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America's Top Micro-Cap Stock Authority
Reveals This Stunning Secret:

Soaring Global Energy Demand Has Created A Huge Profit-Making Opportunity For You

Government regulations calling for cleaner-burning power plants only seem to favor certain aggressive companies.

You can get in early on this profit potential with the company I am reporting on today!

Surging demand could push Four Rivers shares to $5.09 within months and you can get in today for under a dollar.

This Looks Like a Homerun For Investors Who Act Quickly

Profit-Seeking Investor,

Someone is making a fortune in micro-cap stocks every day otherwise there would be no market for these small stocks.

Yet, if you're a stock market opportunist, you have to admit that it can be frustrating to find timely data on a true micro-cap stock with actual explosive potential.

Let me solve that problem for you right now.

I've come across what I believe is going to be one of 2012's top micro-cap stocks.

The company is Four Rivers. It's a new breed company in the electric generation sector.

Here's How You Can Move In First!

Now, as I said, getting timely information about micro-caps is one vital key to success.

But, while Four Rivers may be a micro-cap startup company, you will see by the picture of its plant in my report that Four Rivers is not some pipe dream.

When America's most respected business journalists want to get it right, they call John Person for his market opinions. Widely quoted by CBS Market Watch, Reuters, Dow Jones Newswires, he appears regularly on CNBC as well. John is also a sought after speaker for many professional organizations such as the Market Technicians Association, the International Federation of Technical Analyst Society. He also delivers keynote speeches and seminars at some of the countries top national investment expos.

In fact, Four Rivers smartly bought this former Glaxo plant at a huge discount to its $100 million replacement cost. That means the asset value based on Four River's valuation is already over ten dollars per share. Skip right to the full report here

On top of that, Four Rivers is convinced it could be profitable next year and soon be booking a gross profit by my calculations of as much as $46 million. And that's just for openers.

That means the company's current potential could drive its stock price to grow 10 times from where it currently sits as less than a dollar.

Best of all, Four Rivers is in a lively young market sector. Four Rivers produces an old-world product in an exciting new way. This new way of producing electricity could help solve one of the world's most vexing energy problems.

I've just published a new report on Four Rivers. You could gain a distinctive edge by being one of the first to read it. Read all about it here

As I See It, the Impact Will Be Staggering. In the
Coming Years Four Rivers Could Become a Major
Player in the Global Energy Market!

Hello, I am John Person, a 32-year veteran of the Futures and Options Trading industry. I began my investment career on the Floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange back in 1979.

After years of surviving the trenches I have been fortunate enough to earn the respect of some influential peers.

Because of that, it's possible to see me as a regular on CNBC, or quoted by Dow Jones and MarketWatch.

Want to Make Some Cash on This One? I Suggest You
Consider That Four Rivers is a Buy Right How!

But, most important to you, is the knowledge that Four Rivers, today, is a true ground-floor entry into a stock that could ultimately produce tens, if not hundreds of thousands in gains for people who step in immediately.

I urge you to set aside what you are doing and read my timely report. Follow the below and be ready to call your broker.

Four Rivers could be huge, so you don't want to be late into this one.

I urge you, do your due diligence, then call your broker about Four Rivers!

Here's to your success.

John Person


Disclosure: and affiliates have received five thousand eight hundred fifty dollars from a third party (Investing Channel) for this one-day FRBE email promotion.


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