Incredible But True Fact About Vanguard

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What You Do or Don’t Do With This Information Could Determine Your Future Wealth
The incredible but true facts  about Vanguard that can double  your profits…
  • INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE: You can cut your risk in half and still double your Vanguard profits, but Vanguard will never tell you how to do it.
  • INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE: You can find out exactly how risky or safe your Vanguard funds really are, but don’t expect Vanguard to tell you.
  • INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE: You can get into hot funds before Vanguard locks you out, but Vanguard isn’t about to tip you off.

Fellow Fund Investor,

    Everyone loves Vanguard!

    It’s the mutual fund company that keeps expense ratios ultra-low so investors like us can keep more money.

    But with uncertainty over how the markets will behave as we move through Trump's first 100 days and the policies — like trade barriers and tariffs — that could hurt business rather than help it…

    Investors are freaking out, which is why the release of the following information couldn’t have come at a better time.

    Just when you need investment guidance the most, the company that’s supposed to be dedicated to its shareholders never tells you…

    • There’s a way for your Vanguard portfolio to grow twice as fast as average,
    • With half the risk most Vanguard investors accept,
    • Without paying any attention to fund expense ratios!

        So how do investors find out how to double their Vanguard profits? And how can you do the same?

        Let me start by telling you there’s an elite group of Vanguard investors out there making 179% more profits than average Vanguard investors.  And you’re just like them… except members of this small group, Vanguard’s 1%, act on information Vanguard won’t tell you.

    Incredible but true facts
    about Vanguard’s 1%

        Not all of Vanguard’s 1% entered this elite group with big portfolios worth millions.  Many started with as little as $10,000 invested in Vanguard funds.

     Here’s why Vanguard’s 1% follow Dan Wiener’s advice:  Here’s why Vanguard’s 1% follow Dan Wiener’s advice:

    Dan’s fund recommendations deliver steady profits beyond all expectations as he keeps his members ahead of Vanguard’s inside moves.

    Dan Wiener loves Vanguard. But he knows most Vanguard investors are leaving thousands of dollars in profits on the table simply because they are shut out of the best funds. 

    To level the playing field, he founded Fund Family Shareholders Association (FFSA) in 1991. Dan, FFSA and the members-only advisory, The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors, are entirely independent of The Vanguard Group. 

    Because of this fierce independence, members are always in position to act on vital information Vanguard won’t reveal, or tries to hide. But Vanguard cannot hide a thing from Dan. He’s had Vanguard under the microscope for decades, since he was a financial columnist at U.S. News & World Report. And he’s still looking under the hood, measuring hidden risks, uncovering profit opportunities most Vanguard investors might never find.

    Five minutes from now, after you’ve read every word of Dan Wiener’s letter, you will be a smarter, better Vanguard investor. 

    Five hours from now, after you’ve accepted Dan’s gifts, you will be in position to set yourself up for life investing with Vanguard. Everything is guaranteed! 

    Accept Dan’s gifts today!

        What’s also incredible but true is they all learn the same Vanguard secrets but they don’t all own the same Vanguard funds – because the investment goals of Vanguard’s 1% vary quite a bit.

        Some are aggressive growth investors, while others maintain retirement portfolios. And many others are using Vanguard to gorge themselves with both income and capital growth.

        Surprisingly diverse as this elite group might seem, every member of Vanguard’s 1% has an overwhelming edge on you — they all act on information Vanguard won’t tell you.

    Incredible, but true: Vanguard’s in an ETF war with BlackRock’s iShares, but Vanguard keeps you away from some of its best ETFs by hiding many of its new ones from you. Vanguard’s 1% know where to find these new ETFs fast.

    Incredible, but true: Vanguard is the best fund family in the world, but it also offers funds that are so bad they should be banned. Vanguard’s 1% always avoids the dogs.

    Incredible, but true: Vanguard’s founder, Jack Bogle, practically invented the index fund, but some of Vanguard’s best funds are actively managed. The short list of funds managed by top-notch pros is hidden from you. Vanguard’s 1% relies on these managers.

    Incredible, but true: Vanguard has a terrific menu of funds, yet ordinary investors are robbed of the diversification and balance they seek by unwittingly doubling or even tripling their exposure to the same stocks or sectors. Vanguard’s 1% never faces these risks.

