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Building A High-Wealth Retirement May Not Be Your Idea Of  “A Good Time,” But…

“I’ve been excitedly making millionaires out of everyday investors since I managed my first Hedge Fund. And now I want to share my most intimate money-making secrets with you — at no charge!”

By Hilary Kramer
Editor, GameChangers

Hilary Kramer, “The Retirement Millionaire Maker”

NEW YORK — Some people think the nuts-and-bolts of making money is tedious. Really?

I bet you’ll be as excited as I am when I reveal how you can supercharge your account with a new double-digit winner every month. In fact — that’s exactly my promise: “I’ll give you at least one double-digit winner each month. That’s 12 double-digit winners on average every year!”

And I’ll even take it a step further for you: “You can earn these monthly double-digit wins in just half an hour a week.”

Now, you may be wondering if I keep my word…

Sure, anyone can promise you something like 12 double-digit winners every year. But only results matter. So please allow me to share my track record.

  • If you were with me in 2011, my strategy would have exceeded my 12 double-digit winners promise, and handed you 15 double-digit winners that year.
  • I did it again in 2012 by serving up another 14 double-digit winners.
  • In 2013, we banked 25 double-digit winners—that works out to two double-digit winners every month on average!
  • In 2014, you’d have locked in 18 double-digit winners.
  • In 2015, you’d have locked in 24 double-digit gains
  • Despite the volatility we experienced in 2016, you’d have locked in 17 winning trades with 11 of them being double-digit gains… including a quick +50.39% in LinkedIn in less than two months!

Imagine how your portfolio would look today, with nearly three years of double-digit gains every month.

Now, you may be wondering, what was I doing before 2011? Good question, and I have a good answer.

I was working as a private money manager, transforming everyday investors into millionaires.

The more you get to know me, the more you’ll see how that’s an ongoing theme… transforming regular investors into millionaires.

FREEIt’s what I do. It’s what I’ve been doing for over two decades.

And now I want to share that knowledge with you — absolutely free of charge — in an easy-to-use blueprint called, Three Double-Digit GameChangers To Kick-Start Your 5-Year-Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio.

Becoming a millionaire in just 5 years is astonishingly fast. But here’s the best part: you don’t need much money to begin generating an actual million dollar retirement.

I used it on my own account to become a millionaire by age 30. I used it on accounts where I managed over $5 billion of equities, while I was a private money manager and high-stakes trader for 20 years on Wall Street.

And there’s no reason you and I can’t use it on your account. It works. And I’ve spent the last 4 years doing just that.

So if you wanna know what really lights this girl’s fire — get ready to start stuffing some wild wins into your portfolio, because…

12 Double-Digit Wins A Year
Can DOUBLE Your Investing Money!

“The Retirement
Millionaire Maker”

My goal is to give you at least one double-digit gain every month.

Actually in 2012, I gave my readers 14 double-digit winners.

In 2013, I gave them 25 double-digit winners.

In 2014, I handed my readers 18 double-digit winners.

What about during the volatility in 2015? I handed my readers 23 double-digit winners:

^28.02% GAIN from SolarWinds
^23.74% GAIN from Juno Therapeutics
^20.87% GAIN from Masimo Corp.
^19.64% GAIN from Twitter
^17.26% GAIN from Cerner
^16.83% GAIN from Akamai
^15.35% GAIN from DigitalGlobe
^13.88% GAIN from Diplomat Pharmacy
^15.71% GAIN from Red Hat
^14.39% GAIN in FactSet Research
^10.28% GAIN in Tyler Technologies
^55.83% GAIN in Dealertrack
^10.53% GAIN in Wayfair
^19.87% GAIN in Omnicell
^10.17% GAIN in Healthcare Services
^12.89% GAIN in VCA Inc.
^18.75% GAIN in Luxoft Holdings
^25.93% GAIN in Total System
^25.55% GAIN in Fiesta Restaurant
^13.04% GAIN in O’Reilly Automotive
^18.58% GAIN in SS&C Technologies
^17.51% GAIN in Natus Medical
^25.88% GAIN in PegaSystems

And in 2016, I’ve handed my readers 11 double-digit winners:

^ 17.72% Gain in Henry Schein
^ 12.00% Gain
in Aspen Technology
^ 16.22% Gain in Verisk Analytics
^ 14.22% Gain in VCA Inc.
^ 50.39% Gain in LinkedIn
^ 10.82% Gain in Pegasystems
^ 15.63% Gain in ResMed
^ 10.88% Gain in Arista Networks
^ 10.82% Gain inPegasystems
^ 10.00% Gain in Fleetmatics
^ 10.00% Gain in Red Hat

So if you’re not getting at least one double-digit winner a month, let’s get to know each other…

…and use monthly double-digit gainers to start building your million-dollar retirement together.

