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From: Hilary Kramer [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, April 14, 2017 8:51 AM
Subject: Here's the awful truth about this market…

The Awful Truth
About this Market…

And the “other” market that’s dishing a
new double-digit gain each month!

Dear Fellow Investor,

If you want to make money during these market conditions…

Then good luck

Unless you’re ready to use a strategy that doesn’t follow the market.

chart: No gains in Dow for past 2 months

That’s exactly what I’m here to show you today. Because conventional investment strategies aren’t worth a dime in a market that’s not going anywhere:

The last two months have been like a mini-repeat of the last two years.

In the present market conditions, strategies like trend investing, momentum investing, and growth investing will get your backside handed to you on a platter.

But THIS strategy is making cash like crazy… because it doesn’t follow the markets!

Let me show you what’s been bringing in boatloads of cash for the past two years…

It’s my 3-Step Breakout Strategy:

  • Research potential stocks ready to make an explosive breakout (they could be takeover targets, getting new management turnarounds, or releasing a hot new technology)
  • Create a watch-list of these stocks and monitor them weekly
  • Buy them right as they begin to soar

It’s very simple. And it rakes in piles of money. Here are some examples from 2015 – 2017:

NBC, FOX News, CNN, ABC, Bloomberg, CNBC, FOX Business, PBS, Nightly Business Report, MSNBC

Hilary Kramer spent more than 25 years on the front lines of Wall Street.

Hilary cut her teeth working for some of the biggest Wall Street firms, such as Morgan Staley and Lehman Brothers. She then went on to manage money for some of the world’s wealthiest families and institutions. She quickly turned a $1 billion private equity portfolio into a $5 billion juggernaut.

Hilary became a millionaire at age 30, and retired at age 37 with enough money to last a lifetime.

Her remarkable insight and prescient ability to identify stocks ahead of the Wall Street herd has made her clients a fortune. Now, she wants to do the same for YOU!

Still Making Money Despite Market Volatility

It’s been a tumultuous couple of years on Wall Street. Severe price swings are becoming an almost daily occurrence as investors grapple with the Federal Reserve’s rate increases, a recovering U.S. economy, and overseas financial troubles.

But Hilary’s new Breakout Stocks 2.0 is a bright spot in an otherwise confused market. She manages multiple double-digit wins by focusing on only the strongest opportunities with company-specific catalysts… and a unique technical analysis… which propel share prices higher regardless of the market’s mood.

  • 32.51% Gain from Supernus Pharmaceuticals (SUPN)
  • 28.15% Gain from Insperity (NSP)
  • 24.68% Gain from Heska (HSKA)
  • 22.23% Gain from HMS Holdings (HMSY)
  • 19.58% Gain from ArcelorMittal (MT)
  • 19.90% Gain from Finisar (FNSR)
  • 18.41% Gain from John Bean Technologies (JBT)
  • 16.00% Gain from Brooks Automation (BRKS)
  • 15.66% Gain from Ollie's Bargain Outlet (OLLI)
  • 14.41% Gain from TAL Education Group (XRS)
  • 13.41% Gain from ICLR (ICON)
  • 13.21% Gain from XL Group (XL)
  • 13.08% Gain from Hi-Crush Partners (HCLP)
  • 10.16% Gain from LINE (LN)

And that's just the double-digit winners…

And I average a new double-digit gain each month for my Breakout Stocks investors.

Now, in times like this, it bears repeating: At any time, companies can become takeover targets, or have new management turnarounds, or release a revolutionary new technology.

So you can look for a breakout to soar during booms, busts, and those annoying sideways markets.

In fact, many investors who use this strategy stay out of the markets until they spot a stock poised to go through the roof. Then they jump on it with both feet.

Since these investors sit on the sidelines, scanning their watch-list every week, and only jump in on great opportunities…

It’s like getting paid to wait. And then we jump in and invest when the time is right.

I don’t know about you… but anytime you can do well in the stock market by NOT investing… do it!

Still, I don’t want to put down other strategies. I have several Value and Growth strategies that work well. But if you’re stuck in a sideways or volatile market, nothing quite makes the cash like Breakouts.

And what do you have to do for that kind of result? You simply…

Stay the heck out of the market
until we email you for a quick strike…

With markets as volatile as they were in 2015 and 2016…

You may think it’s smart to be sitting on the sidelines – being completely out of the markets.

For 99% of investors today, I’d agree.

But if you’re smarter than the average guy… surely you’ll agree that even in unstable markets… there are ALWAYS a handful of stocks breaking out for quick profits. Breakouts happen in any market… but MORE OFTEN in volatile markets, for faster profits, because of all the choppiness.

In fact, Investopedia says WHY breakouts make big gains in volatile markets:

“The reason breakouts are such an important trading strategy … because these setups are the starting point for future volatility increases and large price swings.” So they can give you “explosive price movements.”

