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If your reading this, then you are either interested in investing in penny stocks or already know that investing in penny stocks is one the fastest ways to make big money. Everyday penny stocks give gains of 100% and more, some times you'll see gains of upwards of 1000%. The trick is to capture these gains on a consistent basis. So how do you do that?

We, the editors of PennyMotion, started out as typical penny stock investors, just like you, well over 10 years ago. We have found ways to remain profitable in the penny stock market. One of the best ways is to be in tune with the ebbs and flow of the penny stock market.

If you have been around the penny stocks market for any amount of time, you have probably already found out what moves penny stocks. It's exposure. But how do these small penny stocks get their exposure? Sure, a penny stock company can put out some great news, but what difference does it make if no one is reading it?

Penny stock companies aren't afforded the luxury of coverage from Wall Street firms, they turn to alternate means to get the word out about their company, such as penny stock newsletters.

Penny stock newsletters are the primary choice for penny stock company coverage and most often the best way for penny stock investors to keep track of potentially hot penny stocks.

At PennyMotion we track only the top penny stock newsletters in the industry. Its ok to be subscribed to several penny stock newsletters, but if your a member of too many, your email box will soon become cluttered. This makes it hard for you to sort through profitable information. A great way around this is to come to on a daily basis, throughout the day, to see what's hot.

Remember for real time tracking of HOT in the penny stock market.

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