[MARKET ALERT] Trumponomics: How to Profit



Investment Winners & Losers
for Trump’s First Year

Spend, spend, spend! What the “trillion dollar” infrastructure plan will really look like. Better yet, how it can make you MUCH RICHER.

Surprising winners from a big corporate TAX CUT.

America’s energy independence is back on track. How to reap WINDFALL PROFITS.

What Trumponomics really means for Obamacare. Are DRUG STOCKS out of the woods or in the weeds?

The Goldilocks case for INTEREST RATES. How we’ll profit.

Will the TRADE WAR go nuclear? How to know when — or if — to panic.

Fellow Investor,

Obama out, Trump in.

As Trump settles into the White House and his Cabinet nominee's confirmation hearings are underway, one thing we're still not certain of yet — his plan.

Truth is, we really don’t know how things will unfold from here. We have some inklings but the details are still unknowns.

But what we can do is look at what’s likely to happen and invest our hard-earned money accordingly.

My name is Richard Band, and I’ve successfully helped folks like you build wealth for over 35 years now.

You’ll find I don’t pull any punches. I make my home in Dover, New Hampshire, far-removed from the madness of Wall Street (not to mention Washington!). I’m used to plain talk with regular people, who value common sense more than press releases.

And if that sort of “straight shooting” appeals to you, then the next few minutes you spend reading this letter should prove one of the most valuable investments you ever make.

Whenever my vision gets muddled, Richard Band comes to the rescue to clear the picture. Thank you for all the years of help.

—J.Q., Lancaster, PA

You see, things are changing — and will continue to do so in a very big way.

A huge disruption to the status quo is almost guaranteed

In some cases fortunes will be lost. But in others, fortunes will be gained.

It’s my job — one you’ll find I’m very good at — to take the “likely” and turn that into huge investing profits for you.

So please read on to learn how we’re going to make that happen…

Are we about to see a spending tsunami?

Donald Trump promised a trillion-dollar investment in the crumbling American infrastructure.

If you drive around or travel through airports, you know it’s high-time we spend the money.

So is the trillion dollars real…entirely imaginary…or somewhere in-between?

My vote — based on years of studying the Washington scene from afar — is for “somewhere in-between.”

There will be a ton of spending on worthwhile projects, just not a trillion dollars’ worth.

And it won’t be funded by drawing blank checks on the Treasury. The conservatives in Congress won’t stand for anything that adds another trillion — or even half that — to the national debt.

So it’s likely we’ll see a smaller infrastructure plan. And it’s also likely to be funded in more creative ways. (I’ll share one possibility a little later in this letter.)

But yes, there will be substantial new spending on infrastructure.

And yes, that will have a big impact on certain stocks and sectors.

Now’s the time to own
“economically sensitive” stocks

One probable impact of a Trump presidency is a shot-in-the-arm for economic growth. As you’ll discover later in this letter, business deregulation and tax cuts will play a big role, too.

Pay the right price for the right cyclical stocks now, and you’ll be much richer by this time next year.

All without taking any big chances or going out on some get-rich-quick limb.

At Profitable Investing, we invest smarter and better with a goal of growing much richer over time. And with verified returns 30% better than the S&P 500 since 1999, I’d say we’re hitting that target right on the money.

My top pick in cyclical stocks right now is the most broadly diversified industrial company in the world today.

I have read several investment publications over the years, but Richard Band is my North Star. He keeps me from getting overly excited and irrational in the good times and provides good balancing data in the not-so-good times, pointing out the opportunities that are sometimes hidden in a crisis.

—K.M., Atlantic Highlands, NJ


It’s one of the best values in the space at this point in time.

Plus its broad diversification is like a license to print money, no matter which economic sectors see the biggest growth splurge.

With Trump’s policies still in the formative stage, this is the wise — and safest way — to share in the profits ahead.

I particularly like its competitive advantages in rail and road systems, power grid infrastructure and the energy space.

In fact, the company’s CEO is already on record as ready and eager to aggressively pursue new opportunities from any American infrastructure boom.

What’s more, as a global player, this company is well-positioned to profit from any spillover of U.S. growth into markets overseas.

Bought right, I can easily see 35%-45% gains in the next 12 months alone — well in keeping with our “get rich slowly” mantra.

