Make this Vanguard Fund Switch and Double your Money

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   Ignore at Your Own Risk…
Vanguard Confidential

How Making One Simple ‘Switch’ Could

Get the tools you need to become
Wealthier and Wiser.

Fellow Fund Investor,

Like millions of Americans, I love The Vanguard Group’s family of low-fee funds and ETFs.

“Double your profits on every dollar invested – with

I need to warn you, though. Vanguard’s popularity comes with an extremely dangerous downside.

Vanguard is GIGANTIC. With an estimated 14,000 employees… 170+ mutual funds and ETFs… 7,300 institutional clients… and over $3.5 trillion in assets worldwide…

It’s way too easy for little guys — those with, say, $500,000 or less invested — to get overlooked or simply ignored.

Fact is, things are always changing beneath the calm surface at Vanguard. New funds are launching and old funds are closing, managers play musical chairs, and portfolios are in flux every day of the week.

Vanguard doesn’t want you to see this turmoil.

You may be shocked to hear me say this. But I honestly believe up to 95% of Vanguard’s offerings are disappointingly average (at best)… ho hum… even downright inferior.

On any given day, only 5% of Vanguard funds are good enough to earn my AAA++, gold-standard rating. That’s where MY money is — and it’s where YOURS should be, too.

Now is the time to make one or two minor adjustments — to set yourself up for MAJOR profits.

Shame on YOU, Vanguard, for not being
Straight with Your Millions of Investors!

First things first.

Vanguard doesn’t own me… pay me… or call the shots.

Heck, they don’t even like hearing my name. Why? I raise uncomfortable questions no one else dares to ask.

Frankly, they think of me as a bit of a loose cannon.

But not my subscribers… they know I’m passionate about what I do. And what I do better than anyone else is — use Vanguard’s vast arsenal as a phenomenal profit-making tool, for myself, and for my loyal members.

Yes, I sing Vanguard’s praises when it’s justified…

But I’m quick to snap at their heels when they go astray.

The good, the bad and the downright UGLY? It all goes straight into the pages of my one-of-a-kind newsletter, The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors, which I launched in 1991.

Let me be clear.

As a longstanding Vanguard investor myself, it’s my duty, as well as my right, to demand answers to the hard questions, whether Vanguard likes them or not.

For example, potential conflicts of interest always get under my skin.

I’m not a public company like Morningstar (of which Vanguard owns more than 2.5% of all the outstanding shares). And I don’t take fees or accept advertising from Vanguard or anyone else.


photo: Jeff DeMarco and Dan Wienerphoto: Jeff DeMarco and Dan Wiener

Dan Wiener and Jeff DeMaso are America’s foremost authorities on Vanguard and its funds.

Daniel P. Wiener is editor of The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors as well as the annual FFSA Independent Guide to the Vanguard Funds.

Through his advisory services, Dan helps tens of thousands of Vanguard investors choose wisely among more than 170 Vanguard mutual funds.

Mr. Wiener is also founder and chairman of the Fund Family Shareholder Association and chairman and CEO of Adviser Investment Management, Inc., an investment advisory firm.

He previously spent almost a decade writing about personal finance for U.S. News & World Report and Fortune magazine.  Dan has also written for The New York Times and other national publications.  In other words, Dan knows his stuff!

Along with Dan, “you also get a top-notch scholar and researcher in your corner”!

Jeffrey DeMaso is Co-Editor and Director of Research for the award winning Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors.  Together with Dan Wiener, Jeff spends hours each and every week researching all of the latest activities and news developments within the Vanguard family of mutual funds.

If it impacts your portfolio, count on Jeff to raise a red flag.  His market views and opinions have appeared in such publications as USA Today, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, InvestmentNews, and Kiplinger, to name a few.

Jeff holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a member of the CFA Institute and the Boston Security Analysts Society. He also leads the analyst team as Director of Research for Adviser Investments, LLC.

I’ve made a firm promise to my subscribers — and to myself — to be as independent and transparent as possible.

Oh yes, and to alert folks like YOU about how to allocate your money in the best possible way — for MAXIMUM profits.

I’m your watchdog to make sure Vanguard toes the line!

Snafus, Secrets, Silences
and Screw-Ups

Vanguard hates criticism.