    Incredible, but true: Vanguard’s hottest funds slam the doors shut or raise the minimums beyond reach, yet Vanguard's 1% knows about “clones” of funds that are even better.

    Incredible, but true:  By doing nothing more than what you’re doing now — investing with Vanguard — you can increase your profits 179%.

        I’m Dan Wiener, founding editor of the world’s most important newsletter advisory for Vanguard investors. Nothing flashy about the name: The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors. But it delivers flashy results. And it’s independent!

        That’s why Vanguard’s 1% follows my advice. FREE

        Vanguard’s 1%, my members, grabbed $1,126,753 in EXTRA PROFIT over ordinary Vanguard investors since 1991 off initial portfolios of $100,000.

        The average Vanguard investor turned his $100,000 into $629,492 by the end of 2016. Over that same time, Vanguard’s 1% turned their $100,000 into $1,756,245. With less risk, too!

        If doubling your Vanguard profits — with half the risk — sounds good to you, then let me welcome you to Vanguard’s 1%. I’m ready to shower you with gifts galore and a few other generous incentives. All you need to do is let me know you’re interested.

    Promises, promises

        Vanguard doesn’t always keep theirs.

        Say you’re looking for the safety of diversification but you don’t want to give up growth. That’s smart.

        Then you see Vanguard has a fund named Diversified Equity and it’s easy to jump to the conclusion, “Wow, this must be my lucky day. Diversified Equity sounds like it’s exactly what I want.”

        Vanguard promises you growth and income with this fund. But Vanguard’s 1% know better. They know that Diversified Equity is so watered down that investors are doomed from day one.

        The only thing Diversified Equity wins is the name game, which is often enough to trap billions of dollars of hard-earned money that should be invested somewhere else.

        Look under the hood (which is quite easy once you belong to Vanguard’s 1%) and you discover the fund is made up of eight other mutual funds. And one of the funds is Vanguard’s worst: U.S. Growth (another name-game winner poised to trap more investors now that markets are improving).

        Making matters even worse, not one fund from Vanguard’s top management team, PRIMECAP, is included in this fund of funds. Worse than that…

    Here’s disturbing proof the deck is stacked against the 99% every time they buy or sell a fund…

    Vanguard’s ETF Hideaway

        You’d think Vanguard would be bombarding you with email promotions about their ever-expanding lineup of ETFs — especially now that it’s in an ETF war with BlackRock’s iShares.

        Both giants want investors in ETFs — their ETFs. And investors are rushing into them. But here’s the rub, and it’s an odd one: Vanguard keeps you away from some of its best ETFs by hiding many of its new ones from you.

        It doesn’t seem to make sense.

    FREE    Even if you find Vanguard’s new and often better ETFs by navigating through the ETFs page of Vanguard's website, Vanguard will steer you away, suggesting that you look elsewhere.

        For instance, say you finally find the S&P Mid-Cap 400 Growth ETF. Watch out because Vanguard will interrupt and suggest you look at Mid-Cap Growth ETF instead because it “tracks the same market segment at a lower cost.” But it’s not just cost that matters — it’s your total return after costs. And history says following Vanguard’s advice would have meant losing out on profits.

    This New Hidden ETF Beats 
    the Old Standard by 11.46%

        If want you to invest in large-cap indexing, the Vanguard S&P ETF I recommend is hard-to-find, and it’s beating the original standby S&P ETF (SPY) by 11.46%.

    This same hard-to-find large-cap ETF is also beating Vanguard’s Value ETF — by a whopping 20.86%.

        Shouldn’t Vanguard be telling you this? Don’t hold your breath.

        You could be looking for small-cap or mid-cap ETFs and Vanguard won’t tell you what you really want to know. That makes it nearly impossible for you to find the best funds and avoid mistakes.

    You don’t think Vanguard will ever tell you how to build a market-beating portfolio using ETFs, do you?

        But if you join Vanguard’s 1%, you will find out which ETFs I recommend. Plus, you will learn why ETFs are cheaper than traditional index funds, how to maximize the ETF tax advantage and much more.

        By the way, Vanguard’s 1% aren’t just Vanguard ETF investors. They’re not all index fund investors, either.

    Many — in fact, the most successful among Vanguard’s 1% — use the Golden Rule of Mutual Fund Investing to continually build wealth.