Can you imagine what you’d have in 12 months if you loaded your portfolio with even the smallest double-digit win of 10% every month for a year?

If you’re anything like me — and I suspect you are — you might hate it when people say, “Do the math.”

I know I can’t stand it. So I’m going to suggest we do this together. Let’s look at some very basic figures so you can see how quickly you can turn a small account into a million dollars.

Okay, here we go.

  1. First, you start with an initial investment of $5,000.
  2. Second, you invest in at least one 10% gainer per month.
  3. Next, you string together a series of 12 of these every year.
  4. Most importantly, you agree to reinvest all of your gains every month instead of spending them.
  5. Here’s how your initial $5,000 investment stacks up at the end of each year:






See how very realistic and simple it is for you to become a millionaire… and it can happen faster than you may ever have dreamt possible.

Even if you have a small account, if you double your investing money every year and compound your winnings, then you’ll know…

Why Becoming A Retirement Millionaire Is
Now Entirely Possible For You

My free ($97 value) blueprint, Three Double-Digit GameChangers To Kick-Start Your 5-Year-Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio is not just a catchy phrase. It can be your future, if you simply claim it.

In just 5 years of more than doubling your money every year, and compounding it by reinvesting your wins…

You could grow a mere $5,000 into $1,522,408—in just 5 years!

And it all starts with you getting one double-digit winner a month, and stringing 12 of those double-digit winners together in a year.

Believe it or not, Wall Street laughed at me when I first unveiled this plan. But when I retired a millionaire at the tender age of 30…

They stopped laughing. Now they listen.

But what I have to say next is for you, not them. I’m going to give you a jump-start on your first string of double-digit wins, with:

“Three Double-Digit GameChangers To Kick-Start Your
5-Year-Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio!”

I’m going to give you a ($97 value) FREE report that shows you three “GameChanger” stocks I’ve got in my sights to make you double-digit returns.

Just think of it as a “down payment” on the 12 I’ll be giving you in the next twelve months.

But first, allow me to tell you what a GameChanger is. Because it’s how we get those monthly double-digit winners.

A GameChanger is a mega-trendsetter so strong it changes the way we live. Usually a GameChanging stock will muscle its entire sector upwards—driven by strong catalysts that give it a competitive advantage.

How to Pick A

When I find a GameChanger for my readers, it must have a commanding advantage over its competition… and it must be rewriting the rules of its industry.

So a GameChanger is more than a soaring stock… Or a rising trend.

A GameChanger is a mega-trendsetter so strong it changes the way we live. Usually a GameChanging stock will muscle its entire sector upwards.

In fact, a GameChanger has such raw power, it magnetically pulls in investment capital from other sectors, boosting its rise exponentially.

Inside a GameChanger is a catalyst. An agent of dramatic change. Something that drives it above the competition. Something that gives it an unfair advantage.

Apple changed the game with its iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Yet they are experiencing the lifecycle of a GameChanger. A GameChanger only dominates for a few years, then it declines… still a player, but not a “choice of one.”

Like Henry Ford’s Model T. IBM’s Personal Computer. Microsoft Windows.

Ford, IBM, and Microsoft are still around… for now. But the investors who got rich were the ones who got in on the ground floor.

That’s exactly the opportunities I find for my readers with GameChangers.

I get you into a GameChanger early, before other investors take notice. Because once these companies start to grow, the herd rushes in and starts buying…which in turn drives up the share price further. Then we sell at the peak, taking our profits.

So getting in on the ground floor of a gamechanger, my friend, is how you become a retirement millionaire.