But as a completely independent adviser who happens to have his own money on the line…

I’m free to be a thorn in Vanguard’s side. To call foul each time I see the little guy getting the short end of the stick.

Lately, it’s been happening a lot…

Vanguard’s showing poor judgment on a number of crucial fronts.

Funny thing, though. I’ll bet you haven’t heard even a whisper about any of these things.

Nope, not on their website… not in their newsletters… and nowhere in the small print.

It’s up to me to blow these stories wide open.

Sure, they’ll tell you what happened — but not what to do about it, except maybe to “stay the course,” which works for them, but may not work for you.

I’ve gotten to know Vanguard’s public relations strategy very well over the years. Investment strategies change and fund managers come and go — sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not — with little fanfare and practically no explanation, other than attempts to reassure shareholders that everything will be ok.

Sure, some may seem downright trivial. At first.

But then they start impacting a fund’s direction — or growth prospects.

That’s when a ‘hope-and-pray’ method falls on its face. Know what? It could happen anytime.

What you need is a comprehensive and truly independent partner to safeguard your portfolio.

That’s why I put together my ‘little black book’ of Vanguard Secrets and why I continue to report on the best ways to invest at Vanguard through my monthly newsletter, The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors.

Partner with Vanguard's Top Guns
and Beat the Indexes!

With so many ETF and mutual fund choices available, picking the best ones for your portfolio isn’t always easy. Vanguard offers more than 170 funds in its family alone. But not all funds are right for every investor. Not only do you need to choose the right funds to diversify and balance your portfolio, you also need to choose the right funds at the right time to help maximize your profits.

Jump Right In… I Have a
Portfolio With Your Name On It!

My Growth Portfolio is aimed at investors with long time horizons who can withstand a certain amount of monthly volatility in exchange for above-average returns.

My Conservative Growth Portfolio is appropriate for investors seeking to match the market’s risk-adjusted returns over time. Since inception it has been just 80% as volatile as the stock market.

My Income Portfolio is designed for investors who desire a higher level of income plus the opportunity for capital growth with low risk, such as retirees or near-retirees.

My Growth Index Portfolio is designed for young investors who wish to index exclusively.

Yes, of course, you can mix & match. Lots of my subscribers do. Get started today!

And I can tell you with 100% confidence that choosing active over passive will pay extraordinary dividends for savvy Vanguard investors.  The numbers prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt.

I urge you to seize control of your financial destiny right NOW by making sure the wisest, most astute, HUNGRIEST managers are making you the most money with your every penny.


I will share a few rules of thumb I use to identify the very best Top Gun managers at Vanguard.

Finding these superstars takes tons of hard work. Luckily, you can take advantage of a profitable shortcut I’m offering you today.

What Vanguard Won't
Tell You

I hope this makes you cast a cautious eye on what Vanguard is telling you on their website, in their literature, in their advertising…

My mission is to help you separate the truth
from the baloney.

Remember, Vanguard is a GARGANTUAN business with $3.5 trillion under management. What they tell you is ultimately designed to be for their benefit. It’s only on very rare occasions when the facts are so overwhelming that they have to spill the beans.

Like on October 27, 2015, when Vanguard issued a surprise announcement concerning the touchy subject of “active management.”

Why is Vanguard, an indexing expert,
publishing research on active management?

Vanguard’s Advice
is Lacking and It Starts
at the Top

Googling Jack Bogle has become almost as common as Warren Buffett. Everyone seems to want to know what the founder and retired CEO of The Vanguard Group has to say.

Here’s the issue: Though he’s a smart guy, Bogle isn’t always right.

I went back and did something no one else appears to have done — looked at Mr. Bogle’s predictions and how they ultimately turned out. Jack probably wishes I wouldn’t share this summary of his prognostications with you, but here goes:

July 20, 1992: Bogle says that the 1990s will have above-average returns on bonds and below average returns on stocks.

[Way off. In fact, Vanguard’s 500 Index returned an annualized 18.1% in the 10 years through 1999, and 17.3% in the 10 years through 2000.]

Feb. 20, 1995: Bogle said, “I would expect the Dow to drop about 10% from present levels.”

[Nope. Not only didn’t the Dow fall, it soared. The Dow index rose 38.1% over the next year.]