In other words, you can use breakouts to capitalize on volatility, because they capture big market swings…

How you can find breakouts

This is my strategy, in a nutshell…

A Million-Dollar Secret:

Every professional trader knows…

The trade is won or lost before it is placed.

The setup is everything.

So pay attention to how we create our Watch List and our Buy List. They work together to set you up for big wins before you even enter the market.

First, you create a stock “Watch List.”

You may be wondering, how do you find stocks that are worth watching?

First, I run more than 2,800 of the top stocks from the major exchanges through our stock screener…

That gives me a list of the strongest stocks.

Second, I look for stocks trading above their 200 and 50-day moving average… and see if they are stuck in a trading range. If they are in a range, I watch for a Breakout.

Third, I use technical analysis tools on these stocks, like the Relative Strength indicator (RSI). With my proprietary RSI settings, I am able to map out, in advance, potentially lucrative “buy prices.”

That’s how I build our Watch List.

But how does a stock go from our “Watch List” to our “Buy List” … where we jump on the stock and rake in our cash?

It’s simple. When one of our Watch List stocks hit the prices I’ve pinpointed with my RSI… I put it on our “Buy List” … And we’re off to the races!

This Breakout strategy has made us rich during all kinds of booms, busts, and corrections. But it works best when stocks are jumping around in volatile markets, and making quick up/down price moves.

That’s when you can pull in cash hand-over-fist.

And I’d like to show you how to get involved, but first let me give you some advice:

Stay out of the market. Relax on the sidelines
until carefully selected stocks start to break out

Breakout investors don’t keep money in the markets, hoping to wait until a stock goes up…

They sit on the sidelines, keeping an eye on their Watch List… and wait for one of their stocks to pass one of their RSI “buy prices.”

“A financial powerhouse…”

Financial Times

“… Joyful gains rather than portfolio-shrinking heartache.”

Steve Forbes,
Editor-in-Chief, Forbes magazine

“Hilary Kramer’s encyclopedic knowledge of individual stocks is exceeded only by her enthusiasm for sharing her ideas with average investors.”

Randall Forsyth,

“Hilary hits it out of the park with fresh insights and compelling ideas. Hurray for Hilary!”

Gerri Willis,
host, The Willis Report, Fox News

That’s when they spring into action, make their money, and get out.

And like I said earlier… you can make money all day long, practically any day. There’s always a breakout somewhere.

Grab of few of these exciting gains each year… and you’ll get your portfolio very fat, very quickly…

You could even set yourself up for life, by playing a handful of breakouts each year, and not worry about being in the market long-term.

But for the big fat gains, I want you to sit on the sidelines and relax. No need to risk a cent until the juiciest plays make themselves obvious to you.

Then I'll issue a "buy" alert when it's time to pounce.

The time to get positioned for the profits ahead is NOW.

Let me give you proof:

Below, you'll see examples of two proprietary breakout picks… that prospered during market volatility… and the type of advice that subscribers received while the trade was hot.

Breakout Stock #1: ICON (ICLR)

On the chart below, you’ll see ICLR’s share price of $78.97 shown as the blue line (Note: This was the price while we owned the stock).

ICLR then had an impressive breakout where it closed above both its 50-day moving average (the orange line) and its “sideways trading range” (the green lines).

To capitalize on the short-term bullish trend in ICLR, I kept raising our stop-loss to protect our profits and ended up selling for a quick 14.52% gain!

Here’s another example…

Breakout Stock #2: Hi-Crush Partners (HCLP)

This was a quick 11-day trade where we got into Hi-Crush Partners (HCLP) right when it began its breakout trajectory.

You can see below how it was riding above its 50-day moving average (orange line), yet it was in a “sideways trading range” (green lines). Then just when the stock began breaking out, we pounced on it and added it to our buy list.

While I continue to like HCLP’s longer-term potential, the stock looked vulnerable after that run higher. So we quickly booked our 13.08% gain in just 11 trading days, and moved on to the next opportunity.

You’ve just seen two examples of the types of stocks our readers are making money with now. I currently have six more hot plays on our Buy List now…

And I'll be adding many more in the coming weeks from our actively managed Watch List.

Your new “Streamlined Portfolio”

Now, why do I only have “six more hot plays” on our Buy List?

Because I streamline your portfolio. I want you to only buy high quality stocks with maximum profit potential.

Which means very few make the cut at any given time.

You’ll get much richer, much faster by sitting safely on the sidelines, waiting on a few big plays… rather than throwing your money at 20 mediocre stocks, and pray that a couple of them go up.