Today, I’m finding my favorite trend-setting GameChangers inside the tech sector, and I would like to share three companies with you that are breaking new ground in their respective industries.

Let’s take a closer look as I introduce GameChanger #1:

The Perfect Crossroads Between
Innovation and Technology

The first GameChanger stock that I'd like to share with you hit the ground running with its debut, and continues to be a pioneer in its space. It created the first interactive security service and has continued to add to its capabilities over the years.

It launched its first video service and mobile app a few years ago and developed remote automation features by 2011. Then in 2015, it introduced its first smart home thermostat. Staying at the forefront of technology and innovation has be a huge driver behind the company's impressive growth.

Now, this GameChanger isn't a security service provider like ADT. Instead, it partners with over 5,000 companies like ADT and sells them technology that helps connect home internet systems. The company primarily generates sales from monthly software-as-a-service (SaaS) from providers for use of their security platform.

It also sells its gateway module that allows cell phones to “talk” to devices installed at home or business and its cloud-based platform, and hardware devices such as video cameras that are a part of the system.

The company's systems offer consumers many advantages, including persistent monitoring of whether the alarm is on or not, anywhere access and control via mobile devices, the ability to customize schedules and triggers, live video streaming, and energy management services like intelligent control of thermostats and lights to maximize efficiency.

For its service providers, this GameChanger offers a website with a variety of tools including activation and management of accounts, installation support tools and applications, sales marketing and training, and business intelligence tools that give key analytical insights about customer accounts to improve service and customer retention.

An increase in the subscriber base has driven rapid top-line growth in the period just before and since the company's IPO. Revenues increased 28% to $167.3 million in 2014, and then rose another 25% to $208.8 million in 2015, with both SaaS and equipment revenues contributing to the gains.

The company also made its first major acquisition last year, buying two business units for $140 million. One business unit provides an interactive security and home automation platform that powers several service providers' solutions. The other business unit designs, produces and sells a Wi-Fi-enabled video and home automation hub.


The opportunity here is that the domestic market is underpenetrated, and international markets are just getting started, giving this company significant room for expansion in the future. This is one of those rare opportunities where you can get in on the ground floor of a company that's on the verge of breaking out.

Download my latest special report to get the full story on this innovative pioneer before it’s too late. This report is valued at $97, but it’s yours FREE today: Three Double-Digit GameChangers To Kick-Start Your 5-Year-Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio.

But that’s not all. There’s another GameChanger you’ll want to put to work in your portfolio right away. Let me give you a quick preview as I introduce you to GameChanger #2:

You Can't Get More
Innovative Than THIS…

The next GameChanger stock we're going to discuss is as innovative as you can get in this market.

It's the leading provider fleet cards, food cards, corporate lodging discounts and specialty payment products for businesses.

Through its payment systems, the company helps its customers manage and control their commercial payments, card programs, mobile services and employee spending, as well as provide card-accepting merchants with a high-volume customer base that can increase their sales and customer loyalty.

A key to the company's strong organic growth has been strategic acquisitions.

In 2014, the company made a significant $3.45 billion acquisition of a business-to-business provider of innovative electronic payment solutions. It made another strategic acquisition last year by taking on a Brazilian electronics payment company.

When you dive into the financials, this GameChanger doesn't disappoint. From 2011 to 2014, this company's revenues more than doubled to $1.2 billion. And if that wasn't impressive enough, the company grew revenues in 2016 by another $1.7 billion.

Even though fuel prices remain a concern in this environment, if we really are in a “reflation” environment as a result of a Trump presidency, fuel prices should recover setting this company up for a fantastic 2017.

FREEIn my recently updated special report, I’ll show you how to easily, quickly, and effortlessly get into this GameChanger that is growing at an astonishing rate.

But time is of the essence. You've got to get in soon. Once prices start moving, it'll be too late.

This report is valued at $97, but it’s yours FREE today: Three Double-Digit GameChangers To Kick-Start Your 5-Year-Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio

But that’s not all. There’s another GameChanger you’ll want to put to work in your portfolio right away. Let me give you a quick preview as I introduce you to GameChanger #3:

Financial Services PLUS Technology Equal Profits

Now financial services might not sound like a sexy innovative area of technology, but that where you'd be mistaken.