October 1996: Bogle predicts 6% to 8% returns for stocks for each of the next three years.

[Sorry. Vanguard’s 500 Index fund returned an annualized 26.5% over the next three years and the Dow crossed 11000.]

December 15, 2011: Bogle says stocks could generate 7% returns over the next several years.

[Not even close! Vanguard’s 500 Index returns an annualized 20.2% over the three years ending in Dec. 2014 and is up an annualized 14.5% from the end of Dec. 2011 through December 2016.]

Jack Bogle is giving palm readers and the Magic 8-Ball a good name.

Here’s my point: I encourage you to take everything Jack says with a massive grain of salt. And the same goes for the advice the Vanguard machine feeds you… Rather than listen to those with predictions (yes, even Jack Bogle’s) and think you might be able to time the stock market, just invest in well-run, actively-managed funds, add money as often as you can, and wait.

It isn’t sexy, but it sure is rewarding! 

And the biggest part of my job is reporting on the good and the bad amongst Vanguard’s actively managed funds… 

Chances are you didn’t see it. It was hidden away in a boring White Paper – and posted only on their institutional website, but Vanguard finally went public with the overwhelming case for an active management investing strategy.

Believe me, there are tons of instances when Vanguard tells little white lies…

  • Like pushing you into STAR LifeStrategy funds because it suits their objectives…
  • Like pretending you can’t get your own Vanguard rep…
  • Like encouraging you to consider Target Retirement Funds as if that’s all you need to do to live the good life…

I wish I could say these “convenient cover-ups” happen only once in a blue moon. Unfortunately, there’s a scary underlying trend here. Misinformation happens more often than you’d think.

Vanguard’s Dirty Little
Sub-Adviser Secret

One crucial fact is going almost unnoticed by investors.

While many marquee Vanguard funds like PRIMECAP, Wellington and Wellesley Income are managed by a single advisory team, the firm has moved most of its active funds to a “multi-managed model” over the past decade.

Why go from one management team to many? Adding sub-advisers to funds allows Vanguard to manage capacity and cut fees. That’s the ultimate Vanguard mantra—and most of the time it’s a good thing.

But I question the wisdom of plowing as many as eight sub-advisers into a single fund. Here’s where I part ways with Vanguard management

Vanguard may be excellent at implementing what they want. But what they want isn’t necessarily good for investors like you.

I’ve argued for years that slotting additional managers into funds is just “dumbing them down,” and the result is second-rate, index-like performance. The proof is in the pudding. You cannot point to funds with four, five, six advisers and say these are strong performing funds.

I will certainly keep an eye on this nasty little sub-adviser trend. And report on it in the pages of The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors.

Before You Invest ONE more Penny…

Here’s another example of cost-cutting gone too far…

I’ve been warning for some time that you need to keep an eye on your accounts, particularly if you “consolidated” your brokerage and mutual fund accounts as Vanguard has requested you do. Plenty of Vanguard investors have written to me about problems with dividends, taxes and bounced checks stemming from this consolidation process. But that’s not all.

"The #1 thing you can do to improve your chances of boosting your Vanguard returns in the long term, is to reposition a portion of your funds AWAY from index funds – and straight INTO Vanguard’s most elite active funds."

According to a recent report, Vanguard sent 71 emails about 57 different clients’ financial transactions ranging from $3 to $50,000 to a single shareholder, who says none of the emails were about his own accounts.

Vanguard’s response? They called it a “one-time, isolated matter,” and blamed an unidentified system error. Listen, whether Vanguard is obfuscating or not, the simple truth is that when expenses are super-low, something has to give, and one place that may be having an impact is in Vanguard’s information technology department.

Hiding behind the veil of a “one-time, isolated matter” may calm investors this time, but I remain unconvinced and recommend, yet again, that you keep a very close eye on your accounts and any transactions that take place within them. If you suspect anything, document your suspicions and call Vanguard immediately.

A note to me won’t hurt either.

How are My Vanguard Portfolios Doing So Far?

Glad you Asked.

What Makes A “Top Gun” Manager?

