Is the coming crash the retirement killer you should fear most?

Is the coming crash the retirement   killer you should fear most?

Any one of these three major hurdles can lay waste to your best-laid plans. Here’s how to prepare for all three—plus why the coming market “crash” is almost a mathematical certainty…

Dear Investor,

Never before have so many deserving citizens approached their retirement years at one time.

And never before have conscientious retirement savers faced greater challenges. You may be one of them. If so, please read on, because…

Three challenges in particular loom large. They have nothing to do with saving more… spending less… or getting started earlier. Yet any one can permanently derail your best-laid plans for a safe and comfortable retirement.

Taken together, they all dramatically increase the odds you will outlive your money.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re willing to consider a few quick and simple changes in what you’re doing right now, you can spot these “three overlooked retirement killers”—and easily avoid them. You can even turn the tables and profit from them

You owe it to yourself to get the facts…

Fortunately, getting those facts has never been easier. Or cost you less—in risk, money, and time. The full story is spelled out for you in a brand new White Paper from Louis Navellier, one of the world’s most widely read and highly regarded asset managers (with $3 billion under management).

For the next 24 hours you can read it for FREE. You won’t be asked to submit a credit card or take a trial membership or subscribe to anything. Simply indicate how you would like to receive your report and it’s yours free.

In less than 10 minutes, you’ll discover…

  1. The obvious threat investors and wealth managers refuse to confront. A decades-long anomaly has dulled the pain so far. But simple physics almost guarantees the party is going to end. The fallout will be disastrous and in some cases permanent. There is an easy solution too many investors are overlooking…
  2. Also a mathematical certainty, this Second Overlooked Retirement Killer is already embedded in nearly every funded pension plan… and could undermine the most thought out individual retirement plans, including yours. There’s an easy workaround here, too—in this case with a surprising twist…
  3. Overlooked Retirement Killer No. 3 is—you guessed it—the coming market crash. Discover why it’s almost a certainty (and soon)… why so many investors will suffer needlessly… who will be to blame… and how you can position yourself comfortably among the small minority who profits…

Taken together—and combined with the unique social, demographic, and behavioral factors discussed in the pages of this new report—these three retirement killers can be as deadly as their name implies. Yet they are easily overlooked in our day-to-day lives.

Again, it’s all spelled out for you in a brand new White Paper prepared exclusively for you by the investor The New York Times calls, “a growth investing icon.” Of course, you’ll also find solutions. Some you can implement today—and one you can set in motion as soon as Labor Day, September 2, 2013.

Again, I want you to have the full 6-page report with my compliments. There’s no obligation on your part whatsoever. No stings, no funny games. Simply click the below or at the bottom of this email and tell me where to send it.

To access Louis Navellier’s new report, “3 Overlooked Retirement Killers—Plus why
the coming ‘crash’ is a mathematical certainty…” now. It’s FREE!

But that’s just for starters…

Don’t worry. You won’t get bogged down with reams of data and three-axis graphs. But it’s an important story that must be told—and you need to get it straight from the source.

Of course, you also need actionable advice you can use today. A few easy tweaks and fixes you can start running by your investment advisor or put into action this afternoon if you like.

So here’s how I’d like us to proceed. Simply tell me where to send Louis Navellier’s brand new White Paper. Once you and he are 100% agreed on the basic facts surrounding his Three Retirement Killers…

Once you’re in agreement that these threats are real… that you may be at risk … that the financial planning community has it all wrong… and that the simple solutions you’ll read about make sense, there’s something else I want you to have—also free.

I’d like to send you immediate access to Louis Navellier’s No. 1 Emerging Growth Stock for New Money Right Now. This is the one U.S. small cap investment Mr. Navellier is urging his premium members and high-net-worth clients to get in their portfolios today.

Recently identified from a universe of emerging growth companies with massive upside potential by a proprietary 8-variable earnings-quality and stock-selection model that literally changed the face of the investment advisory industry…

And further hand-vetted by Louis Navellier’s research team and by Mr. Navellier personally…

This up-and-coming entertainment company is the one U.S. Emerging Growth small-cap stock best suited to help you secure your retirement and profit in this increasingly volatile market. You can buy it today with total confidence and expect to hold it profitably for years to come.

You’ll get the company’s name, its ticker symbol, and the full investment rationale, including any possible risks to the bull thesis. It’s also yours immediately when you click the at the bottom of the page and tell me where to send the full write up.