Besides — with less than 10 stocks on our buy list at any time, you get to concentrate all of your attention on optimizing your current plays… to make sure you get all the research and information you need to track these key stocks…

…Rather than knowing just a little bit about 30 different investments.

Now, that may be okay for other strategies, like growth or value investing.

But with what I’ve shown you today… you now know that Breakouts are low-risk barn-burners!

In fact, going over our entire 2016 record….

Counting wins, losses, everything considered… you have the power to gain 6.99% every 5 weeks.

At that rate… your portfolio could MORE THAN double every two years!

And how much effort do you have to put forth for such a fabulous return?

You simply relax, and stay the heck out of the market until I email you for a quick strike…

Then cash in your winnings…


Frankly, I don’t know anywhere else you can make that much money that quickly.

Your bottom line is this:

Wall Street could be in a boom or a bust. It doesn’t matter. This system works great in volatile markets…

But this system also outperforms many others in “normal” markets. Either way…

You are in the perfect place to double your portfolio every two years.

And because I want so very much for you to experience this newfound wealth in your investing… in your life… I’d like to give you a chance to…

For the next 48 hours only:
Claim a 30-Day Test-Drive

Look, I can show you charts and gains all day long…

But it’s not the same as having closed out trades. Cash in hand. Money in the bank.

So I’m going to give you that experience for the next 30 days by giving you a risk-free introductory membership to Breakout Stocks 2.0.

It won’t cost you one cent to check out what may be THE top money-making investment advisory available today.

You can make all the cash you want for the first 30 days … and it’ll be on my dime.

You don’t have to risk a single penny… because as you test out every trade, every scrap of research, every special report…

You MUST be 100% satisfied in every way… or I will RUSH you a complete refund (More on this in a minute).

How can I have the confidence to let you take this service for a 30-day spin?

Because it’s a fact: Breakout Stocks 2.0 has made outrageous sums of money in both booms AND busts.

And since I'll be hand-picking only specially selected lower risk, higher return, ground-floor breakout picks for you…

You’ll never fear not knowing what to invest in, ever again.

In fact, I’d like to show you everything you get as part of your Breakout Stocks test drive:

  • GUARANTEED 12 Double-Digit Winners Each Year… We banked 25 double-digit winners in 2014… and despite a tough 2015 and 2016, we still banked the guaranteed 24 double-digit winners!
  • Hilary Kramer on FOX BusinessLaser-Precise “Buy Below” Prices… You get exact “Buy Below” prices for each and every stock on the Breakout Stocks 2.0 Buy List. You simply determine if a stock you want is below my buy price… then you can buy worry-free with minimal risk, at a price researched to maximize your return.
  • New Winning Stocks Every Week… Hand-picked, and screened through our rigorous 8-step formula. You get at least one new double-digit winner each week. Some will have the potential to blaze away to 35%… 50%… even 100%+.
  • TRADE ALERTS… When breakout opportunities arise, you are immediately notified to book gains or buy the next stock on the verge of a breakout. No waiting around until profits pass you by. Also, should a market correction show up on the horizon — I notify you to pull the plug, before the damage is done.
  • Weekly Updates… You’ll never invest alone as a member of Breakout Stocks 2.0. I keep in touch with you every week with my latest research and market analysis. You’ll get critical up-to-the minute intelligence on where stocks are… and where they’re going… so you can stay a step ahead of Wall Street.
  • V.I.P. Access To Our Private Website… Where you’ll find your latest issue, Stock Update Center (with daily news on our stocks, the market and so much more), as well as archives of all prior issues, updates, and alerts. Plus, you can download any and all reports from my comprehensive library of wealth building research reports, print them out, and read them at your leisure.
  •  for your FREE Report!PLUS, if you respond in the next 48 hours, I’ll send you a FREE copy of my brand-new special report: 3 Secret Indicators GUARANTEE You 12 Double-Digit Wins Every 12 Months! This report contains all you’ll need to know about my NEW technical indicators, and how I put them to work to deliver double-digit returns in a matter of weeks. It’s yours FREE!

As you've seen, the stocks I recommend in Breakout Stocks 2.0 move fast, so I must hear from you in the next 48 hours. The clock is ticking.

It’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Because…

Finally, financial independence
is within your grasp!

Hilary KramerI’m committed to helping you take your portfolio to new heights for the rest of 2017… and beyond.

Why do I feel compelled to help individual investors like you?

Because I absolutely love what I’m doing. Helping and advocating for individual investors is my passion.

You see, I didn’t grow up rich … Nor did the people I grew up with. My family. My friends. And when I went to Wall Street, even though I was considered one of the insiders… I sure never felt like one.

I couldn’t wait to get back home… and back to the kinds of people who make sense to me. The salt-of-the-earth kind of people who’ve made America what it is.

They have a dream. And their dream is to achieve what we all want, and that’s the "American Dream!" To earn wealth. To become rich.