Longevity – I like a long track record, no flashes in the pan

Experience – Investing in both bull and bear markets

Consistency – Steady outperformance, not one
great year

Strong back-up – Good analysts/partners able to step in and take over

Willingness to admit — and learn from — mistakes

Antipathy to the “flavor of the month” investment style

Finally – I don’t like too many cooks in the kitchen

The average Vanguard investor is up an annualized 8.4% over the last 5 years, but with my safe and profitable approach using Vanguard’s cream of the crop, actively managed funds…

  • My Growth Portfolio is up 13.6%
  • My Conservative Growth Portfolio is up 12.7%
  • My Income Portfolio is up 9.7%
  • My Growth Index Portfolio (composed of ETFs) is up 13.1%

That’s correct. All 4 of my model portfolios outperformed the average Vanguard investor.

Let’s say you had $150,000 invested in the average Vanguard investor’s portfolio back in 2012.

Congrats, you earned $75,270.

But what if you were a bit more aggressive and got fully invested in my Growth Portfolio instead?

You’d be up $133,575!

That’s an extra $58,305 in your pocket — just for following my simple advice.

And the story in 2016 was no different…

  • My Growth Portfolio is up 9.6%
  • My Conservative Growth Portfolio is up 9.6%
  • My Income Portfolio is up 6.4%
  • My Growth Index Portfolio (composed of ETFs) is up 12.0%

The average Vanguard investor is up 7.6% year to date. Maybe that doesn’t seem like that much of a difference. But every little bit counts when it comes to retirement. 

Never forget that every percentage point can mean hundreds or thousands of dollars won or lost, depending on how much you have invested at Vanguard and your time horizon.

You Need a Second Opinion

I’m ready to reveal how following my unbiased advice (using my step-by-step recommendations) can help you earn THOUSANDS of dollars more in profits each year. And perhaps much more.

Try the Independent Advisor Risk Free TodayI’m talking about SAVING you from paying unnecessary fees and charges… while RAKING IN ‘hidden’ profits.

Think of it as becoming your own ‘boss’ at Vanguard…

You’ll be in complete charge of your money…

You’ll see through all the smoke, mirrors and misdirection that can leave you out of the very best funds.

$1,126,753 richer thanks
to a “virtuous”
combination of…

Low cost fund choices • Intelligent active management • Constant monitoring of our portfolio

See that last line? My readers managed to turn the same $100,000 — into a massive $1,756,245 treasure chest! $1 MILLION more than the average Vanguard investor accumulated over the 26 years that I’ve been writing The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors.

Wouldn’t your retirement dreams look brighter with an extra million dollars in your account right now?

Please understand. This is a snapshot of just ONE of my four model portfolios. It happens to represent one of my favorite strategies… and I suggest you put at least a portion of your Vanguard funds into my superstar Growth Portfolio. It’s aimed at investors with long time horizons who can withstand a certain amount of monthly volatility in exchange for above-average returns.

 Average Vanguard InvestorDan’s Growth Model Portfolio
Starting Value$100,000$100,000
2016 629,4921,756,245

Bottom Line: With this actual history as a guide, you get a realistic shot at becoming more than $1 million richer.

And you’ll never let the folks at Vanguard fool you again.

You’ll have all of this at your fingertips—starting today:

  • Completely unbiased guidance from an expert on all Vanguard funds available to retail investors, including domestic and international equity funds, bond funds, money markets, variable annuities and ETFs.
  • A once-a-month ‘deep dive’ on all the changes at The Vanguard Group, as well as what’s ahead and how it impacts your money, not theirs.
  • A regular review of all of Vanguard’s funds complete with Buy, Sell and Hold ratings.
  • VIP access to exclusive fund manager interviews, fund distribution information (before it happens and slams you with a tax hit), market updates, tax efficiency advice, and proprietary risk and return analysis—plus many more tools to make Vanguard a more powerful profit engine for your retirement portfolio.
  • …and finally, you get my four Model Portfolios designed to help you build a portfolio to fit your unique financial goals—whether you are an aggressive, conservative, index or income investor.

Imagine Seeing Your Vanguard Bottom Line Grow Year after Year

Normally The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors costs $229 for a 12-month membership. That itself is a bargain, when you look at how I’ve been sheltering — and boosting — the profits of regular Vanguard investors all across America by sorting out the best and worst funds and exposing snafus… screw-ups… and secret shenanigans along the way.

But lucky for you, I just struck an outstanding deal with my publisher.

