2nd Quarter Stock Market Surprise

The 2nd Quarter
Stock Market Surprise

The Coming Correction Will Give You the
Best Buying Opportunity of 2017

Fellow Investor,

Here we go again!

The Dow Jones Industrials hit another all-time high.

Investors who don’t want to be left behind are throwing money at stocks of all kinds.

But investors who don’t buy smart right now are going to get HAMMERED.

I’m talking about big losses — the kind that scare you out of the market for good and cost you far more in worry and regret than just the money you’ve lost.

Why? The stock market euphoria in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s inauguration is getting out of hand.

When the Dow can soar 303 points just because Trump didn’t yell at the press or insult the Supreme Court during his address to Congress, you know we’re in a stock market bubble.

15 new record highs so far in 2017 are just one sign we’re in bubble territory.

More and more industries are looking overbought. The highest-priced S&P sectors show you that investors drank the bull market Kool-Aid and went back for seconds:

  • Boring old Consumer Staples stocks are flying off the shelf—20.4 P/E
  • Travel, luxury goods sellers and non-essential retailers that fall under Consumer Discretionary are also getting taken out for a spin—19.2 P/E
  • And the Energy sector that was flat on its back a year ago has hit a gusher—28.1 P/E under

So don’t be surprised when these leading industries and sectors hit an air pocket in the second quarter, which will drag down the broad market indexes for at least a week or two, maybe longer.

Make no mistake—a pullback is coming, and because few players are expecting it, the dip could prove surprisingly intense.

But that’s not the real surprise of investing in 2017. It’s…

This Market Still Has Room to Run—If You Know Where to Look

AFTER the pullback, I’m forecasting investor optimism and solid profits for the through the first half of the year, and likely the rest of 2017.

Why am I so confident that “Trump Effect” will sustain the bull market?

Take a look at this chart right here:

Trump Could Turbo-Charge My Top 4 Money-Making Trends!

I don’t know your investing style, but I like simple investing themes that don’t depend on new technology, or climate change, or government policies or anything that can be easily disrupted.

As Peter Lynch once said, “Invest in businesses any idiot could run, because someday one will.”

I’m no idiot, but I want to place my bets on sure things.

That’s why I’m focused on 4 Money-Making Trends in 2017–because President-Elect Trump is likely to boost these trends from powerful to unstoppable:

  1. The global population is growing older every year and seniors are going to spend to preserve their health and wellness. Trump’s goal of reforming ObamaCare and promoting innovation means health care stocks are locked-in winners.
  2. The 4 billion people in emerging economies are spend “big-league” on goods and services that make their lives better. If Trump is serious about negotiating better trade deals to help American exporters, you could see a real renaissance among manufacturers.
  3. There’s cheap oil and gas under our feet, and Trump has promised to boost infrastructure spending to get it to market faster and roll back the regulations that Obama used to restrict exploration and drilling.
  4. After nearly 8 years of cheap money, the Fed is finally allowing rising interest rates. Trump’s plan for major defense and infrastructure spending, plus a serious tax reform plan, could accelerate the baked-in-the-cake trend toward higher interest rates.

A LOT of money is going to be lost in 2017 by investors gambling on what Trump might do.

Join me today and you’ll profit from powerful trends already in motion that Trump will likely accelerate.

This huge spike in business confidence is unlike anything we’ve seen in the last decade.

Businesses with more confidence hire more, invest more, advertise more…and all that kicks off more growth down the line in their suppliers, vendors, employees and customers.

This trend is big, and it’s not going away any time soon. That’s a big factor in why I’m maintaining a big exposure to stocks (and why you should too), but it’s not the only reason.

Here are three more Trump-centric reasons why I’m betting on the bull:

  • Trump is a dealmaker. Bluster and loose talk are a part of how he operates, but at heart, he wants to get things done. When choosing between getting half a policy loaf or none, he’ll take the half, and create a self-reinforcing narrative as a gridlock-breaker.
  • With the help of a Republican Congress, Trump is poised to enact major tax cuts for business and modest tax cuts for individuals. As we saw with Reagan in 1982 and 1986, Clinton in 1994 and George W. Bush in 2001, tax cuts are the fuel a growing economy needs.
  • Health care reform will take longer, but it’s still very doable. Trump and the GOP have campaigned for so long on “repeal and replace” that they’d be committing political suicide if they got nothing done. Even modest reforms that pared back the job-killing regulations of ObamaCare would be a big shot in the arm for businesses and the economy.

There are risks that Trump could go too far or screw it all up somehow, but I think the combination of factors I’ve just outlined are all pointing toward the bull surviving the correction and powering higher.

To keep your risk at a minimum, you’ll want to focus your buying on 4 big trends that are going to generate the lion’s share of growth for investors over the next decade.

Beating the S&P 500
Since 2000

My Profitable Investing approach has now trounced the S&P 500 for over 16 years straight!

The following chart tells the tale of how a $10,000 investment would have fared under the S&P 500 and under my stewardship:

S&P 500 Profitable
$10,000 $10,000
2000 $9,090 $12,400
2001 $8,009 $13,280
2002 $6,239 $10,571
2003 $8,029 $12,707
2004 $8,902 $13,850
2005 $9,339 $14,626
2006 $10,814 $17,156
2007 $11,408 $16,779
2008 $7,187 $12,433
2009 $9,088 $15,230
2010 $10,456 $16,875
2011 $10,677 $17,297
2012 $12,107 $19,009
2013 $16,401 $20,606
2014 $18,646 $22,399
2015 $18,904 $21,548
2016 $21,172 $24,155

Or, if you’re visually inclined, you’ll like this comparison:

The bottom line? My advisory service, Profitable Investing, has produced 30% more profits on an initial $10,000 investment than the S&P 500 since 2000. Not bad for a “conservative investor” who always holds a hefty chunk of bonds and cash!

