet.

It's your chance to have access to the same strategies successful hedge fund managers use—without the huge fees that normally make such a thing unattainable for the average investor.

It's your chance to earn life-changing profits that will allow you to declare your financial freedom.

And it all starts with me giving you all four of my services absolutely free for a full year. As an Inner Circle Member you'll get:

  1. One FREE year of GameChangers, where we discover big, unstoppable, innovative companies that are changing the way we live, work and play—and making their shareholders rich in the process!
  2. One FREE year of Breakout Stocks Under $10, in which we zero in on undiscovered, overlooked or beaten-down stocks trading for less than $10. I have never seen a better time to invest in small, low-priced stocks with explosive profit potential in my 25 years in this business.
  3. One FREE year of High Octane Trader, where we trade more actively in the hunt for big, rapid-fire profits. This is your chance to turbocharge your profits and learn the strategies the pros use to protect their money. Now it's important to note that you do NOT have to be an experienced options investor to make money with High Octane Trader. We use simple options trades every investor can make and I'm there with you every step of the way.
  4. One FREE year of my new Absolute Capital Return Portfolio. This is where my hedge-fund experience really works for you. We'll use ETFs, commodities and other alternative investments to deliver monster profits with much less risk and no steep fees or minimums.

$10,484 in Advice is Yours Free

Now normally, it would cost $10,484 a year to subscribe to all four of my services—GameChangers (which regularly costs $499), Breakout Stocks ($1,995), Absolute Capital Return Portfolio ($3,995) and High Octane Trader ($3,995)—for one year.

So giving away my services free may seem crazy at first glance. But in reality, it's the secret to our success.

You see, by giving you free access to all four services, I can help you reap the biggest, safest profits from virtually every corner of the stock market.

We will build your wealth with innovative growth stocks, low-priced breakout stocks, income investments, options and a wide range of other alternative investments. It's a strategy that offers you an extra layer of protection and can deliver huge profits no matter which way the market is headed.

That's how we've racked up monster wins like:

• UP 157% in eBay
• UP 136% in Sirius XM Radio
• UP 154% in Google
• UP 82% in Microchip Technology
• UP 55% in Mako Surgical
• UP 87% in Occidental Petroleum
• UP 75% in Westport
• UP 48% in SolarWinds
• UP 85% in Ariad Pharmaceuticals
• UP 243% in Tempur Sealy Intl.
• UP 90% in IBM
• UP 85% in Ariad Pharmaceuticals
• UP 70% in Intercept Pharm.

• UP 46% in Lionbridge Technologies
• UP 49% in CBIZ Inc.
• UP 47% in NIC Inc.
• UP 63% in Verizon

• UP 63% in Brookdale Senior Living
• UP 76% in Level Three Comm.
• UP 100% in Zale's

And how we've bagged an incredible 374 winners in a little more than two years!

But as impressive as these individual stock gains are, they don't tell the whole story.

You see, the real beauty of Inner Circle is how all these consistent gains add up to make your money grow faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Let me give you some concrete numbers to show you what I mean.

Profits Most Investors Only Dream Of

During 22 of the last 26 weeks, my Inner Circle members have locked in weekly profits of $4,000 or more. $4,000 profits. In one week. 22 times in the last six months.

And in ELEVEN of those weeks, they locked in astounding profits of $9,000-$14,000.

(For this example, I'm assuming a $5,000 initial investment in each recommendation).

See the numbers for yourself…

/><noscript><img src== $4,05
= $9,545
= $4,571
= $10,260
= $10,390
= $12,447
= $4,507
= $9,573
= $4,374
= $6,782
= $14,475
/><noscript><img src= = $11,517
= $8,112
= $6,090
= $5,717
= $9,893
= $12,034
= $7,958
= $4,198
= $9,321
= $4,100
= $10,973

Imagine how quickly you can build your wealth with gains like that.

Imagine how it would feel to have an extra $4,000, $6,000, $12,000 in your nest egg week after week after week.

Imagine what you could do with that kind of money.

That is life-changing wealth and it is within your grasp right now.

Exceptional Privileges For Members Only

It starts by getting all four of my services—$10,484 worth of investment advice that's worth its weight in gold—free.

But your Inner Circle membership is about so much more.

As an Inner Circle member, you'll also get EXCLUSIVE Inner Circle investment recommendations that won't be available to anyone else. At least once a month, I'll be in touch with a private recommendation for Inner Circle members only.

Since we launched, we've sold sixteen exclusive Inner Circle stock picks. All sixteen have been winners, with an average holding period of just 6-7 months and an average gain of 21%.

