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  • Our Pick Is On Fire Today!

    PSP Free Members, LOGL is absolutely ON FIRE right now!  LOGL absolutely surged to a high of $1.45 today, on over 2.7 Million shares (and we’re only the half-way through the trading day!) At the time of this writing LOGL is up 19% for the day, with no signs of slowing down! Just this morning, […] More

  • 2012

    Weekend Alert 3-17-2012 – Email Ad Some people do weekends, I don’t. I am working on a report and will be releasing it tomorrow night. Watch your inbox for my Big report Sunday. I have noticed an alarming trend among some of these so called "Robin Hood" newsletters so I wanted to give you a […] More

  • QUMI Will Be Featured In Tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal

    Good morning readers and welcome new subscribers.   In case you missed last night’s email, our Easter alert is QUMI (Quamtel Inc.)   Last night we sent you our report on QUMI and why we think it NEEDS to be on your watchlist Monday into Tuesday. We’ve been told that a large awareness campaign is […] More

  • The Secret Wealth Investment That Yields Up To 17.3% | Subscribe | Archives | About Us | Premium Content | Research Reports Revealed: The Secret Wealth Investment That Yields Up To 17.3% By Andy Obermueller April 10, 2013 It’s an idea that the richest and most powerful people in the business world almost never say out loud. But takeover king Wilbur Ross knows […] More


    Penny Stock Research Hot Penny Stocks:  RFMI, SATC, XRIT By Gordon Lewis Wednesday, April 18, 2012 It’s been an exciting week for penny stocks, especially for RF Monolithics (RFMI), Satcon Technology (SATC), and X-Rite (XRIT). Let’s take a closer look at these three big movers… RF Monolithics (RFMI) RFMI develops wireless connectivity products for industrial […] More

  • Breakout Momentum Alert For Wednesday!

      PSP Free Members, ERBB (Tranzbyte Corporation) is now on immediate alert, as it appears it could be ramping up for a major move up the charts! This is a sub-penny medical marijuana company that has been getting a great deal of attention over the last few days, and has been steadily trending higher over […] More

  • *Early Friday Release* Acquisition News! Details Inside…

    PSP Free Members, I’m sending out an ‘early alert’ to all members before the weekend!   I know we normally don’t have alerts on Friday, but I believe this particular stock could be an absolute MONSTER next week, due to some big news released today, so I wanted to get it out to members ASAP! The […] More

  • 2012

    Mid Day Report for Thursday 2-17 Watch List for Friday 4-13-2012       Momentum – ZOOM       Zoom Technologies, Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates as a technology company that engages in electronic and telecommunication product design, development, and manufacturing.   ****************************************************************************   Volume – MWWC           […] More

  • AEDC finds Huge Oil-Deposit, Shares may hit $27

    Dear Stock Enthusaist Reader: Please find below a special message from our sponsoring advertiser, Eric Dickson's Breakaway Stocks. They have important information to share with you. Thank you. -Scott Neptune, Publisher "Forget Texas, Forget Alaska…Michigan Is The New King Of American Oil! And Undiscovered AEDC’s Massive Oil Discovery Could Make Us Rich!" While Jr. Resource […] More

  • Reports a 29 Percent Increase In Q1 Sales!

      PSP Free Members,   As a reminder our new pick is IMMD!   I believe IMMD could absolutely surge in the coming sessions, and as an added bonus, the company just reported a 29% increase in Q1 sales, and a 32% increase in gross profit! IMMD has been gaining steady momentum over the last […] More

  • NSRS signs loi to acquire interested in 1.7billion + actively producing mine! – Newsletter     Today’s pick is: NSRS     Hi Everyone,  For our new subscribers, Welcome!  NSRS just released some of the most fantastic and most promising news we have seen so far! Everyone who was not patient enough may soon regret it! The company may be in full gold production overnight very soon as […] More


    Penny Stock Research Hot Penny Stocks:  GRH, TBET, GV By Gordon Lewis Wednesday, February 29, 2012 It’s been an exciting week for penny stocks, especially for GreenHunter Energy (GRH), Tibet Pharmaceuticals (TBET), and Goldfield (GV). Let’s take a closer look at these three big movers… GreenHunter Energy (GRH) It's been a big week and a […] More

  • 2012 *SPECIAL REPORT Tomorrow Night!!!