    The 3-Word Golden Rule
    That Makes You Rich

    Tale of Twin’s  Inheritances Both invested with Vanguard.  But one  became 7 times richer than the other

    Equal in nearly every way, twins Joe and John Average each inherited $100,000 in 1991, and both invested all of it in Vanguard. Neither twin ever added a new penny since.

    Good thing they picked Vanguard. John’s $100,000 is now $629,492. But Joe, who shares John’s investment goal, is $1,126,753 richer — his $100,000 is now $1,756,245. What happened?

    Joe gained entry to Vanguard’s 1% by subscribing to The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors. John didn’t. Joe followed Dan Wiener’s Growth Model Portfolio. John went with Vanguard’s most popular funds. Now look at the twins:

    Year-by-year results:

    Growth Model
    Starting Value100,000100,000
    % Advantage: 179%
    Extra Profit: $1,126,753

    Make Your Vanguard Experience
    179% More Profitable

        You already know the secret. You’ve heard it preached a thousand times over the years. It’s just three words: (1) Buy (2) the (3) manager.

        And guess what? No matter how popular indexing has become, and no matter what you might have heard or think, the buy-the-manager strategy still works like gangbusters. I’ll show you proof in a moment.

    Problem is: Vanguard won’t tell you about their short list of funds with top-notch index-beating managers and their low-entry minimums.

        So how in the world can you follow the Golden Rule of mutual fund investing when Vanguard hides its top managers?

        Easy… I know who’s on the list.

        You might want to knock down the doors in Malvern and scream out, “Hey, what about me? Don’t you think I deserve to know these secrets, too?”

        Scream all you want. Vanguard still won’t tell you the secrets to doubling your profits, doubling your income and cutting your risk in half. But I will.

        And I want to start helping you immediately, which is why I’m reaching out to you today. Look, I’ve built a fortune following the Golden Rule, and I know how it’s done at Vanguard.

        The managers I buy beat index funds so convincingly researchers at Duke University were compelled to study my methods.

    Duke University Studies How I Beat Index Funds

        The university’s formal study has a clear title: Do Vanguard’s Managed Funds Beat Its Index Funds? Their research concludes:

    “The probability that [Dan Wiener’s] Growth Portfolio could have outperformed by such a wide margin because of luck rather than skill is only 13.4%.”

        But the Duke researchers failed to factor in the real reason my method produces 179% greater Vanguard profits: close attention to risk.

        Maybe not you, but most Vanguard investors hardly ever think about risk when selecting funds. Most think their funds carry little (if any) long-term risk simply because they are Vanguard funds. That’s crazy.

        But Vanguard’s in no hurry to change this all-is-safe-as-can-be perception. They want you to be average. They love it when investors flock to the same few funds, such as 500 Index and Total Stock Market Index.

        Look — you don’t beat the average Vanguard investor year after year for decades running by testing your luck. You do it by making decisions based on facts… facts Vanguard often won’t tell you… facts that give you priceless advantages and…

    Protection From the Traps Snaring Others

        Take dividends, for instance. They are critical to any investor who wants to boost profits while smoothing out volatility. But most Vanguard investors — even those who have figured out that corporate cash (not bonds) is the new safe haven — are missing out.

    FREE    How can the deck be stacked against you when Vanguard gives you not one but five funds with “dividend” in their names?

    Simple: The average investor believes conventional wisdom, which says actively managed funds don’t stand a chance against index funds.

    But the fact is, you can beat index funds left and right when you know who's who among Vanguard's fund managers.

    You don’t know Don Kilbride,
    do you? Vanguard’s 1% does.

        Don’s on the secret short list of Golden Rule managers making us rich.

        He’s been keeping us happy since he took charge of the fund he manages in early 2006, and unless you know about Vanguard’s short list of top-notch managers, you’ll keep missing out on all the magic Vanguard offers.

        Don's Dividend Growth magic has attracted so much money that Vanguard, rather than add managers, suddenly closed the fund to new investors. If you don't already own Dividend Growth, but you still want to beat the market with a lot less risk, and learn how you can join Vanguard's 1% today.

    Don’t Give Vanguard the Chance
    to Break Its Promises to You

        I told you about a few Vanguard funds that don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of making good on their promises. But this next example is worse.

