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As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with the safety and profits you require, here's a look at some of the top investment strategies we've uncovered that will deliver big yields under any market conditions.

The Government-Approved $3 Trillion Ponzi That's Stealing Your Retirement

Philip Springer

Forget about Social Security. That's the least of your worries. A $3 trillion Ponzi scheme is about to unravel – possibly taking down the U.S. economy along with it. Find out how you can bulletproof your life savings with a new breed of safe-haven investments that can return 110%, 179%, even 582%. Details here.

14 Stocks Warren Buffett Would Love to Buy But Can't–Because He's Too Rich

Jim Fink

These are the kinds of explosive stocks that put Warren Buffett on the path to his fortune. Buffett can no longer buy them. They're too small. But nothing's stopping you.

Buffett himself claims that if you buy stocks like these, you should be able to earn “50% a year in the stock market.” Get the full story here.

Get rich with this gorilla

David Dittman

Investors who know this secret are retiring in a decade…or less. Most are millionaires. How?

They're teaming up with a 900-pound gorilla. A gorilla that's made investors 1,238% richer in 3 years…or 2,176% richer in 10 years. Now the gorilla has a new investment – one that could secure your financial future…and your children's and grandchildren's. Yup. It's that big!

Big enough potential to make you 600% richer in the next few quarters…and pay out a hefty monthly dividend. Wall Street is currently clueless. So you're in before the price surge. You owe it to your family to spend the next 5 minutes reading about the gorilla here.

Two Reasons Obamacare is a Solid Bet to Fatten Your Retirement Portfolio

Philip Springer

Although Obamacare includes regulatory changes adding complexity to the healthcare industry, there are two reasons the law creates more investment opportunities than it quashes:

  1. The worst possible outcome, a single-payer system, didn't come to pass. We Americans still have a greater degree of control over our healthcare choices than most other citizens in the developed world. That means there's still plenty of room for competition among healthcare companies, especially since the pool of potential customers will expand by 30 million newly insured.
  2. Baby-boomers will intensify the swollen demand for health services, making healthcare one of the biggest growth sectors for decades to come. Boomers are becoming eligible for full Medicare coverage at an average rate of about 10,000 per day – over three-and-a-half million per year – a trend which will continue for much of the next decade.

All told, the demand for healthcare-related products and services will grow dramatically over the coming decades. I know a dozen companies in superb position for a huge profit surge. It's a rare windfall-profit opportunity for investors who seize the moment right now and invest BEFORE Obamacare kicks into high gear. Go here for… EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW.

How Ronald Reagan's “Loophole” Can Make You Rich

Igor Greenwald

On October 22, 1986, Ronald Reagan gave investors a powerful, tax-advantaged tool that still works today. That's the day he signed the Tax Reform Act of 1986. It lowered taxes for everybody. But buried deep in the document was a “loophole” designed to make investors rich off this new type of investment – while deferring taxes for decades…even forever!

We're averaging 91.8% returns with a hefty 7% average dividend yield. So to build your wealth and ensure your golden retirement the Ronald Reagan way, .

See Why One Trader Calls This Investing Approach “a License to Print Money”

Jim Fink

Imagine having payouts like $4,000, $1,150 and $2,250 deposited in your bank account EVERY MONTH! Those are exactly the kind of steady payouts a select group of traders saw in the last 12 months. Now you can join them and start making money on 80% of your trades – guaranteed. Find out how.

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