And that’s a noble goal. Because it allows you to protect your family and retire worry-free.

I made my first million at age 30. And I retired from the power corridors in Wall Street at age 37, and I returned to find my roots, and work with the kind of people I’ve known all my life…

Not the stuffed-shirt self-important Hedge Fund managers I’ve made millions for.

Those are the type of people I could easily charge $5,000 a year for the intensively researched stream of picks every month in the new and improved Breakout Stocks.

But let me lay it on the line: if I liked working with those kinds of people, I’d still be with them. I’m not.

However, I’ve wanted to keep Breakout Stocks 2.0 within everyone’s reach. In particular, my kind of people’s reach.

Which means I’m not going to charge you the $1,995 membership fee, which is what I’ve been advised to charge. I just think that’s too high to get my advice into the hands of the individual investors I want to help.

Yeah, sure, some people have told me… for getting a new double-digit winner or two every month, even a high price like $1,995 a year would be a bargain.

These people would say $1,995 is entirely affordable…

Because they’d pay for their membership fee from their future wins. That’s what a Breakout Stocks 2.0 test-drive does for you. It almost gives you the opportunity to get your membership fee back.

So you can see why some people would willingly plop down $1,995 up-front. They may get that paid back to them in a few short weeks — and have the rest of the year for free.

However, even though my publisher usually charges $1,995 for this service.

If you are willing to act within the next 48 hours, you can get everything above…

A bundle well worth $1,995 a year…

…for a mere fraction of that price.

Why? Because my new and improved Breakout Stocks 2.0 with all the new bells, whistles, and more has the ability to double your portfolio every year.

So for the next 48 hours only, you can claim a one-year membership spot for just $295.

If you're not ready to commit for a full year, you can test-drive my system for just $29 for 30 days.

So go ahead, click the button below, and get your test drive started:

 to Claim Your Test-Drive Now

But know this:

Either way, you have a
life-changing decision in front of you now

It’s all up to you.

We both agree on the right thing to do here… but I can’t click the button for you.

So it’s your choice:

You can continue to sit on the sidelines in fear, as taxes and inflation eat up your nest egg.

You can live in fear over every penny you could lose… and every opportunity you will lose, when you see the stocks I’m revealing make their breakouts.

You can fear outliving your money. Having to choose someday between being dependent on your kids — or the government — or being broke and alone.

I’ve heard that some people think living in fear keeps them safe: they’re always on the lookout for danger. Keeps them extra vigilant. Keeps their guard up.

But it also keeps them in poverty. They won’t take reasonable opportunities, so they miss the gains that are rightfully theirs.

So now you are at a crossroads…

You need to choose the right thing for yourself, your family, and your financial security.

In case you’re afraid to invest, please understand… for anyone over 50, living in fear is a fast-track to the poorhouse.

Without enough money, you’ll face growing taxes, inflation, and medical bills…

Not to mention the missed opportunities by not being in the market when you could have gotten your double-digit wins.

Instead, you can claim your life back again…

Because Breakout Stocks 2.0 can erase your money fears forever.

You can step up and take charge of your financial future with a risk-free test drive membership. Join my community of successful investors at Breakout Stocks, who are cashing in hand-over-fist.

So please don’t hesitate — not even for a second. Because the only risk you face is missing out on these oversized wins!

Click the button below to join Breakout Stocks now:

 to Claim Your Test-Drive Now

This may be the best offer you’ll see this year.

But there is a catch…

Remember, you only have 48 hours to claim a membership spot. After that time, the window on this savings slams shut.

Please, I urge you… don’t let that happen to you. Because when you add in everything you’re getting…

Description: Hilary KramerPLUS the gains you’ll make during this volatile market — without worries or fear…

I think you‘ll agree — this is an offer you can’t afford to miss.

But the clock’s ticking.

Claim your discounted test-drive now… before the 48 hours are up!

I want you to start banking quick-hitting double-digit winners, stringing them together for monstrous gains…

No matter whether the markets are in a boom OR a bust.

Click the button below now. You really should. It’s just a test-drive, after all.

 to Claim Your Test-Drive Now


Hilary Kramer
Editor, Breakout Stocks 2.0

P.S. Your days of losing money in the markets are numbered…It’s time for you to start pocketing one or more double-digit winners every month like my members do, year after year.

But it expires in just 48 hours. Claim your test-drive now:

 to Claim Your Test-Drive Now

P.P.S. If you don’t change your investing now — then when will you?

This opportunity is too important to let it pass you by. It’s about time you joined us. I’d love to have you along. Because you’re about to change your life forever, and I want to help you celebrate it.

Click the button above NOW… so from this day forward, you will no longer feel uncertain about making an investment in ANY market environment.


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