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Breaking: RACK is Our Amazing New Tech Pick! Intel Inside!

Fellow Members,
We hope that everyone is ready for our amazing new pick? Our new alert is liable to take the market by storm! This company operates in the fastest growing global market and has already forged a partnership with the tech giant, Intel! This company's impressive client list contains some of the biggest and most recognizable corporations in the world! This stock appears ready to skyrocket and we want all of our members to be completely prepared for this incredible trading opportunity! There's no time to waste! Let’s get down to business, our exciting new tech pick is RACK! Begin your research right away!
We are immediately issuing RACK (Rackwise, Inc.) to our members which closed at $1.18 PPS Today.

We are unbelievably excited with the potential of our new pick! RACK‘s chart has been strengthening recently as trading volume and market interest is beginning to increase. We believe that the timing is perfect for our new pick! We want all of our members to be fully prepared to capitalize on this company's amazing progress! RACK is heating up at a rapid pace and recent developments are putting this company on the fast track to success! After examining the facts, we believe that a move up the charts is imminent for RACK and we want our members to be ready! Begin your RACK research immediately and be prepared for an exciting trading week!

Rackwise, Inc. is a leading software and service provider in the growing markets for IT infrastructure management and data center optimization. The company’s flagship software suite, "DCiM™ Solutions", is used by over 150 companies worldwide!

RACK ‘s flagship product provides a series of solutions for managing multiple dimensions of a company’s IT infrastructure and data center(s). Using RACK‘s software solutions allows companies to optimize their use of components and improve the management of resources delivering an improved return on investment. The substantial return on investment makes Rackwise's software a must-have for nearly every corporation in the world!

To view a complete online report on RACK, please follow this —> "RACK Special Report" 

RACK already enjoys an impressive client list which includes some of the biggest corporate names in the world! Companies such as Intel, GE, FedEx, Chase, Westinghouse, Time Warner Cable, PEPSI, Nintendo, and many more are already utilizing RACK's amazing products. These companies quickly discovered that not only do RACK’s products enable them to more efficiently control their data, it saves them a tremendous amount of time and money as well. 

RACK‘s technology and software products provide them with an attractive strategic position and competitive advantages within their market. RACK intends to benefit from their strategic advantage by capitalizing on the enormous opportunities associated with data and server management. The company can quickly become the leader in this industry and they have already proven themselves worthy. 

RACK‘s software solutions are so far ahead of the competition that Intel, the world's largest and highest valued semiconductor chip maker, has chosen their software over 40 other companies. Through the use of RACK’s product suite, Intel will shutter 26 of their 92 data centers, or 28% of its entire global network, while gaining capacity!

Let's look a little deeper into the Intel relationship, seeing as this is one of the biggest corporations in the tech world! In November 2011, Rackwise, Inc. executed a series of agreements with Intel Corporation to effect a master license for the intended deployment of Rackwise's Data Center Manager software product in all Intel data centers worldwide. Additionally, provisions were announced to implement an evaluation and feedback agreement related to the company's next generation Data Center Infrastructure Management software solutions.

Begin your RACK research at the company's website by following this —> http://www.rackwise.com/ 
Estimates show that this industry can explode from $300M today to as much as $6B by 2015! This is a developing multi-billion dollar industry that we believe will be dominated by RACK. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get in on the action! Intel is already on board and letting their partners and clients in on the secret. This is a chance to be a part of a global revolution in the data industry!

The profit potential for RACK is incredible! RACK receives 20% recurring annual revenue with their renewals, which have been running at 98%. If that news wasn't good enough to make you excited, RACK’s CFO Jeff Winzeler reported a gross profit margin of 94% for the company! This is an absolutely mind-blowing profit margin which puts the company in a tremendous position going forward!

Also, RACK just issued exciting news this morning announced that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has significantly expanded their utilization of the company’s DCiM™ solution to manage their primary and satellite data centers. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has been a Rackwise client since 2010, and puts their full faith in the company to provide top notch data management solutions! This is excellent news for RACK which shows how vital the company's software solutions are for their customers! 

We have appended a portion of this morning's exciting news below.

A Rackwise, Inc. customer since 2010, USACE is virtualizing assets to optimize storage in both their primary and multiple remote data centers. Ensuring consistent, timely and accurate asset information across all data centers is essential to optimizing footprints and costs while providing necessary IT infrastructure to support the Corps’ various projects and programs. The Rackwise® DCiM™ solution is a critical component of the USACE information technology strategies for managing both rack and floor space as well as data virtualization and storage optimization efforts. To this end, USACE is leveraging the Company’s education services to substantially expand the Corps’ Rackwise® DCiM™ solution user base, enabling greater utilization of available features and functionality to expedite achieving operational objectives while accelerating return on investment.
To view this morning's news in its entirety, please use the following —> http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-army-corps-engineers-expands-093000407.html 
RACK issued additional exciting news recently which announced the upcoming release of their DCM 3.6 software solution which integrates features, functionality, and capabilities of the Intel DCM software into the company’s next-generation offering!

We have appended a portion of this news below.

Commercial release of the Rackwise DCM 3.6 offering is targeted for next month, marking the initial product launch pursuant to the Company’s agreements with Intel announced during the 2011 fourth quarter. The preview will include live demonstrations showcasing integration of Intel’s DCM software into the Rackwise 3.6 solution providing device-level tracking within customers’ IT infrastructures.

Doug MacRae, Rackwise, Inc. Executive Vice President, Technology Development Group, stated, “Integrating Intel DCM functionalities and features into our Rackwise® DCM product introduces ground-breaking capabilities for the data center infrastructure management market, enabling management to further optimize data center operations to achieve maximum financial savings.”

To view this news in its entirety, please use the following —> http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rackwise-inc-preview-dcm-3-093000546.html 
There is no time to waste! Begin researching RACK immediately! We expect  the market to quickly realize the potential of this amazing opportunity and we want all of our members to be prepared to capitalize! 
Barchart, one of the most trusted sources of technical analysis on the web, has issued an extremely positive opinion for RACK! Barchart's analysis is based on a variety of technical indicators which suggest that a surge up the chart may be developing for RACK 
To view Barchart's extremely positive opinion for RACK, please use the following —> http://www.barchart.com/quotes/stocks/RACK 
Put RACK on your watch list immediately and begin your research! We are expecting big things from our new pick and we urge our members to take this opportunity very seriously! We believe that RACK is presenting a very favorable opportunity for our members and we want traders to be a perfect position to prosper!

Stay tuned for additional updates on RACK as our new pick develops! 

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