Plus you’ll enjoy a luscious 3.74% dividend, as well.

Get the name and full buy instructions in 7 Great Investments for Trump’s First Year — free when you join me at Profitable Investing now.

Would you like a tax cut?

Ridiculous question, right?

I’m betting small tax cuts — and some simplification — are on the way for individuals like us.

We’ll save a few bucks on our tax bills. But we’ll make a bundle of profits from tax cuts that don’t have anything to do with us.

Corporate tax cuts, that is.

The U.S. has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. You’d think we’ve declared war on good old American capitalism. And in a way, we have.

The tax rate maxes out at 35% — and because of quirks in the law, some companies pay even more than that.

Well, president-elect Trump has cried “Enough already” and vowed to cut the rate by more than half to 15%.

This is the one policy change I’m most excited about. And with broad support on the Republican side — and even Democrats who begrudgingly agree that the high rates are a drag on business growth — it stands a great chance of flying through Congress.

Global Trade Winners!

If you believe all President Trump’s rhetoric, then we’d be headed for a global trade war.

Fortunately, he’s a pragmatic businessman with business enterprises on a global scale.

While tough talk may have won votes, he’s not about to kill global trade. I believe he will fight against imbalances and trade cheating that the U.S. has meekly accepted for too long. And if he makes headway there, I applaud him.

But I don’t expect an isolationist America. And if you buy great global brands at great prices, you can earn 20%-35% profits in Trump’s first year:

See Global Trade Winners for full buy instructions — free with your risk-free trial subscription to Profitable Investing.

What companies will benefit?

Take Apple (AAPL) for example. They don’t even pay high rates, but they’ll still benefit. Here’s why.

Apple — and many other international giants like it — uses overseas operations to “hide” profits from Uncle Sam.

That is, they use these subsidiaries to hold profits, keeping them safe from the 35% tax rate. What’s more these companies vow to never bring the money back into the country unless tax rates drop.

That, my friend, is a lose-lose-lose situation.

Uncle Sam gets no cut of the profits he’d get if taxes were lower.

Apple sits on about $200 billion in cash that is doing nothing. It’s not being funneled into innovation. It’s not expanding operations, It’s not being returned to shareholders. NOTHING.

And the U.S. takes a growth hit, as all that money fails to circulate in our economy.

Well, Mr. Trump wants to change all that — beyond the 15% corporate tax rate he wants to implement.

He also proposes a one-time tax amnesty for repatriated cash.

In other words, Apple — and others — would pay an even lower rate — just 10% to bring that cash back.

A win-win-win situation.

Apple gets new working capital.

The influx of cash creates more economic growth. And investors win in several ways. Stock buybacks…a bigger dividend…higher corporate profits in coming years…and a much higher stock price.

Heck, Apple’s stock could climb upwards to $200 from here on the change. We own it at Profitable Investing. You should, too.

Surprising big winners of
the corporate tax cut

It’s easy to understand the benefit to companies like Apple, who hold huge hoards of cash overseas.

But virtually every corporation in every sector will free up cash for expansion and hiring. So what do you do? Buy the market?

Not me.

I’m focusing on a “special class” of companies that already pay the full 35% tax rate, where most companies don’t. In fact, due to quirks in laws, some companies pay even more than the “maximum.”

My next recommendation in fact, pays a 37% tax rate. That’s not just wrong. It’s downright un-American.

Button: Try Profitable Investing Risk-FreeThat’s because this company provides vital services every American needs and uses — every single day.

It operates in a money-intensive industry that eats cash to keep up with capital-intensive projects. Imagine the benefits when that tax rate drops to 15%.

Debt load drops, as more projects are financed internally.

After-tax profits soar, dropping the stock’s P/E, making it must-buy for a new horde of investors.

Meet Richard Band

Richard Band is the #1 authority on investing for low-risk growth.

His Profitable Investing advisory has generated 30% more profits than the market since 1999.

Plus his members have earned 1645% total gains over the years, handing members $16 for every dollar invested.

His straightforward style and low-risk approach to wealth-building have won him numerous awards, including eight in the “Best Financial Advisory” category by the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association.

