Blue Horseshoe Stocks: GETH Special Report


Green EnviroTech Holdings Corp. GETH – Special Report

As we mentioned in yesterday's special reminder, we've got a new item of interest to present this morning. That stock is GETH, which has been building on the chart over the past few sessions. A number of key indicators point to a sizable potential upside for this play, but as we always do when we take an in-depth look at a company, we want to delve into the backstory a little bit before getting to the technical aspects of the chart. 

While environmentally 'green' plays might not be the absolute height of trendiness anymore, we're still always on the lookout for any company whose core business not only serves itself, but the best interest of the planet as well.

As human populations rocket ever-upward, solutions for the growing amounts of waste must be embraced by everyone. That's why we're particularly intrigued with GETH; for its waste-to-energy process that breaks down harmful waste and extracts the by-products, particularly high grade oil, and other useful materials for sale and re-use.

Used tires and waste plastics are two of the most voluminous and harmful constituents of the growing waste problem plaguing America's landfills, and the GETH Technology Solution for waste-to-energy (and usable raw materials) specifically targets those two elements in their treatment facilities, whose input/output highlights are specified below:

  • A typical Gen 1 tire processing plant with a single ‘Cell’ is expected to be capable of processing up to 1,500,000 end-of-life tires per year and producing approximately 6,000 tons of carbon black, 51,000 barrels of oil, and 1,800 tons of steel from that feedstock.
  • A typical Gen 1 plastic processing plant with a single ‘Cell’ is expected to be capable of processing up to 33,800,000 pounds of waste plastic per year and producing approximately 99,000 barrels of oil.

We're extremely interested in figures like those, as we said before, because they represent a win-win for GETH and the environment!



We find GETH to be attractive from a technical perspective as well, with a number of key points indicating the increasing likelihood of a significant push to the upside. 

The MACD is pinching in toward a bullish cross, while previous resistance coincides with the 50DMA of .232. A break past that point would leave a clear path to December's swing-high of .40. 

We've also prepared a short video presentation of the GETH Chart:


For More Info on GETH, visit:

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