Think about that…even if you hadn't followed a single one of the recommendations from my newsletters, your profits on these stocks alone would have paid for your membership many times over!

You'll get my newest Inner Circle recommendation the minute you join us.

And that's not the only exclusive members-only benefit waiting for you…

As an Inner Circle member, you'll have me by your side every step of the way. You'll have unprecedented access to me thanks to:

PRIVATE Q&A sessions, video updates and teleconferences. We'll get together for in-depth conversations that only end when all of your questions have been answered. These sessions are reserved exclusively for Inner Circle members, and they are your chance to ask me absolutely anything you'd like related to your investments. Specific stock questions, market analysis, pressing economic issues, dangers you are worried about, hot trends you are hearing about, or ideas you want to run by me. You name it—it's all fair game.

You'll also get invitations to join me at special Inner Circle events. My next private meeting for Inner Circle members is just around the corner. Members tell me this complimentary breakfast is one of their favorite perks. You'll receive an invitation to this and all Inner Circle events and I look forward to getting together in person! But you don't need to wait for one of these in-person sessions to get in touch with me…

You'll have a private, personal to reach me anytime you want. The moment you join you will be given a direct-access email address reserved exclusively for Inner Circle members. Your questions and concerns will come directly to me. You'll also get a special members-only phone number to reach your personal Inner Circle concierge for questions anytime you want.


6 MORE Members-Only Benefits

When I told you that Inner Circle is a comprehensive service to help you with your overall investing strategy, I meant it.

That's why as a member you'll also get:

  1. FREE Special Alerts with my comprehensive Stocks to Sell list. There are hundreds of toxic stocks lurking on Wall Street today, and the dangers are mounting with this rising market. Many of these stocks have been run up too far too fast in the bull market frenzy, and you absolutely do not want to own them when the bottom drops out! I'll rush you my complete list of stocks to avoid or sell today.
  2. FREE online course that will teach you my secrets for successfully trading options. Options are a critical tool for making money and protecting yourself from downside—especially in a market like this. Yet many investors don't use them. Whether you are brand new to options or looking to improve your results, this series will walk you through the tricks and techniques I've employed for more than 25 years. You'll get the insights and confidence you need to succeed.
  3. FREE copy of my newest Special Report, 12 Dividend Dynamos to Turbocharge Your Income. Forget the outdated thinking that dividend payers are stodgy stocks only suitable for widows and orphans.

    All 3 Reports Free!Today some of the hottest stocks in the hottest industries are paying rock-solid dividends that can add thousands, even tens-of-thousands of extra dollars to your bottom line each year. Even tech stocks are getting into the act, with Apple, Cisco and Microchip Technology all paying handsome dividends!

    Get the names of 12 growth stocks that will deliver big gains PLUS pay you double, triple, even quadruple most income investments.

  4. FREE videos exclusively for Inner Circle members. At least once a month you'll get access to a special video recorded exclusively for Inner Circle members.
  5. Profits, profits and MORE PROFITS. How many other investors do you know who have locked in 374 winners—329 of which were double- or triple-digit slam dunks—over the last two years? We have proven that it CAN BE DONE…and we're well on our way to doing it again in 2014.

I hope you'll seize this chance to build your fortune, too, with more ease than you ever thought possible. I can't wait for you to get started, but remember…

Space is STRICTLY Limited—
Only 30 Memberships Available

We can only accept the first 30 membership requests we receive, and I expect these to go incredibly fast at this special Founding Member discount.

So if you want to take advantage of this best ever offer, I must hear back from you quickly.

If you are ready to take your investing to the next level…

RSVP Now!If you are ready to multiply your profits using the proven strategies I employed as a successful Wall Street hedge fund manager and now use to build my own wealth…

If you are ready to lock in our next 329 double- and triple-digit winners no matter what the market does…

Then I simply can't think of a better way to ensure that 2014 is your most successful yet. And I guarantee you won't find a better time or bigger discount to join!

My Biggest—And Boldest—Discount Ever

Given the blockbuster profits my Inner Circle members are making, and the exhaustive list of benefits you enjoy, you're probably expecting a big price tag to join.

After all, the cost of all four of my newsletters is more than $10,000.

So it may shock you to learn that you won't pay anywhere close to five figures to join us today.

In fact, I'm about to make you—hands down—the most unbelievable offer we have EVER extended to bring you on board.

Let me repeat, however, that this is the last time you will see this invitation.

RSVP Now And Save $8,163

Normally, new members can join my Inner Circle for $6,998 for one year. That all by itself is a huge 33% discount off the $10,484 it would cost you to subscribe to my four wealth-building advisory services. (And it doesn't even take into account the exhaustive list of other benefits and wealth building advantages you get as an Inner Circle member!)