His advice has also appeared in such renowned publications as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

But the best measure of Richard’s worth comes from Profitable Investing members themselves:

“I have subscribed to your newsletter for many years, and although I am sure you have heard this many times, no one—absolutely no one—can touch the quality, integrity, consistent performance and down-to-earth sensibility you bring to your subscribers. Over the years, I have subscribed to many advisory services, and very few have lasted more than the initial year period. At this stage, Profitable Investing is my primary guideline … I am in a decent retirement environment much to your credit over the years. A heartfelt thank you!”

—Ken T,, Hendersonville, NC

Now it’s your turn.

By taking the simple step of following Richard’s safety-first balanced approach, you'll put your portfolio on the road to faster, safer growth in Trump’s first year and for many years to come.

Plus the company has more cash to raise the dividend, too. Right now the yield is just south of 3.8% — paying $1.64 for every share you own.

Imagine how powerful that becomes when you get a big raise on top of that!

Get the name and full details in 7 Great Investments for Trump’s First Yearfree when you join me at Profitable Investing now.

Better than Wal-Mart

At Profitable Investing, we prefer to invest in a dynamite retailer, flying under Wall Street’s radar. I call it the “poor man’s Wal-Mart”.

Unlike the struggling Wal-Mart, this company is clicking on all cylinders.

Frankly, it’s a money-machine, because it’s pursuing a niche that Wal-Mart has ignored. Now it’s too late for the big Goliath, because this company is firmly entrenched in smaller markets across America.

And this company caters to their needs in a very smart way.

They build small 7300 sq., ft. stores inexpensively — 13,000 stores in 43 states. And their core merchandise focuses on basic necessities at cheap prices for shoppers who have few, or no, alternatives in their communities.

Sales are over $20 billion. And profits have risen 50% over the last 4 years. That’s a growth trajectory that’s hard to beat in a low-tech industry.

And getting back to the corporate tax cuts, here’s the kicker: this company currently pays taxes at a 37% tax rate.

Drop that to 15% and you turbocharge the stock price.

  • More capital to work with.
  • Share buybacks.
  • Dividend increases.

Imagine the possibilities.

It’s a great buy now. It’s a fantastic buy on lower tax rates.

Get full buy instructions in your free report 7 Great Investments for Trump’s First Year. Join me at Profitable Investing now.

A long history of success
for investors like you

I’m eager for you to join me in riding one of the best wealth-building waves of my entire lifetime.

A Trump presidency will disrupt the status quo. And change creates investing opportunity for you and me.

My record goes back a long time. And not to brag, but I have a long, documented record of on-target forecasts:

1982: Forecasted Chrysler’s rebirth and urged Profitable Investing members to BUY. The stock soared 426% in 12 months.

1984: Told members on June 20, “Mortgage the kids and buy stocks”. The Dow quickly doubled from there.

1987: Issued urgent SELL warning four weeks before the ’87 Crash.

Button: Join Now and Save 60%1992: Alerted member to worldwide privatization boom, before Wall Street knew it was coming. Made 82% gains in Portugal Telecom and 114% profits in Telecom New Zealand.

1995: Recognized “blood in the streets” opportunity south of the border. Bought Argentina’s Banco Frances at the height of the panic — sold in 1997 for 320% gains.

2000: In a year when the NASDAQ lost 21% following the tech bubble, we loaded up on cheap REITs and gained 24%, instead.

2002: In October, we forecasted a “major bottom” and urged members to get back into stocks. The Dow nearly doubled over the next 5 years.

2009: Called the market bottom once again and predicted “a powerful liftoff”. Bagged 65% gains in MGM Mirage in two months; earned big profits abroad — 74% in China index fund…133% in Australia fund…77% in Brazil. Doubled members’ money in ultra-safe utility Aqua America. And more.

2011: Told members the Obamacare healthcare stock collapse was a buying opportunity. My top pick Coviden gained 90%.

2013: Another year of big wins! Sold IBM for 101% profit. Sold ADP for 123% gains; California Water Service for 716% profits; Campbell Soup for 95%; Occidental Petroleum for 181%.

2014: Locked in 82% gain on Baxter International and 151% on Covidien, while running up profits of 20% and more on our low-risk preferred stocks in less than a year.

2015: Skimmed off 105% return on Clorox, 129% on Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Fund, 143% on Kimberly-Clark plus an incredible 197% on McCormick & Co. and 267% on Unilever.

Those are just a few quick examples through the years. What matters most now are the months and years ahead.

