It’s a Race Against the Clock–Only 48 Hours to RSVP

It’s a race against the clock—only 48 hours to RSVP


I warned you this was coming! Now it’s a race against the clock.

My publisher was never happy about offering this massive discount to celebrate our 2-year GameChangers anniversary, but he let me do it anyway.

Once orders started pouring in at this unheard-of price, however, he got cold feet. He’s just informed me he’s pulling the plug on this amazing $28 offer tomorrow.

Once he does, I guarantee you will NEVER see it again. Be sure you RSVP now before it’s too late!

What Would You Do With an
Extra $31,899 Right Now?

This is a COMPLETELY serious question.

What would you do with an extra $31,899 in your pocket right now?

Buy a new car? Take a trip around the world? Pay a year of college tuition? Add a nice thick layer to your retirement nest egg?

That’s the choice facing many of my readers today thanks to the windfall profits they have banked already this year.

You see, $31,899 is how much extra money you would have in your pocket today if you had invested $10,000 in each of the 7 double-digit winners we sold in just the first four months of this year.

Even a modest $2,500 investment in each of these GameChangers would have netted you a handsome $7,974 in profits.

And that’s only one small sampling of the gains my subscribers have piled up over the last two years.

My Next 28 Winners for Just $28
(but only until tomorrow!)

In just our first two years, my GameChangers readers have already locked in a fantastic 28 winners. (Better still, 26 of them were double-digit gains!)

We’re now well on our way to our NEXT 28 winners, and I want you on board for every one of them.

So as we celebrate our GameChangers second anniversary, I’m pulling out ALL the stops! I’ve come up with an offer so good, so ridiculously cheap, that if you say no, well then I’ll be able to sleep well at night knowing I did absolutely everything I could to get you to give it a try.

For a VERY limited time, you can join us for our next 28 winners for just $28.

That is not a typo. That is not a joke. That, my friend, is simply an unbelievable one-time-only, “give your publisher a heart attack” offer. Offer Closing! RSVP Now

$28 is a TINY fraction of what it normally costs to join us. And by far the lowest price we have EVER (or will ever) offer.

But here’s the catch…

Response so far has been unprecedented, and my publisher is closing this offer TOMORROW! So I guarantee that once I pop the last bottle of champagne at our anniversary party tomorrow night, you will NEVER see this offer again.

So you must RSVP now before it’s too late!

Real People, Real Profits—See for Yourself

When I launched GameChangers almost two years ago, I had one goal: to help as many investors as possible rack up the truly life-changing profits GameChangers delivers so that they can enjoy the freedom that money can bring.

And I’m thrilled that we’ve done just that.

28 winners adds up to real profits for real people that make a real difference in their lives. But don’t just take my word for it…

"Your Mako Surgical recommendation was excellent! I’m going to use it to pay for a trip to Europe! You’re the total stock advisor package."
—Larry L.

"I’m up a total of $21,489 in less than one year! Thanks for your help in making money for me. Keep up the great work!"
GameChangers Subscriber

"I joined GameChangers less than 60 days ago. Not only did I close out trades that paid for the cost of my subscription, but I netted $2,000 in profits!"
—Malik M.

"Made a nice $6,000 hit on Williams Company and used the money to book the next Forbes cruise. Thanks for the 2 years of great work!"
—Bill R. & Linda O.

"Hilary called Bank of America a "no brainer" at $5.25. I ’loaded up’ at $5.22 and sold a few months later at $9.70. That’s an 85% profit in 3-1/2 months (in dollar terms, I made over $22,000)! Thank you, Hilary!"
—Len S.

"Many ’stock pick’ services and newsletters only give you their picks. They do not tell you when to buy and at what price and even more importantly do not give you guidance about when to sell. I am happy to say that GameChangers delivers where the others fall short!"
—Don O.