Today you’re eligible to get everything shown below for 56% off our regular price.  That’s right, you can jump on board at our special introductory price of only $99.95.

So please don’t hesitate to order today!

You’ll begin enjoying all these member benefits — in just minutes:

  • Each Thursday, you’ll receive your very own Vanguard Hotline sent by email. Inside you’ll find an update on the market, economy, and Vanguard with highlights on our existing holdings.
  • Exclusive news updates posted to my members-only website… when I simply can’t wait to include them in my weekly hotline.
  • Full 24/7 access to our exclusive ‘members only’ Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors website, jam-packed with my latest analysis, advice and recommendations.
  • Password-protected access to the exclusive ‘Adviser Online Forum’ — a meeting place for like-minded investors, both experienced Vanguard investors and newcomers.
  • …And, of course, each month you’ll receive my 12- to 16-page newsletter chock-full of everything you need to know about Vanguard — but were afraid to ask. The good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

Inside each monthly issue, you’ll receive my thorough performance review of all Vanguard’s funds (mutual funds, ETFs, and variable annuities) with Buy, Sell and Hold ratings, plus timely interviews with Vanguard’s top fund managers.

You’ll also receive plenty of notice when my research shows a new fund is opening or advance warning when I’m convinced a fund is facing closure – and of course, the top alternative when funds do close.

And lastly, you’ll get a ‘deep-dive’ on performance results for all four of my model portfolios.

Frankly, could it get any better?

Your FREE ‘Ultimate Answer Book’ Worth $129 —
My ‘Thank You’ for Signing up Today

It’s essentially my Little Black Book of Vanguard Secrets I’ve discovered over the years…

It’s 56 pages long — chock full of all the tips, hints and tactics for making double the profits with Vanguard.

Here’s exactly what you’ll find inside:

  • How to avoid a costly trap for tax-conscious investors
  • Don’t be blinded by dazzling ‘5-star’ ratings
  • GICs suitable for savers, not investors
  • Why NOT to buy just prior to distribution date
  • The truth about loads
  • Why there’s no such thing as ‘minimum additional investments’
  • How to get into a ‘closed’ fund
  • DANGER: Know how much your fund could drop?
  • Beware these risky funds
  • How NOT to get double-taxed

Plus, you’ll get handy cheat sheets, like an alphabetical list of Vanguard funds as well as important phone numbers and addresses from my ‘little black book.’

You could save hundreds of dollars — every MONTH!

I’ll tell you when to stay put… when to switch to a more promising fund… and even when there’s a better fund outside of Vanguard!

You won’t find this exclusive report anywhere else. And it’s yours FREE — simply for responding to this special introductory offer today. 

The list price of this report is $129, so you’ve already scored a major bargain by getting it FREE.

Better yet, you can keep it, with my compliments, even if you decide later on that membership is not for you after all.

But hold on. There’s one more thing you need to know…

Please Accept ONE MORE

Lucky you for joining today…

You’re entitled to the granddaddy of them all.

If you join now with a 2-year subscription, you’ll get our exclusive 27th edition of the FFSA 2017 Independent Guide to the Vanguard Funds!

It’s treasured by all active Vanguard investors.

Why? It’s packed with 300 pages of every fact, figure and crucial detail you need to know as a savvy Vanguard investor. Peek inside and you’ll find:

  • Complete profiles of every Vanguard fund I cover.
  • All of the managers and management firms in charge of their portfolios.
  • The A-Z history of Vanguard… major news of the past 10 years… and a wealth of fund statistics including proprietary performance and risk metrics.
  • PLUS, new international dividend funds added to this edition.

Don’t expect to read this one in a single sitting. It’s a whopper.

Instead, keep it at your side whenever you read my weekly hotlines — or my more in-depth monthly newsletters.

I’ll rush you this valuable Vanguard resource — for free — when you choose a 2-year membership today.

Hurry! Get an additional Bonus Gift when You Lock in Membership in the next 36 hours!

When you respond by the deadline, I’ll include an additional Special Report — FREE!

EXTRA BONUS GIFT for your Quick Response: Vanguard’s Secret Fiasco: 25 Toxic Funds To Sell Now (a $27.95 value – Yours FREE!)