There is no doubt, the Trump presidency is shaking up the current state of affairs.

It’s contentious. Dangerous for some industries. Extremely beneficial for others.

And that, my friend, is what makes a market. Join me at Profitable Investing and I’ll help you find the best pockets of opportunity and sidestep the biggest risks.

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Oil is not a dirty word

Just a few years ago, pundits were proclaiming America’s “energy independence” on the back of the fracking boom.

The collapse in oil prices seemed to put an end to that.

But if you look beneath the surface, the problems of the U.S. energy industry are not simply related to the law of supply and demand.

Retired very comfortably at 60 years old, bought a sailboat and vacation home. Most importantly had the time/resources to do volunteer work for Christian disaster organizations overseas & around the U.S. for several years. THANK YOU.

—J.T., Phoenix, AZ

At every stage of the energy ecosystem, companies have been hampered and burdened by regulations deemed necessary by eco-liberals…and seen as excessive by conservatives.

  • Exploration is limited.
  • Fracking is controlled.
  • Pipelines are squashed.

And no matter where you land on the political spectrum, it’s easy to see that Trump will be a boon for the oil & gas industry.

  • Tax breaks.
  • Less bureaucratic red tape.
  • Fast-track approval for infrastructure projects.

Join me at Profitable Investing, and we’ll make a bundle from this new oil “boom.”

After all, energy stocks have been some of our biggest winners over the years:

  • 294% profits in Enterprise Products Partners
  • 1,109% profits in ExxonMobil
  • 1,279% profits in ONEOK Partners
  • 3,474% profits in Buckeye Partners; among others,

But please note the quotation marks around the word “boom” above.

I’m not forecasting oil prices back over $100 a barrel next month. Any price gains for the commodity will be modest. So please don’t think you’ll get rich by just buying “big oil” like ExxonMobil or Chevron.

The 2017 Investor Blacklist

Successful investing isn’t just about what you buy. It’s about what you stay away from, as well.

These “worst of breed” stocks and funds are owned by millions, but they are loaded with risk.

Please don’t go near them. And if you own any of the names on this list, please dump them now before their next big leg down. These names are toxic. Replace them now with the best-of-breed from our Profitable Investing Buy List.

Give your portfolio a quick check-up with my 2017 Investor Blacklistfree with your risk-free one-year membership to Profitable Investing.

The best opportunity, by far, lies in the “picks and shovels” plays — the behind-the-scenes companies that keep the industry running.

That’s exactly why General Electric — which we own at Profitable Investing — recently bought oil-service firm Baker Hughes.

A smart move you can match by buying my top name in that space, Schlumberger (SLB).

Oil prices bottomed in early 2016 and have seesawed somewhat higher since. Rigs counts are up. And quite predictably, services stocks are rising, too.

While a number of smaller players in the space disappeared in the oil bust, these guys at Schlumberger simply tightened their belts and waited for the tide to turn.

It’s a testament to their financial strength that they still pay a 2.0% dividend when so many companies went belly-up.

Now SLB is in a position to dominate to an even greater extent with fewer competitors and an industry that needs their cost-cutting, production-boosting expertise now more than ever.

Bought right, you should see 20%-30% gains in the next 12 months — even if oil prices go nowhere from here.

And if prices should pop, the stock will rocket higher!

Get my buy-under price in 7 Great Investments for Trump’s First Yearfree when you join me at Profitable Investing now.

My #1 energy play now

Getting oil out of the ground continues to be a cutthroat business. That’s why I don’t like drillers.

But despite the advancement of alternatives, oil and gas aren’t going away anytime soon.

Button: 6-Month Money-Back GuaranteeAnd the companies that move the fuels around America will continue to prosper. Especially in a Trump regulatory environment that will make it easier to build pipelines.

I love these pipeline stocks for growth and income.

We own several at Profitable Investing with yearly dividends in the 5%-8% range — most of that tax-deferred.

But if you can only buy one now, I’ve got the name and recommendation in 7 Great Investments for Trump’s First Year.

It’s one of the strongest and safest names in the entire industry — and sailed right through the huge oil crash.

Plus this firm has sweetened cash distributions 58 times since its 2001 IPO. That’s income you can count on!

Current yield is 4.27%. And I’m projecting a total return of 20% or more in Trump’s first year.