Just as important, you’ll also find 25 over-loved and over-owned small-cap growth stocks you may want to consider selling right away—today if possible.

Each of these widely held stocks (you may own them yourself) was also flagged by Louis Navellier’s proprietary earnings quality and stock selection model—only in this case, as likely to be punished in the coming weeks and month.

Few investors have access to this information. What you do with it is entirely up to you. If you own one or more of these stocks, you can take a hard look at them and consider trimming your positions.

If you don’t own them, you can avoid them. The choice is yours. You can act on this information immediately or simply mull it over. Either way, you owe it to yourself to be at least informed.

Again, I want you to have it with my compliments. Along with my Louis Navellier’s new White Paper “3 Overlooked Retirement Killers—Plus why the coming crash is a mathematical certainty.”

There’s no obligation on your part. You’ll see that immediately when you click the below or at the bottom of the page and tell me where to send it.

To access Louis Navellier’s new report, C3 Overlooked Retirement Killers — Plus why
the coming crash is a mathematical certainty…” now. It’s FREE!

And even that’s just for starters…

With your permission, I’ll also rush you a series of follow-up research reports in sequence just as soon as Mr. Navellier says they’re ready—giving you everything you need to defend and GROW your wealth this summer and beyond.

In many of these free reports, you’ll find additional actionable investing ideas uniquely suited to help you protect your long-term wealth from the retirement killers discussed in your new free report.

Beginning next week with Louis Navellier’s No. 1 Ultimate Growth global recommendation that he’s buying for his most-demanding high net worth clients…

This is the exact same institutional-quality research—including actionable investment recommendations —Mr. Navellier offers to his long-term premium members (some of whom pay thousands of dollars per year).

Again, I want you to have the entire series of new research with my compliments. Only then, if you like what you hear, I’d like to invite you to hear more about an unusual new project unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Should you consider this invitation?

That’s entirely up to you. Fortunately, you don’t have to make any decisions today. To help you decide if you want to hear more, let me give you a brief overview of what’s coming…

Beginning on Labor Day 2013, Louis Navellier, an acclaimed stock-picker and money manager with 32 years experience, will take the fresh knowledge and insights he recently gathered while investing a $3.4 million lump sum…

And put that knowledge and experience to work systematically building and professionally managing a second REAL MONEY portfolio. Now here’s where this may get interesting for you…

On Labor Day, September 3, 2013, Mr. Navellier and his research team are going to personally invite a small number of investors to follow along with his trades in REAL TIME.

The goal of this unusual project is to take the guesswork 100% out of investing. Not only can you receive Mr. Navellier’s market-beating recommendations as he uncovers them—you will see exactly how a professional money manager is putting them to work managing a diversified portfolio.

In short, you will never again have to wonder…

  • Exactly WHAT to buy
  • Exactly WHEN to buy, and
  • Exactly HOW MUCH to buy

As important, you’ll always know how many shares to allocate to each new position… when to average up on a winning position… when to sit tight… and exactly when to lock in your profits and move on.

You can probably gather that this unusual project is not for everyone. Which is for the best actually. Given that only a small fraction of those interested will be able to join.

Early interest has surpassed expectations. (For context, this time last year, Mr. Navellier extended this same invitation to a small number of investors. Available seats were claimed in less than 72 hours. By necessity, the cohort this year will be even smaller.)

Of course, I would like you to have an opportunity to join, if you are interested. Again, you don’t have to decide anything today. When you click the below, you’re simply claiming your reports and saying you might be interested in hearing more.

Though I do hope you’ll take a moment to download and look over Mr. Navellier’s new report, revealing the three retirement killers a generation of hopeful retirees must come to terms with—and how you can easily avoid them.

You’ll also get the name and full investment thesis of the No. 1 Emerging Growth Stock Louis Navellier is recommending to his most-valuable premium members and high-net-worth clients right now.

Remember, there are no strings attached. This brand new White Paper is absolutely FREE. Simply click this or the button at right and tell me where to send it.

To access your free report, now.

button: Add your name to the list.Sincerely,
signed: Louis Navellier
Paul Elliott

PS: When you click the below, you’ll be taken to a secure page where you can tell me where to send your new free report. If you have a few moments, take a look at Mr. Navellier’s previous report, “The REAL Great Rotation—Two Steps to Profit From the Coming Market Shake Up.” I think you’ll agree it’s a real eye-opener and a must read for anybody invested in this market. It’s also yours free when you now!



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