But you won't pay anywhere even close to that today because in honor of the amazing success we have had, I'm re-issuing the original Founding Member invitation I made when we first launched.

That means you can join us today for the deeply discounted price of just $2,301 (that's a 78% savings).

You read that correctly…accept this invitation and you will get a full year of Inner Circle membership—valued at a $6,998—for just $2,301!

Frankly, when you consider that just one week of our average profits would pay for the entire cost of your membership—TWICE—this is an absurdly good offer.

Generous? Yes. Crazy? My publisher thinks so.

But TRUE nonetheless…

Your inner Circle Founding Member Savings - Value of all Services: $10,484 - Regular Inner Circle Membership: $6,998 - Your Membership Price $2,301 - You Save $8,163!

Now, if you are somehow still unsure about whether to take me up on this special invitation, ask yourself this…

What Price Can You Put on Financial Freedom?

My Inner Circle is the total package that will give you the confidence you need to succeed… the exhilaration of beating the market…and peace of mind knowing that YOU are in charge of your financial future.

Perhaps most important of all, joining my Inner Circle can bring you something truly priceless: freedom.

No matter what your dreams, I want to show you how to make truly life-changing wealth that makes them possible.

But remember, we're accepting only a couple of dozen new members. This invitation ends in 5 days, or the moment all 30 available memberships have been claimed.

RSVP now immediately to guarantee your spot in Inner Circle today.

Take it for a Test Drive…
You Have My Personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The best things in life are often fleeting, and this is no exception.

Although my publisher has gone along with my bold offer (for a VERY limited time, as you've seen), he did it with one simple caveat.

RSVP Now!We cannot ever repeat this invitation for you to save $8,163 with our Founding Member offer.

No exceptions.

So I certainly do hope I've convinced you to give Inner Circle a try today. But if you're still on the fence, let me point out one last thing…

Today's invitation to try Inner Circle comes with my 100% money-back guarantee for a full 90 days. If you decide for any reason that Inner Circle is not right for you, all you have to do is let me know during that time and you will receive a full refund—NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Even after 90 days, should you change your mind for any reason at all, you can still receive a full refund of every penny left on your membership. And of course, all of the free Special Reports, member alerts and specific investment ideas you have received are yours to keep with my compliments.

I can make such a generous guarantee because so few people ever take me up on it!

As you can imagine, my Inner Circle members are a very satisfied lot! And I think you will be too if you take me up on this invitation to grab one of the limited memberships available before they are all claimed. Best of all—you can try it today with complete confidence thanks to my personal 100% money-back guarantee.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Now, before I wrap up, I must ask you not to share this invitation with anyone else—this private invitation is for you and you alone.

We likely won't even be able to meet the demand from the select group of investors who received this invitation and it would be unfair to tell others about it before they have their chance to secure their spot.

So now it's up to you.

RSVP now if you are ready to join me for:

  • Our next 374 winners. And the chance to pocket huge weekly gains (like the 21 weeks we racked up the $4,000-$14,000 profits I told you about!)
  • FREE access to all FOUR of my services—GameChangers, Breakout Stocks Under $10, High Octane Trader, and even my brand-new (and closed to new investors) Absolute Capital Return Portfolio—for one full year. Every single one of the investing recommendations, every bit of market commentary and analysis, and every trade I make throughout the next year delivered directly to you absolutely FREE. That alone is worth $10,484!
  • Plus at least 12 exclusive Inner Circle member only recommendations!
  • 3 Special Reports—all free.
  • Personal service—including a direct way to reach me by email anytime you'd like, a private Inner Circle concierge, invitations to private Inner Circle member only events, and teleconferences where you can ask your most pressing questions.
  • This one-time-only chance to join at our original, deeply discounted Founding Member price (you save $8,163).

You also get the priceless benefit of knowing you will make money in 2014 and beyond whether the market goes up, down or sideways…

…and of sleeping well at night knowing that you can stop worrying about market volatility and start profiting despite it.

I've done my part, with an outrageous invitation that lets you join at our original, deeply discounted Founding Member price. Now it's up to you.

Don't miss this chance to take your investing to a whole new level. Remember, the doors close the moment the 30 new memberships we have available are claimed.

to RSVP now.

RSVP Now!Sincerely,

Signed- Hilary Kramer
Hilary Kramer

P.S. You haven't a moment to spare. Once these 30 new memberships are claimed, this invitation will end. And heaven knows this is your one and only chance save $8,163 with our original Founding Member offer. Please don't miss this incredible opportunity. to claim your spot immediately.

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