    Mid Day Report for Thursday 2-17 Watch List for Wednesday 4-4-2012     "SPECIAL REPORT" Tomorrow Night!!!! Watch for our Email!!!   Congrats to all of our subscribers that profited on last night’s alert HBRM! H.O.D. +33%!         Momentum – CATA      Catalyst Resource Group, Inc. intends to acquire technologies […] More

  • MDRM is Our New Pick! Acquisition News in Play – Details Inside

    Penny Stock Club   Breaking: MDRM is Our New Pick! Acquisition News in Play!     Fellow Members, We hope that everyone is having a profitable trading week! We are very happy to announce that we have discovered a company that appears to be on the verge of a major price surge! Without delay, our […] More

  • SNPK’s Clotamin to be sold at Navarro Pharmacies – Newsletter     Today’s pick is: SNPK     Hi everyone, to all our new subscribers; welcome.     SNPK is holding onto its gains, and seems to be headed into the green on the day very quickly!   The company just announced that Clotamin will be sold at Navarro discount pharmacies in South Florida. […] More

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  • SNPK enters agreement to introduce Clotamin to UK & Europe!

      Today’s pick is: SNPK Dear Valued Subscriber,   SNPK closed up almost 5% today on gigantic volume. We think that today showed us how stable and comfortable SNPK is in the almost $2 range. The company is working very hard on its international expansion. Just a few days ago SNPK announced the distribution of Clotamin […] More

  • Releases Breaking News This Morning!

    PSP Free Members, PIEX released breaking news this morning regarding its patented molecular process being requested by another multinational corporation!  (read more) This could be just the catalyst PIEX needs to continue its move up the charts!   PIEX (Pioneer Exploration Inc.) just hit my radar yesterday, currently trading at $0.23 cents.  The stock is […] More

  • New 5 Star Pick on AAPH! Easy Triple Bagger! Must Read!

    Trouble viewing this email?   IN CASE YOU MISSED LAST NIGHT’S EMAIL, HERE IT IS ONE MORE TIME… Dear Fellow Subscribers, After countless hours of extensive research and LAST WEEK’s 300% GAINER we have found the next Break Out of the week! Our next New Pick is American Petro-Hunter Inc.(OTCBB:AAPH) AAPH is a goal-oriented exploration […] More

  • Takeover price for EMPO increasing

    Strongest Buy: Empowered Products (EMPO) 2nd week – April 2012 A bidding war has started for Empowered Products (EMPO) Here’s how YOU get Rich from their fight Procter & Gamble versus Johnson & Johnson You can buy EMPO right now for $1.25 – Buy EMPO now and let the world’s two largest conglomerates give You […] More

  • New Rockin Stock Alert on GLTV- Merger Alert!

    Trouble viewing this email?   In case you missed this email, here it is one more time… Dear Fellow Subscribers,We have completed our extensive preparations and are thrilled to announce that our new pick is GLTV! Put this stock on your watchlist and begin your research NOW! More details below… GLTV (Greenlite Ventures, Inc.)We are […] More

  • GETH is Our New Pick! Begin Your Research Right Away! Must Read

    PennyStock Pros    Breaking: GETH is Our New Pick! Begin Your Research Right Away!       Fellow Members, Another trading day is just around the corner and we have a new pick that will make tomorrow’s trading session very exciting! With the price of gas rising at a dramatic rate as well as the growing […] More

  • New Rockin Stock Alert on BCDH- Read Now for our Next Winner!

    Trouble viewing this email?   In case you missed it last night, here is our NEW ROCKIN STOCK ALERT ONE MORE TIME… GET READY! Welcome Fellow Investors and New Subscribers, Put BCDH on your radar NOW!Now BCDH, or Black Castle Developments Holdings, Inc., is a holding company focused on the merger and acquisition of undervalued, […] More

  • New 5 Star Pick on MSTG! Easy Triple Bagger! Must Read!

    Trouble viewing this email?   Just in case you missed it, here is the email one more time… Dear Investors, Our last pick NYXO ran over 100%, and our new pick is poised to do even better! Did You Make a Killing On Any Of These Recent Red-Hot Jr. Gold Stocks? Crocodile Gold (CRK.TO) exploded […] More

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