        You see, Vanguard knows many investors, especially retirees, just want their capital to be safe as it generates income. So, a few years ago, Vanguard created a group of funds to please folks.

        And of course, they gave them an appealing name that seems to be right on target. They call them Managed Payout Funds. Sounds great, but they failed to “pay out” as promised.

        Vanguard’s 1% know what’s going on…

        The Managed Payout Funds promised to give investors a modest initial “pay out” of 3% to 7% a year, with the goal of increasing the returns over time to provide a long-term, inflation-beating income stream.

        But instead, they just gave people their own investment capital back. That’s not “income.” In 2008, as much as 100% of these funds’ distributions were a return of capital. That’s money that’s not being earned but simply returned to you. Lately, it’s been anywhere from 44% to 70% a return of capital.

         So what did Vanguard do after these funds failed to live up to their promises? They announced that they are merging them into a single Managed Payout Fund—which won’t do anything to solve the real problem.

        If you want income, Vanguard has outstanding funds you can put in your portfolio. But this “payout” fund is not one of them.

        Vanguard’s 1% know this, thanks to The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors. And now you know it, too.

        You’ve read this far so I know you’re already a smarter Vanguard investor. But there’s more you must know as soon as possible, which is why I want to welcome you to Vanguard’s 1% today.

    There’s no risk… only gifts!

        I hope you’re beginning to see why it’s important for you to belong to Vanguard’s 1%.

        Just in case, let me make your decision real easy. I’ll give you up to 6 gifts just to see if membership with Vanguard’s 1% works for you.

    What Vanguard’s 1% knows
    can make you rich!

        That’s why I want to give these gifts. You can’t get them anywhere else at any price. Only Vanguard’s 1% know what’s in these exclusive reports. Each is yours free.

        Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll discover in each, starting with…

    Award Winners: Vanguard’s 1% Action Plan

       Long-term investing doesn’t mean no action is necessary. Funds change managers and sometimes even performance objectives. Economic winds are always shifting, too. That’s why it’s critical to stay in touch with what you own and what you should own. And you will! With this gift, you’ll learn about the best growth fund for 2017, the safest sector to invest in, the best place for your cash, and even more Vanguard won’t tell you.

    Vanguard’s Best (and Worst) ETFs

        If you like to index, this one report could be worth thousands to you in extra profits. You see, you get more than a mere list of ETFs. Two minutes with this report injects you with valuable insights you might never get from Vanguard. Learn why ETFs are cheaper than traditional index funds, how to maximize the ETF tax advantage, how ETF investors can quickly put themselves in danger, and much more in this report.  

    Vanguard’s Tech Winter Winners
    for Conservative Investors

       Beat the 500 Index by 40% during Tech Winter, an under-reported profit phenomenon that kicks in just about every time winter rolls around. This bonus gift explains what drives technology stocks in winter and reveals the best Tech Winter funds for conservative investors to own, including the PRIMECAP portfolios that are wide open to new investors who knew where to look. You’ll also discover Vanguard’s tech-heavy funds that must be avoided, Tech Winter or not. Don’t wait to jump on this profit phenomenon. Get this bonus gift today!

    Making Success Simple at Vanguard

       Vanguard has rules for buying and even more rules for selling funds. Mess up, and you could be out a ton of money. And then there are the tax rules. Oh my. But none of this is a source of confusion for FFSA members. Get this bonus gift and learn the secrets to managing your investments at Vanguard… learn how to account for dividends… make the yearly portfolio decisions you must make… and what you should do at tax time to save yourself a bundle.

    Vanguard’s Double Dirty Dozen: 25 Funds You Must Sell Immediately — Available Now Online!!

       It’s impossible to double your profits when you’re holding losers and laggards. And Vanguard has a host of them. This bonus gift reveals the 25 worst offenders — the funds that belong in no one’s portfolio. How many of them are in your portfolio? It’s time to clean out all the dirty stinkers in your portfolio.


        It’s called The 2017 Independent Guide to the Vanguard Funds and it is the 27th Edition. No investor should ever be allowed to buy a Vanguard fund until they see this. You’ll see why the moment you lay eyes on your free copy.

        Each page gives you more fund insight than Vanguard ever seems to reveal. And it’s ridiculously easy to use.

