Check out the hand selected premium services below.  These are hand picked premium services that we believe can add value to your trading portfolio.  Each of these services either offer highly potential investment ideas, education or both.  The great thing about premium services is, if they weren't making members money, they wouldn't be in business.

Jason Bond Picks – Winning small cap trades

Jason Bond Picks focuses on selecting highly profitable swing trades.  Jason is a extremely experienced and successful trader with all the tools at his disposal for finding swing trades that will make you money, and getting them to you in a very timely fashion.  As a member of Jason Bond Picks, you will not only get the chance to make money in the stock market, but also learn how to develop a profitable investment strategy along the way.   Jason is a “money where you mouth is” kind of guy and you'll see that once you join.

Here is what some members have said about the Jason Bond Picks team:

“Jason… I do not know where to begin. I bought LQMT at $.20 from your alerts and since AAPL was involved I bought 100k shares. I sold all 100k today at $.6259 for a realized gain of $42,590. Wow, less than a week hold and this is the biggest trade of my life to date. I am with you to the end!!!” – verified trade.

“First purchase with your help LEAP in today, in 10k @ $4.99, out at $5.90, yes sir !!! Locked in $10,000 in one sweep, the chart lit up like Christmas !!!”

“I'm out of HUSA from $1.82 to $2.26, 10k shares. $4,400 profit in less than a half an hour. ty JB”

And many more….check out Jason Bond Picks here.  If Jason's members weren't making back their subscription fee and more, he probably wouldn't have any members.

Keep in mind, that with great services the price can go up on you if you're not in already.

Penny Stock Prophet

This premium newsletter is run by James Connelly, dubbed the Penny Stock Prophet.

James Connelly was a 19 Year Old College Student When He Stumbled Across The Secret To Making An Absolute Fortune in the Stock Market.

Connelly Eventually Earned the Nickname, “The Penny Stock Prophet” After His Uncanny Ability to Pick the “Breakout” Penny Stocks Just Days Before They Experienced Record Gains!

Starting With An Initial Investment of Just $1000, James Is Going To Show You How It's Possible To Reach Millionaire Status in Just 38 Trades, Using His Secret Stock Picking Strategy!

Connelly has a pretty successful track record which has made this premium newsletter one of the most popular for penny stock traders over the years. If he wasn't calling out winning picks, he wouldn't still be around.

The Penny Stock Prophet Newsletter offers an 8 week money back guarantee. Giving ample to time to make back your initial subscription fee plus. Check it out!



Penny Stock Egghead

Wall Street “Insiders” and brokers have a vested interest in you thinking that trading penny stocks is difficult and complicated.

But in truth, it’s not.

As Nathan Gold will show you, it’s actually as easy as clicking your mouse a few times… or making a quick phone call.

Join the Penny Stock Egghead’s One-Trade-A-Week team today, and in addition to receiving first-word on soon-to-explode penny stocks…

…you’ll get an instantly downloadable quick-start guide that will walk you through how to trade these ridiculously affordable stocks step-by-step.

Even if you’ve never traded a stock in your life, now you can buy and sell these wealth-creating stocks just like the “big shot” investing pros. Get Started!


 100 Trade Jack

Trade Jack is a very unique service its not penny stocks.  Trade Jack is run by Jack Kanefield who is General Partner of the Colorado Fund LP, a hedge fund seeking aggressive returns for its investors and President of Colorado Fund Management Inc., a registered investment advisory firm.  Jack is also a 25 year trading veteran of the markets.

You know the old saying, give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach him to fish and feed him for life.  Well Jack is going to do both.

Jack will provide you with a series of short videos that show you everything you need to know.  Here are some of the topics covered:

a. Brokerage accounts
b. Placing orders
c. Cash and Patience
d. Time Horizon
e. The Importance of Isolation
f. Chart Patterns
g. Candle Patterns
h. How to trade an IRA
i. And more.

Do I have to know anything about stock trading?

No. You just need to follow my trades: buy what I buy, sell what I sells, and stay out of the market when I'm is out.

$68 per month is a lot of money. How can I justify the expense?

Here are a few ways to think about it:

  1. I use charting software provided by Trade Station Securities. The software alone would cost you $99 a month to use on your own.
  2. I'm experienced, love what I do, and am a good trader. Think of me as a well-qualified and hard-working employee who you pay $2.26 a day to analyze the market for you.
  3. You will learn. Think of this as trading school with a $68 per month tuition.
  4. And lastly, if you stay with me for the long term, you will probably make money–hopefully a great deal more than $68 a month.

Trade Jack provides a 60 day money back guarantee, ample time for you to figure out if Trade Jack is the service for you.  You can even call 100 Trade Jack, during normal business hours.  Get Started!


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