Don’t wait for Vanguard to inform you when one of their funds is underperforming the market — by a HUGE margin. That responsibility falls to me. Don’t be surprised if one of these funds is in your retirement portfolio right now — quietly sucking profits out of your year-end statement.

Try It Out on My Dime. I’m Assuming All the Risk.

And There's More…

When you lock in a two-year subscription to The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors, you’ll receive our most popular special gifts – a total value of $158 — for FREE!

Just so you can keep it all straight, here is a snapshot of everything you get if you join us risk-free for two years…

BONUS GIFT #1: The Ultimate Answer Book: 27 Priceless Vanguard Secrets!
There’s one secret that I don’t need to tell you: Vanguard is the best place for your money. The low fees, excellent returns and the variety of mutual funds available all make Vanguard a terrific choice. But there are some ins and outs, some hints, tips and secrets that will make your investing with Vanguard even better. That’s why I put together The Ultimate Answer Book.

BONUS GIFT #2: The 2017 Independent Guide to the Vanguard Funds
The 27th edition of The Guide is packed with 300 pages of every fact, figure and crucial detail you need to know as a savvy Vanguard investor.  Keep it at your side whenever you read my weekly email bulletins — or my more in-depth monthly newsletters. Each Vanguard fund gets its own profile… complete with a review of its strategy, managers and potential risks.

BONUS GIFT #3: Vanguard’s Best (and Worst) ETFs
Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, were a misunderstood, newfangled investment ‘product’ just a decade ago. Today, they are hot, and deservedly so. In many ways they are stealing assets from traditional index mutual funds. Recognizing this, Vanguard expanded its offerings from just two ETFs in 2001 to 70 in 2016. Find out the best and worst of the bunch.

BONUS GIFT #4: Vanguard Winners!
Remember, Vanguard offers hundreds of funds (170+ at last count) to retail investors. Many are bland… most are mediocre… But you’ll strike gold with these exclusive Award Winning super-funds. This Special Report has my favorite funds — the ‘best of the best’ funds at Vanguard — for making this your best year at Vanguard so far.

Vanguard’s Secret Fiasco: 25 Toxic Funds To Sell Now
Don’t wait for Vanguard to inform you when one of their funds is underperforming the market — by a HUGE margin. That responsibility falls to me. Don’t be surprised if one of these funds is in your retirement portfolio right now — quietly sucking profits out of your year-end statement.

Finally, FINALLY… My 180-Day
‘Every-Penny-Back’ Guarantee

Sorry but my publisher is adamant. I have no wiggle room. You either get in now for $99.95… or risk the price jumping back up to our standard rate of $229.

But there’s no reason to hesitate.

Let me make it a no-brainer…

I’ll give you valuable insurance in the form of a 180-Day Every-Penny-Back Guarantee.

Take 6 MONTHS to ‘test drive’ The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors… to make sure you like what you see.

If during your first 6 months I haven’t shown you how to boost your Vanguard portfolio profits… boost your family fortunes… and provide you a comfortable cushion for retirement…

Simply contact us, and I’ll ensure you are refunded every penny of your subscription. Right then and there. No ifs, ands, or buts.

And even after those 6 months are up, you can still get a full refund of the remainder of your unfulfilled subscription.

When you consider that you can cancel at any time during the first 6 months and receive a full, 100% refund, why not sign up for 2 years and get all of my special reports (worth $158) plus the 27th edition of the FFSA 2017 Independent Guide to the Vanguard Funds, FREE?

All the issues and the reports are yours to keep forever regardless of what you decide.

I offer that guarantee because I want you to know I’m 100% committed to making you PERMANENTLY RICHER — beginning right now.

So can I rush you your free Exclusive Vanguard Reports and get you started today?

You have nothing to lose!


signed: Daniel Wiener
Daniel P. Wiener
Editor, The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors

P.S. Remember, I’ve only given you the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the Vanguard snafus… secrets… and screw-ups I’ve uncovered in recent months. I have a boatload more to come. Plus, I’ll immediately reveal 27 stunning secrets in The Ultimate Answer Book!

P.P.S. And I’ll also rush you my latest advice right now in your 2nd FREE report… Vanguard Winners! 9 World Class Funds To Own Now.

This publication, FFSA, and The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors
are completely independent of The Vanguard Group, Inc.


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