This next GameChanger is a global leader when it comes to financial services technology. It currently serves over 20,000 institutions in over 130 countries.

Paid for Subscription and Made $2K in 60 Days

I joined GameChangers less than 60 days ago. Not only did I close out trades that paid for the cost of my subscription, but I netted $2,000 in profits!

— Malik M.

Its payment and processing services can be broken down into two segments: Integrated Financial Services (IFS), which accounted for 57% sales in 2015, and Global Financial Services (GFS), which made up the remaining 43%.

IFS focuses on the regional and community bank market in the United States, providing software for basic transactions such as deposits and withdrawals. In addition to the services provided by IFS, GFS offers worldwide transaction services for a wide range of insurance companies, technical consulting for its subsidiary and investment management and brokerage capabilities.

In 2015, this GameChanger made a meaningful acquisition of a $14.2 billion total asset company for $5.08 billion. This strategic acquisition added to the company's existing offerings and gave it capabilities in trading, administering investment portfolios and compliance.

This company makes its money through a combination of recurring technology and processing services, consulting and professional services and software license fees. The majority of revenues have historically been provided under multi-year contracts that help keep the numbers relatively stable. These services are part of clients' every day operations and are limited to economic sensitivity to volumes.

Revenues in 2015 were $6.59 billion up 2.8%. Most of the gains were thanks to revenues from its recent acquisitions.

FREEThanks to its steady operations, investors have been willing to bid the stock up and pay higher valuation multiples in the low interest rate environment. When you factor in the company's excellent customer relations, global scale, cross-selling opportunities and further synergies gained from its recent merger, you can quickly see why this is a must-own stock immediately.

For today only, you can get the names of these three stocks in my special report ($97 Value): Three Double-Digit GameChangers to Kick-Start Your 5-Year-Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio!

I’d like to send you a copy FREE with my compliments. All you need to do is to…

Test Drive My Elite Stock Picking Service,
GameChangers Today

Look, I’ve made outrageous sums of money for my readers. It’s why they call me “The Retirement Millionaire Maker.”

You get only specially selected low risk, high return ground-floor game-changing picks… so you’ll never fear not knowing what to invest in, ever again.

In fact, here’s everything you get with your test drive of GameChangers:

  • Your Own Personal Risk-Eliminating Strategy… my GameChangers portfolio is stuffed with over 20 top stocks, carefully arranged into three categories:
    Conservative: predictable earnings and dividend yields

    “Loaded Up” On Profits!

    …I ’loaded up’ at $5.22 and sold a few months later at $9.70. That’s an 85% profit in 3 1/2 months (in dollar terms, I made over $22,000)! Thank you, Hilary!

    — Len S.

    Moderate: faster returns, mild volatility
    Aggressive: biggest returns, more volatile

    All you have to do is simply follow my allocation strategy and assemble your portfolio using some of the lowest risk, biggest gainers in the market!

  • Your Fast-Start Top 3 Stocks… A fast and simple way to get started, these are the hottest stocks right now. Plus, you’ll get…
  • Laser-Precise “Buy Below” Prices…. You get exact “Buy Below” prices for each and every stock on the GameChangers Buy List. You simply determine if a stock you want is below my buy price… then you can buy worry-free with minimized risk, at a price researched to maximize your return.
  • New Winning Stocks Every Month… as hand-picked by my team, and screened through my stiff 8-step formula. You get one to three new plays each month, with the highest potential to exploit this ongoing economic malaise.
  • FLASH ALERTS… when breaking news impacts our stocks or strategy, I notify you immediately by email. No waiting around until the opportunity passes you by. Also, should a market crash show up on the horizon — I notify you to pull the plug, before the damage is done.
  • Weekly Updates… you’ll never invest alone as a member of GameChangers. I keep in touch with you, every week, with my latest research and market analysis. You’ll get critical up-to-the minute intelligence on where stocks are… and where they’re going… so you can stay a step ahead of Wall Street.
  • V.I.P. Access To Our Private Website… where you’ll find your monthly issue, as well as archives of all prior issues, updates, and alerts. Plus, you can download any and all reports from my comprehensive library of wealth building research reports, print them out, and read them anywhere you want.
  • A Members-Only Update Center… our Update Center is the newest feature exclusively
    available to members. It keeps you up-to-date on the latest news on the stocks in our Buy List, along with my insights on what to do next.