       Want to nail down the true risk packaged into your Vanguard funds? This is nearly impossible for others to do, but now you can do it with ease and speed when you accept this gift.

       Think you’re already safely diversified? Maybe you are, but if you own more than one Vanguard equity fund, there’s a good chance you’re not. No fears… you’ll discover the solution in seconds.

       Sick and tired of being shut out of Vanguard’s hottest funds because they’re either closed, they cost a fortune to get in, or you simply don’t know about them? End all your Vanguard frustrations immediately!

       The more you use The Guide, the smarter you get. You’ll be a Vanguard genius in no time. Seriously. You’ll put your finger on the facts you really want faster than you ever could on your own.

        What’s more, it’s exclusive. You can’t get this Vanguard owner’s manual anywhere else, at any price. Only here, only right now, and only with a 2-year membership to The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors… fully guaranteed, of course.

       And let’s not forget about the number-one advantage of belonging to Vanguard’s 1%…

    $43,000 in Extra Vanguard
    Profits Each Year

        Good reason to join, or at least see if you’d like to belong? You bet!


    Most members pay $229 for a one-year membership to The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors, about 63¢ a day. Hauling in $119 a day in extra profits from Vanguard, their memberships pay for themselves in about three and a half days.

    Your special low rate of just $99.95 for a one-year membership comes to just 27¢ a day. And the same $119 a day in extra profits is yours. As a result, your special-offer trial membership immediately pays for itself.

    Go for a two-year trial and you pay even less on a daily basis, plus you get much more in the way of bonus gifts. You also get The 2017 Independent Guide to the Vanguard Funds FREE! And should you want to cancel, you get to keep everything we sent you FREE.

    Don’t wait to accept. Do it now!

        Members of Vanguard’s 1% following my advice have made $43,337 a year more than the average Vanguard investor — $43,000 that would not be theirs if not for their memberships — that’s $43,000 a year in free money.

        Entry to Vanguard’s 1%, however, is not free. It comes with a price tag.

        Most pay $229 for a one-year membership (about 63¢ a day). And the extra profits pay for their membership many times over. Your special rate today is only $99.95 (which comes to just 27¢ a day). Weighing the profit potential against that low rate, the math shows…

    27¢ turns into $119
    in extra Vanguard profits — daily!

        Tell me you’d like a 2-year trial, and you pay even less per day. PLUS — you get the 27th Edition of The Independent Guide to the Vanguard Funds — FREE, too!

        Either way, one or two years, you have my personal safety-net assurance that you risk nothing.

        All your money will be returned to you if you’re not happy with your decision to join us. Everything you get is yours to keep free even if you decide that membership is not right for you.

        There must be a catch somewhere, right? There sure is. There’s a deadline. This gift-laden special offer could be gone tomorrow.

        Learn the key to the sustained success of Vanguard’s 1% The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors and receive:

    • comprehensive analysis of overall market conditions
    • performance analysis of all four model portfolios
    • exclusive interviews with Vanguard fund managers
    • fund distribution schedules
    • fund manager changes
    • advance news of new funds
    • warnings of funds facing closure
    • alternatives for closed funds
    • and yes, even more… much more!

    As a member of Vanguard’s 1% you also get:

    • email hotline access
    • private website access
    • access to many of the savviest Vanguard investors you’ll ever meet.

    Act now and get locked-in savings, too!

    • with up to 6 free gifts
    • and a Double Money-Back Guarantee.

        So get your gifts today. And get your Vanguard investments in order — for the rest of your life.

        We’re waiting for your reply right now, so we can activate your membership immediately and get your indispensable gifts into your hands.

    signed: Daniel Wiener
    Daniel P. Wiener

    P.S. Risk nothing as you get all the secrets making a select few Vanguard investors 179% richer than nonmembers.

    This should make your decision even easier…our MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

    It means you can't lose. First, every penny you spend on dues will be returned to you in full if you’re not 100% thrilled within the first 6 months. Second, your protection automatically continues beyond 6 months, giving you a 100% refund of the entire balance remaining whenever you want. All the bonus gifts are yours to keep free, even if you cancel and get your money back.

    LAST CHANCE — Join Vanguard’s 1% and get all your free gifts here!

    This publication, FFSA, and The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors
    are completely independent of The Vanguard Group, Inc.


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