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Our low-float summer monster
is currently trading at only 7 cents per share!
CADY Signs 3-Year Agreement for GPS Service with Mayan Palace Resorts! 

Has Over 150 Current Customers
Using Legacy
Non-Internet Enabled Devices That Will Be Converted To Their New GPS Service!

to Leverage Lucrative Online Ad Market With Current Customer Base of 150

***June 26th 2012***

MC Members,

We've discovered an incredible
trading opportunity with enormous (double-digit, possibly triple digit) gain potential
for our members!

This is a brand new play that has
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In fact, we're going on record
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The CEO announced a ‘game-changer'
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percentage gains in the short term!

Our new alert is CADY (Digital Caddies
Inc.) – a Low Float Monster trading for only 7 cents that we expect could
Explode out of the gates as early as Tuesday Morning. 

Thanks to a new generation of young golf prodigies like Rory McIlroy, and
the ever popular Tiger Woods, the game of golf is reaching an audience broader
than ever before.

The recent decline in golf related spending among seniors and retirees
looks to be offset by the increase in spending with the rising interest from a
younger generation of golfers. 
Golf seems to be back on the rise and looks to be contributing to a much
needed boost for the golf retail industry.

Continuing to broaden its customer base, recently installing its systems
at several additional Golf Clubs across the country.  Digital Caddies, Inc.
is leveraging the evolution of tablet technology and wireless connectivity to
offer golfers a feature-rich GPS service
that displays valuable information
such as real time distance information, score keeping, and much more, designed
to promote interaction between the golfer and device.

By providing useful information to aid the golfer and enhance the golfing
experience thereby keeping the golfer engaged, CADY as a result has created an
excellent opportunity for advertisers to interact directly with the golfer,
representing unprecedented direct contact with its target audience.  (Read More)

Having largely been under the radar, CADY recently released game changing
news that we believe will bring a great deal of attention from investors., and
with a current price point of around $0.07
per share
, is looking especially attractive considering its 52 week high of $2.55 per share.  Now seeking to capture a portion of themulti-billion dollar advertising market,
and with interest in the sport on the rise and bullish forecasts for the golf
retail segment as a whole, CADY may be
on the verge of significant growth that could result in a breakout very soon!

Begin your research starting with this alert right away.  CADY looks like it could be in position
for a potential breakout very soon!

About Digital Caddies, Inc.

Digital Caddies, Inc. manufactures and
markets golf course mapping systems. Its system enables real-time imaging of
distance, hazards, and greens.

Company Website:

Breaking News:

Just this past Friday, CADY announced that the Mayan Palace Resorts has signed a three
year agreement for Digital Caddies GPS service
at one of their golf
destination resort locations.

Located near Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, La Jolla De
Cortez boasts 18 beautiful golf holes. The Jack Nicklaus design is situated on
a two mile peninsula with a tidal estuary on one side, the Sea of Cortez on
another and an inlet to the south. The challenging 7,210 yard, 18 hole, par 72
sand dune course has nine ocean side holes creating a golfing experience beyond
anyone's expectations.

Resorts has a collection of luxury 5-star beach resorts designed to provide
guests with a vacation beyond expectation.
With locations in Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco and
many others, each have their own professionally designed golf course that
provide guests golf experiences comparable to anywhere in the world.

Caddies is very excited to be working with such a prestigious resort company to
deliver an enhanced experience for their customers
," said Brad
Nightingale, CEO of Digital Caddies. "Our system is the perfect complement
to the top-tier golf experience that the Mayan Palace provides." (Read More)

Also, on
March 15, CADY announced that its golf course customers will soon be able to
offer their members and guests full
wireless connectivity, real-time distance information, scoring and much more
using integrated tablet technologies
. Digital Caddies' new tablet-based
service will replace the Company's existing, non-Internet based GPS systems.
Digital Caddies plans to initially market the tablet and related services to
existing golf course customers and other luxury resorts and spas beginning in
the Spring of 2012. (Read

addition to the recent agreement with Mayan
Palace Resorts
and following installations at Vero Beach's American Golf Club and Longboat Key Club and Resort, in early March of 2012, CADY announced that Copeland
Hills Golf Club has signed an
agreement to install Digital Caddies GPS service at their golf club

Copeland Hills Golf Course,
located in Columbiana, Ohio, provides over 7,000 yards of challenging golf that
covers acres of scenic countryside and provides the golfer a feeling that is
not found anywhere else in the country. Built in 1964, Copeland Hill's goal is
to provide the golfer with a quality experience that includes exceptional
service and value.

"We are excited to have Copeland Hills as one of our newest customers,"
said Brad Nightingale, CEO of Digital Caddies. "Like many customers we
currently have, Copeland Hills will leverage the value of our service to
generate additional profits. Our system is ideal for a facility like this and
fits into their goal of providing a quality experience at an exceptional
value." (Read More)


While spending on golf among
seniors, Boomers, and Generation X has declined as the economy suffered, spending from a younger generation or
generation Y has increased

As part of its research to
produce 2011 Spend Sights: US Business & Consumer Golf Spending,
the financial services company honed in on spending patterns at public and
private golf courses, as well as at golf retail locations nationwide.
It used transaction data from some 90 million
cardholders spanning 125 markets from Q1 2007 through Q1 2011.

The bright spot among the findings is that consumers between the
ages of 18 and 29 increased their spending on golf course fees and retail
by a noteworthy 27% during this four-year period
. This trend bodes well
for industry suppliers, such as, TaylorMade-Adidas Golf and Callaway Golf, that have
been working to extend their reach to younger golf enthusiasts.  American Express also has
seen an overall boost in
retail spending for golf equipment and apparel, with Q1 2011 spending up 10%
while spending on course fees still lags behind. (Read More)

CADY Technical

With a very low float, CADY has the
potential to see significant movement very quickly, and the recent successes in
expanding its customer base, along with the release of positive updates
surrounding CADY's latest developments, could be just the catalyst needed to
send CADY on a breakout run in the near future.

CADY has been hovering at just $0.07 per
share in recent sessions, closer to the lower end of its established trading
range and well below its 52 Week high of $2.55 per share, giving it
plenty of room for potential gains.

Looking at the 50-Day Parabolic Time/Price
, it seems an upward trend may be developing with the indicator moving
below the price suggesting a "BUY" action.

CADY doesn't look like
it will fly under the radar much longer given its recent successes, and leveraging a potentially lucrative online
ad market through its upcoming full wireless connectivity utilizing tablet
technology to keep golfers engaged and thus offering an opportunity for
advertisers to interact directly with golfers in ways never before possible!
 CADY's current price point offers an
attractive entry considering the breakout potential and low float.  As more and more updates surrounding
CADY surface, increased investor attention could send CADY skyrocketing! So watchCADY closely throughout this week
and consider adding this stock to your investments!

As always, please do your own research this evening, and keep an eye on CADY
throughout the week. 


The MarketCaliber Team



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