It’s Time to Buy Some Portfolio Insurance


Fellow Investor,

These are uncertain times.

Will President Trump really be able to rally Republicans and push through his big promises like tax reform and infrastructure spending, or is the healthcare repeal fiasco a sign of things to come?

Will the Federal Reserve really raise interest rates two more times this year?

Is the market taking a much needed breath before heading to new highs or about to take a nasty fall? (I’ll tell you my answer here.)

But here’s something I can tell you with near certainty: in the next few days, earnings season will take center stage and most investors have no idea what’s about to hit them.

I just completed my quarterly grades on 5,000 stocks, including household names like Citigroup, Nike, American Airlines, McDonalds, Cisco, AT&T, and Target.
Some passed with flying colors… and some failed miserably.

And the stocks that failed my latest test could be in for huge losses when they report earnings in the next few weeks.

Millions of investors own these stocks and are in for a nasty surprise.

I urge you to dump my F rated stocks BEFORE they make their announcements.

With earnings season starting today, there is very little time left to protect yourself.

to get access to the full list of stocks to sell before it’s too late!


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