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    The Apple of Drone Stocks

    What is The Apple of Drone Stocks? Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), or more commonly known as drones, are starting to become a favorite among hobbyists, techies and video junkies. Used by the military for decades the technology is now becoming viable for civilian and commercial use. The Teal Group estimates that over the next decade […] More

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    The Hyper Fi Stock

    The Hyper Fi Stock Ruckus Wireless went public near the end of 2012 at $15 per share and quickly rose to a peak of $24 before interest waned and brought the share down to its current state, which has been floating around $10 for a while now. The company, known for its “carrier class” WiFi […] More

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    Yahoo! (YHOO) A New Beginning

    Yahoo! (YHOO) A New Beginning Yahoo! Reaches (another) huge milestone with its five year, Mozilla Firefox deal. If you are unaware, Firefox is one of the most popular web browser on the internet. According to Wikipedia, as of February 2014, Firefox has between 12% and 22% of worldwide usage, making it, per different sources, the […] More

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    What Is The Executive Dividend Program?

    What Is The Executive Dividend Program? Executive Dividends The Executive Dividend Program or “EDP” as it is referred to is simply investing with Warrants. This isn’t the legal document that leads to an arrest. So what is a warrant? A warrant, could be thought of as similar to a call option, but issued and guaranteed […] More

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    Panakeia 604

    What stock is developing Panakeia 604?  Keep reading as we figure out what Pat Cox is talking about. We’ve seen this one pop up before.  Panakeia the goddess of healing. When used in reference to a medical treatment, this implies that the medical treatment is some sort of cure-all or panacea.  From the days of […] More

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    Tiny Gold Stock set for possible breakout

    What is the “Tiny Gold Stock set for possible breakout? So you’ve seen the teaser “Tiny Gold Stock set for possible breakout“.  Very intriguing indeed.  In fact, if you have listened to promo on the splash page, you’ll hear that this “explosive mining stock” has initiated a $20 million share buy back, and that it […] More

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    Have you received your Federally Mandated gas rebate yet?

    How To Collect Your First All American Gas Rebate Check It starts out like this….. “Fellow Investor, Some smart Americans have begun collecting checks from a little-known government-guaranteed program. It allows them to receive regular rebates for gasoline from the oil industry. (In some cases, people are filling up their tanks at no cost!)  These rebates […] More

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    Bill Gates Just Bought $571 Million of This Stock

    Bill Gates Just Bought $571 Million of This Stock What stock did Bill Gates buy $571 million of?  This caught your attention surely, one of the world’s richest men didn’t get that way by making unwise investments decisions, in fact quite the opposite.   But what company would someone as rich as Bill Gates, dump over […] More

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    Ceiling Cat is Watching You Trade!

    Ceiling Cat is Watching You Trade! Do you ever get that feeling that someone is watching you? That’s because you may have had a visit from Ceiling Cat. He watches everything! Ceiling Cat is watching you trade! Did you buy that stock at .1, it shot up to .14, you were all happy with yourself […] More

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    The SMAC Revolution Could Make You Rich

    The SMAC Revolution Could Make You Rich – Investments On The Horizon “We’ve arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology.” – Carl Sagan If you haven’t noticed yet, we are all connected. Electronically that is. From social media to smart phones, the world is a very electronically social […] More

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    Duke Street Trusts – What Are They?

    Duke Street Trusts – What Are They? What are Duke Street Trusts? The answer might surprise you. The name Duke Street refers to the address of TMF (The Motley Fool) headquarters 2000 Duke St, Alexandria, VA 22314. TMF has had some great long term holds in the past, like NFLX, AMZN, and PCLN. This round […] More

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