With all these tools,

Finally, Financial Independence
Is Within Your Grasp!

I absolutely love what I’m doing.

You see, I didn’t grow up rich. So I’ve worked with all types of people. People I grew up with. My family. My friends. And it’s always the same. People want to achieve the American Dream. To amass wealth. To become rich. To retire comfortably.

I made my first million at age 30. And retired from the power corridors in Wall Street at age 37, returned to find my roots, and work with the kind of people I’ve known all my life…

Not the stuffed-shirt self-important Hedge Fund managers I’ve made millions for. Or the idiot analysts, like that colossal boob Jim Cramer.

These are the type of people I could easily charge $10,000 a year for a monthly advisory service with the caliber of GameChangers. And I could get $10K, easily. But to be blunt, if I liked working with those kind of people, I’d still be with them.

However, I’ve wanted to keep GameChangers within everyone’s reach. In particular, my people’s reach. So not even half that ten thousand dollars will get my advice into the hands of the people I want to help.

And sure, some may say for getting a new double-digit win every month — fourteen in 2012 — even a high price like $3,500 a year would be a bargain.

These people would say $3,500 is entirely affordable… because they’d only have to put aside their membership fee from their future wins.

Yet you won’t even pay that. If you are willing to act within the next 48 hours, you can get everything above…

A bundle well worth $10,000 a year…

…for a mere fraction of that price.

Now we usually charge $499 for this service.

However, for the next 48 hours, you can get an additional $400 a year off the retail price.

Which means you pay a mere $99 for an entire year.

That’s a ridiculously low 27 cents a day — for ground-floor mega-trend investments that can change your life. The price of one-fourth a cup of coffee — or a Junior Mint at the cash register.

Remember: This deeply discounted rate vanishes in 48 hours. So don't delay… go ahead and lock in this low membership price by clicking the button below NOW:

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Either Way, You Have A
Life-Changing Decision to Make

You can continue to sit on the sidelines in fear, as taxes and inflation eat up your nest egg. You can worry about every penny you could lose… and every opportunity you will lose, when the market rebounds.

You can fear outliving your money. Having to choose someday between being dependent on your kids — or the government — or of being broke and alone.

I’ve heard that some people think living in fear keeps them safe: they’re always on the lookout for danger. Keeping them extra vigilant.

But it also keeps them in poverty.

So now you are at a crossroads…

Because for anyone over 50, living in fear is a fast-track to the poorhouse, with growing taxes, inflation, and medical bills.

When instead, you can take step up and take charge of your financial future with a test drive of my GameChangers service, where you can join a community of successful investors, who are making money in this market… and will cash in hand-over-fist when it dips.

 To Claim Your Test-Drive NOW

But There Is A Catch…

Remember earlier, I said this offer is only open for 48 hours? After that time, the window slams shut…

And the savings will be gone.

Please, I urge you… don’t let that happen to you. Because when you add in everything you’re getting…

PLUS the gains you’ll make during this horrid economy — without worries or fear…

PLUS the soaring wins you’ll make when you’re in the market during its rebound…

I think you‘ll agree — this is an offer you can’t afford to miss.

But the clock’s ticking… and there’s no reason not to give it a try.

Claim your test-drive now, before time runs out!

And at just 27 cents a day, It’s just too good to pass up. That’s why I’m inviting you to join me now.

Click the button below now:

 To Claim Your Test-Drive NOW

Yours for Bigger Profits More Often,

Signed- Hilary Kramer
Hilary Kramer
Editor, GameChangers

P.S. It’s time for you to stop waiting for returns… and started pocketing a double-digit winner every month like my readers do, year after year.

P.P.S. I may have been a little too optimistic on my timeline. These ground-floor undervalued opportunities are already moving higher. Please, I urge you, don’t miss out on any of these high-profit opportunities.

My GameChangers service will show you how to exploit every weakness in the economy by picking ground-floor opportunities… and giving you a proven rock-solid method that will overcome every fear you have of investing in ANY market… while handing you lifelong financial independence with routine double-digit wins.

 To Claim Your Test-Drive NOW


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