4 Big Media Lies that will Sabotage Your Portfolio in 2017

Media Lies Could Wreck Your Portfolio

Fellow Investor,

The half-truths, deceptions and outright lies the media are telling about Donald Trump are outrageous.

  • They’ve driven his approval ratings down to the lowest of any incoming president ever.
  • They’ve savaged his cabinet choices as cronies, crooks and corporate stooges.
  • Every new Executive Order that fulfills a campaign promise is greeted with shock and outrage.  

He’s only been in office for three weeks and they’re trying to paint his Presidency as a total failure.

But the media isn’t just trying to cripple Trump…

Big Media Lies Are Also Sabotaging Your Investments

Just as the media boldly declared Trump the enemy and set out to destroy him, they’re also ignoring or covering up vital facts about how to be a successful investor in 2017.

This briefing reveals 4 big lies the media is telling about investing in the Trump Era—Lies so powerful that they ensure you have almost no chance to make money if you believe them.  

Read on and you’ll not only learn the truth about the economy, the Fed, stocks, and gold…you’ll also get a conservative investing strategy that has nearly doubled the market averages since 2000 without a single losing year.

The mainstream media won’t tell you any of this.  

The only way to learn what’s really going on is to


Signed by Richard C. Young
Richard C. Young
Editor, Intelligence Report



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