Learn more in 7 Great Investments for Trump’s First Yearfree when you join me at Profitable Investing now.

Profit from “the end”
of Obamacare

Will Donald Trump completely destroy Obamacare.

Not likely.

While the Affordable Care Act is widely despised, parts of the plan are still popular.

Yes, insurance rates have gone to the moon, and that will have to be fixed.

But coverage for preexisting conditions is seen as a big plus. And politicians hate completely alienating voters. So while I expect a major tune-up, I don’t expect a total reversal.

Retired very comfortably at 60 years old, bought a sailboat and vacation home. Most importantly had the time/resources to do volunteer work for Christian disaster organizations overseas & around the U.S. for several years. THANK YOU.

—J.T., Phoenix, AZ

Regardless of how it all turns out, companies that were under fire in the previous administration are almost certain to prosper.

So yes, that’s another place we’re investing for 20%-50% gains in Trump’s first year.

To start, please add a stock like AbbVie (ABBV) or Pfizer (PFE) to your portfolio. We own them both at Profitable Investing.

They pay nice dividends and could easily sit 25% higher by this time next year.

But if you want a great shot at double those profits — at least — I have another name for you in 7 Great Investments for Trump’s First Year.

I’m a skinflint and I love bargains.

Not stocks that are cheap because they deserve Wall Street’s scorn. But stocks that are cheap because of temporary factors.

The Incredible Income Machine

Slow-and-steady wins the race — especially if you’re in or near retirement.

I created my Incredible Income Machine back in 2002. It’s our most conservative portfolio, yet has almost tripled in value since.

$10,000 invested back then has turned into $28,492 today. By comparison, a $10,000 investment in the average Large-Cap Value mutual fund tracked by Morningstar has grown to $26,116 over the same period.

In effect, we’ve created our own “mutual fund” that has not only rewarded us with superior long-term performance but has also enabled us to retain full control of each stock we buy or sell. (A boon for tax planning.)

As I write, this portfolio yields a fat 4.1%. What’s more, it’s structured to deliver regular monthly paychecks, year after year.

This Bonus Special Report details this strategy, outlines our current holdings and shows how to craft an incredible dividend machine of your own — right now or anytime you decide you want the steady income.

See the end of this letter to learn how to get your free copy.

This company — a leader in generic drugs — got hit by a triple-whammy.

  • Bureaucratic overreach that will disappear under the new administration.
  • Fallout from the mess of Obamacare.
  • Relatively flat sales and profits for several years.

Today, the stock sells at a multiple that has signaled a screaming buy in the past.

And this company is also on the verge of a big sales and earnings uptick, thanks to a timely acquisition that should push earnings to record levels in 2017.

That’s why you could easily see 50% gains, or more, by the end of Trump’s first year.

Plus you get paid a fat 3.46% dividend while you wait.

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This could be the best
investment you ever make

In just a bit, I’ll explain how you can sample my full Profitable Investing service without risking a dime of your low membership cost.

Some of our members have thousands of dollars to invest… some a few million. But they all have one thing in common: a desire to increase — and protect — their hard-earned money.

I share the same desire.

That’s why we’re very, very picky about what we own — and the price we pay — at Profitable Investing.

Frankly, I’m not big on risk.

I invest in the same stocks and funds that I write to you about — and I never take big chances with my family’s money.

Over the years, this philosophy has treated us all quite well.

We’ve earned 1,645% total gains since we started, handing members $16 for every dollar invested.

Button: Claim Your Risk-Free Trial TODAYAnd all the while, we’ve slept soundly at night, because we never venture too far out on a limb.

Safety and high profits are not incompatible. As our record proves, conservative investors can have it both ways.

It will be my pleasure to welcome you to the Profitable Investing family.

Will high interest rates
kill the bull market?

Frankly, I think we’re in a Goldilocks interest-rate scenario for the next year, at least.

Retire Sooner & Live Richer

From television infomercials…to financial magazines…to your email in-box, you can find a constant supply of promises about “shortcuts” to wealth.

I only wish it was as simple as that, but it’s not. Honestly, financial success takes hard work, determination and perseverance.

At Profitable Investing, I give you specific recommendations to safely build your wealth over time. And in this short Special Report, I share some of the simple — but widely-ignored — principles to smooth out your journey:

  • My 5 “golden rules” for living a richer life.
  • Age-specific checklist to help you, and your loved ones, steer the best course.
  • 3 bridges you must cross carefully before you retire; and more.

