PennyStockProphet Thursday Alert: Biometric Pick Could Soar On Apple Keynote

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PSP Free Members,

As A Reminder Our New Pick For Thursday Is:  BKYI

With Apple announcing that the new iPhone 5S will feature a fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) on the home button I believe I've found a unique opportunity to profit from this recent news.

Tuesday's Keynote address is a landmark event for the fingerprint industry; one that I believe could catapult BKYI to new highs in the days ahead.

BKYI has game-changing technology; custom-designed for fingerprint scanners and mobile devices, which could make it a very attractive takeover target.

The timing of our new pick looks absolutely perfect and already we've seen a steady increase in both the price and volume since Apple's keynote address.  

BKYI develops and delivers award winning, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy biometric finger identification technology that accurately identifies and authenticates users of wireless and enterprise applications.

Last month, it was announced that BKYI was recognized by Frost & Sullivan; with the 2013 North America Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership.

IBM validates BKYI's fingerprint technology

BKYI recently announced that IBM granted validation of BKYI's finger biometric authentication solutions, for IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) for Web.  ISAM for Web provides an access control management solution to centralize network and application security policy for e-business applications.

As the rest of the mobile/computing industry likely follows suit with their own fingerprint id technology BKYI could stand to benefit immensely.

But what has me most excited…

BKYI's unique technology could make it a potential acquisition target as there is major interest Fingerprint ID technology for all mobile devices now that Apple is leading the charge.

I am urging all members to do your research as soon as possible and be ready for BKYI this morning!




BIO-Key International Inc.
BKYI Chart:
Currently Trading: $0.33

BIO-key International, Inc.  

A global leader in fingerprint biometric identification solutions, BKYI is armed with an extensive patent portfolio and has developed a wide range of solutions such as Vector
Segment Technology SDK (AST), WEB-key®, Biometric Service Provider (BSP) and many more which are compatible with more than 60 types of fingerprint readers and scanners, devices, and platforms. 
With a leading technology offering applications across numerous industries, BKYI has the potential to revolutionize the efficiency and security of operational processes all over the globe. 
BIO-key International, Inc. Certified for Allscripts Professional HER

On August 16, 2013 BKYI reported that Allscripts has certified BIO-key's biometric identity management solutions for healthcare providers using Allscripts Professional EHR. Knox Community Hospital, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, a community-owned, 115-bed, not-for-profit hospital, is the first to incorporate the new integrated solution. Allscripts Professional provides electronic health records management for small to midsize practices and represents the largest footprint of the Allscripts EHR solution sets. Today, Allscripts provides EHR programs to over 180,000 physicians.

The amount of time providers and healthcare organizations save by integrating BIO-key technology is measurable and can be substantial depending upon the size of the organization. 

BKYI Technical Indicators:

BKYI is showing impressive financials with revenues topping more than 3.8M for the last fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2012, representing a nearly 10 percent growth in revenues over its previous year, and more than 3.5M in annual revenues for the past three consecutive years.

Having enjoyed an overlying move up the charts after bouncing off of a July low of 26-cents rallying nearly 37 percent to above the 35-cent levels this past August. 

As to be expected following a solid advance, BKYI saw some profit taking resulting in a slight pullback to 31-cents earlier this month, but has since begun to see a steady advance, closing in the last session at 33-cents per share and looks like it could be in the beginning stages of another potential double-digit rally.

Since BKYI licenses their software and collects service and maintenance fees from users, can you imagine the potential license demand and revenue growth now that biometric technology has finally taken center stage?

Already on the move upwards closing at 33-cents per share in the last session, BKYI looks extremely attractive at current levels showing enormous upside potential in the very near term and beyond.

I am urging members to begin your research right away and lets be ready for BKYI this morning!

Happy Trading,



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