See why we’re celebrating?! Because for the last two volatile years, no matter whether the market was up, down or sideways, my readers have racked up mouth watering gains like:

  1. UP 68% in Apple
  2. UP 55% in Parexel
  3. UP 85% in just 10 months in Ariad Pharmaceuticals
  4. UP 33% in Novo Nordisk
  5. UP 54% in Mako Surgical
  6. Up 36% in Atheros
  7. Up 62% in Brookdale Senior Living
  8. Up 45% in Vivo Participacoes
  9. Up 16% in Digital Realty
  10. Up 24% in Jazz Pharmaceuticals (in 10 days)
  11. Up 39% in Shire Pharmaceuticals
  12. Up 40% in Focus Media
  13. Up 27% in GeoEye (in 2 months)
  1. Up 62% in Qualcomm
  2. Up 29% in Amazon
  3. Up 36% in Cepheid
  4. Up 42% in Motorola Mobility
  5. Up 26% in Tesla (in 6 weeks)
  6. Up 48% in Medco
  7. Up 59% in Teradyne
  8. Up 22% in Panera
  9. Up 61% in Williams Co.
  10. Up 52% in Gilead
  11. Up 48% in Solar Winds
  12. Up 60% in Telvent
  13. Up 75% in Westport Innovations

I spent my entire career on Wall Street where the only thing that matters is performance. Put up or shut up. And I’m proud to say that our GameChangers results speak for themselves.

Like clockwork, month after month after month, my readers pocket another 30%, 50%, 80% winner.

And now I’m giving you a chance to grab your share of the profits for the rock-bottom, absolute lowest price you’ll ever see—guaranteed.

28 Winners  Only $28The best way I know to show you just how rich our game-changing stocks can make you is to let you see it firsthand.

I’m absolutely certain that once you give my GameChangers a try, once you get a taste for the explosive profits you will make, once you see how good it feels (especially in a volatile market like this) to beat the pants off the market time and time again, you will stay with us for a very long time.

That’s why I’ve made it so easy for you to take GameChangers for a test-drive. RSVP today, and you can try it for just $28!

But you must act quickly…

My publisher thinks this massive discount is crazy (and honestly, I can’t blame him). So while he did agree to let me send you this special invitation in honor of our anniversary, he is putting an end to it tomorrow.

Rare Chance for Life-Changing Profits

Over the last two years, while most investors were on the sidelines frozen in fear, we were aggressively buying the select innovative growth stocks I expected to soar. And the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

Now I’m about to pounce on the handful of GameChangers that will become our next 40%-90% winners! Today is your chance to get on board on the ground floor and make the kind of money that can truly change your future.

This is your chance to pocket tens-of-thousands of dollars in extra investing profits—and that’s for a modest portfolio. Some investors will earn hundreds of thousands. Some millions.

And it all starts with a new group of GameChangers I’ve uncovered that will profit from the biggest, most unstoppable trends in technology, medicine, energy and more.

Our stocks keep pounding ahead because GameChangers march to their own beat. They don’t need a rising market to deliver big profits. Instead they soar on relentless growth, breakthrough innovations, drug approvals, buyouts… things that have nothing to do with the fickle mood of the market!

That’s why I’m making it easier than ever for you to give GameChangers a try with our best price ever. Get started today for just $28.

But hurry… this special anniversary offer will close tomorrow!

You Have Nothing to Lose
With My 100% Guarantee

Here’s the best part about this Special Anniversary invitation: it’s 100% risk-free. You can lock in this one-time-only offer now, but take a full three months to decide if GameChangers is for you.

If for any reason you aren’t positively thrilled, just say so, and I’ll refund every penny you’ve paid.

Try It  Only $28No ifs, ands or buts about it. It’s that simple.

I can offer this ironclad guarantee because I know that once you get a taste of our market-stomping profits, you’ll be hooked! After all, a small investment in any one of the four double-digit winners we locked in already this year would have paid for your service 10 times over!

So if you are ready to break free of this volatile market… if you are ready to make up for years of little to nothing in returns… if you are ready to start making double-digit profits in the innovative, unstoppable companies that are building the future, then I urge you to take me up on this special invitation.

Frankly, you have NO excuse not to.

I’m making it ridiculously easy to give GameChangers a try with a huge discount and my 100% money-back guarantee.

But remember, this sale ends tomorrow. I don’t want you to miss the lowest price you will ever see OR be left behind as our new GameChangers take off! RSVP now!

100% Money-Back GuaranteeYours for GameChanging Profits,

Signed- Hilary Kramer
Hilary Kramer
Editor, GameChangers

P.S. The Chicken Littles are at it again. Don’t you fall for it for one second! Look, I know this volatile market is unsettling. But truth be told, a wildly swinging market is the only kind of market we’ve known since we launched GameChangers. And our spectacular results over the two years—with 28 winners—prove you can make money in ANY type of market.

But remember, once this deeply discounted offer closes, you will NEVER see it again! Don’t miss out—lock it in now!



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