It’s a solid blueprint — and an easy read — that can make a real difference in your life, as it has in mine.

See the end of this letter to claim your free copy.

Banks will benefit from slightly higher interest rates.

But sectors that got hit on high-rate fears will do well, too, as investors come to their senses and see that interest rates are not headed to the moon.

Please don’t dump all your bonds.

I particularly like the Pimco Income Fund (PONDX). It showed incredible resiliency in the bond rout and yields a stellar 3.04%.

And please don’t avoid any well-priced stock on interest rate fears. Buy instead, and you’ll make a bundle while other investors miss out.

Here’s a stock that’s a “double-win.”

It’s a play on the healthcare industry that continues to “boom” as the baby boomers age. And thanks to an improved regulatory environment, earnings growth should come even more easily than in the Obama years.

And if I’m right about interest rates — and my record on rate forecasting is as good as it gets — this stock is in the “sweet spot” for profits during Trump’s first year, and possibly well beyond.

It’s a REIT (real estate investment trust) that focuses on medical office buildings.

Now I don’t like everything in the REIT sector.

I wouldn’t touch apartments, hotels or malls right now. And not everything in the health sector is a buy, either. I’m leery of possible Medicare/Medicaid reform and don’t want to touch nursing home REITs with a ten-foot pole.

But this one REIT, focusing on medical buildings, is a steal as I write today.

Thanks to the way REITs are structured, you get paid a fat 4.2% yield. And I think total return can be 30% or more in Trump’s first year.

Not bad for a conservative investment. Not bad at all.

Learn more in 7 Great Investments for Trump’s First Yearfree when you join me at Profitable Investing now.

Here are my promises to you

  • You’ll soar ahead of trends, instead of staggering behind them.
  • No single type of investment is right for every economic condition. You’ll own the best — and safest — investments for the time.

    And when times change, you’ll move onto the best new opportunities.

  • There will be no limits to your opportunity.
  • You’ll profit in the U.S. and around the world, owning a variety of investments when the time is ripe for each.

    And you’ll invest in stocks, dividend payers, mutual funds, REITs, bonds — whatever vehicles are right for the time and your personal financial needs.

[My biggest success with Profitable Investing] was the steady growth of the portfolio through the years. I have retired to a better standard of living than I had when I worked. I have been a Lifetime member for nearly twenty years.

—R.H.R., Horseheads, NY

  • Investing will become pleasingly simple.
  • Not a chore.

    You won’t face hundreds of confusing choices. You’ll never to need to make a lot of buy/sell moves.

    We’ll simply make small adjustments, together, only when necessary to book profits and target the next opportunity in line.

  • You’ll be more confident and sleep worry-free.
  • I will give you everything you need to make informed decisions.

    You’ll fret less about “the market.” You won’t waste time second-guessing. And you’ll celebrate victories at nearly every turn, instead of worrying about unsettling defeats.

  • Best of all, you’ll earn great profits with a lot less risk.
  • Our long-term record proves you don’t have to take big chances to make big profits.

    At Profitable Investing, we focus on stocks that pay fat dividends and world-class franchises when they are selling at bargain prices.

    That’s how we have earned 30% more profits than the market since 1999

    And we have racked up 1,645% total gains since we started, handing members $16 for every dollar invested.

Button: Save 60%These are the satisfying experiences you can expect as a member of Profitable Investing.

And with all the opportunities ahead of us in Trump’s first year, there’s no better time to start than now.

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Bonus Gift #1: 7 Great Investments for Trump’s First Year

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Bonus Gift #2: Global Trade Winners

I’m proud to be known as a “contrarian investor” — that’s how I find bargains for Profitable Investing members. And while President Trump targeted trade in his campaign, it would be economic suicide to follow through on the harshest rhetoric.

Great global companies have taken a hit on Trump’s words. But the best-run brands will rocket higher as rhetoric turns to reality in Trump’s first year.

Bonus Gift #3: 2017 Investor’s Blacklist

Please don’t go near them. And if you own any of the names on this list, please dump them now before their next big letdown. These stock are toxic. Replace them now with the best-of-breed from our Profitable Investing Buy List.

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