3 simple principles made it happen.

  1. We play the big money-making trends by balancing stocks with bonds to constantly pile up income. We make a little less in bull markets, but we lose a LOT less in bear markets.
  2. We focus on stocks that pay dividends—a sure sign of quality, cash flow and good management.
  3. We don’t panic when stocks go down and we avoid overpriced investment fads like the Internet bubble and the commodity craze in favor of buying into low-risk trends where the odds are in our favor.

Invest the Profitable Investing way… now to try my advisory service 100% risk-free.

And by “growth,” I mean growth in revenues, cash flow and profits for companies — and yes, capital gains for you and me.

In the next few minutes, I’ll show you how to get all of the upside of these powerful trends with as little of the downside as possible.

I’ll also reveal the secret that has made my readers 6 times richer since I first unveiled it.

Our 2017 Profits Could Be Some of Our Biggest Ever

My name is Richard Band and I’ll tell you all about my approach in a moment, but the most important thing you should know is this: I’ll never promise you a “low-risk” investment that will provide you a fantastic return.

A reasonable return, yes. That’s our wheelhouse. But fantastic $10-for-$1 windfalls and all that other nonsense you hear from stock touts? Forget about it.

Even thinking about the kind of risk those sorts of investments require makes my skin crawl.

But what you can do, with a little guidance from me, is make smart bets that can pay off remarkably well, considering they have limited downside.

Even in the dark days of the coming stock market correction.

That’s why I’ve sent you this bulletin: To tell you about specific investments you can add to your portfolio that allow you to capture a good portion of the upside in the most powerful money-making trends at play today with only a fraction of the risk other investors are taking.

The coming correction will give us the best buying opportunity of the last 5 years to snap up world-class stocks at Dollar General prices.

Starting with…

Money-Making Trend #1:
76 Million Baby Boomers Ensure That
This Trend Has Staying Power

With 76 million baby boomers retiring in the next two decades and health care regulation mandating expansion of coverage, health care plays are a mortal lock to keep going strong far into the future.

Buying into this trend means you profit from two of the most unstoppable trends in the investing world:

  • The incredible wave of new innovations in health care
  • The demographic tidal wave of aging citizens around the world

Here’s a graph that shows how fast the cohort of 65+ Americans has grown since 1950 — and projects how huge it’s going to be over the next 35 years.

That’s more than double the seniors here in the U.S. And triple the number of 85+ seniors.

Add in the rapidly aging societies of Europe, not to mention hundreds of millions of elderly Chinese and Indians and citizens of other emerging countries and you’ve got the single most powerful wealth-building trend of the next half-century.

I have my eye on winners in every area of health care:

  • Medical devices
  • Button: You Risk NOTHING! Try Profitable Investing TODAY!Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Lasers, 3D printers and other new technologies
  • Hospitals and rehab care facilities
  • Eldercare facilities
  • Electronic record-keeping

But how are you going to get your share?

Two Ways to Get Well With Health Care Stocks

At the moment, I’m finding a number of great buys among the pharmaceutical stocks and my favorite is a gem—a global leader in both biotechnology and conventional medicines. It’s Roche Holding AB (NASDAQ: RHHBY).

Roche’s main drivers of revenue growth today are a pair of blockbuster cancer therapies, but it’s also got a very promising multiple sclerosis drug in the pipeline as well. The company has a deep commitment to R&D that has paid off again and again. In fact, it’s the only company to win 13 “Breakthrough Therapy Designations from the US Food and Drug Administration.

Its big research operation is one reason I favor it over the small biotechs that are betting it all on just one breakthrough drug.

Sure, the Gilead or Celgene that hits it big is fun, but scores of small pharmas burn through their cash without ever reaching the finish line…or their research simply never holds up…or they can’t navigate the maze of tests, trials, and approvals to get to a marketable drug.

The best part of the Roche story is that the company is temporarily on sale. You see, another drug company in need of cash owns a third of my favorite drug company’s shares. And whenever Wall Street hears that a big block of stock is about to be moved, they like to mark down the entire company as if it should be on sale.

Act now and you can pick up the shares at a nice discount to its real value and lock in abnormally high capital gains from a true blue chip.

Throw in a 5-year average dividend of 3.24% and you’ve got a stock I’ll likely be holding for years. No wonder it’s my favorite of the half-dozen pharma stocks in my portfolio right now.

I’m also seeing outstanding value in REITs that focus on the health care sector.

My favorite is the largest dedicated owner of medical office buildings in the US.

The company not only has a huge tailwind of health care spending behind it, it’s a smart operator with a first-rate management team.

While many health care REITs are struggling to keep up with the shifting sands of health care regulation, this company is running on all cylinders. Its buildings are 92% leased, with 82% tenant retention and an average of over 5 years of locked-in lease agreements across all its buildings.

By focusing much of its investment on fast-growing Sun Belt communities like Phoenix, Dallas, and Atlanta, it ensures a steady growth rate in new buildings, revenues and earnings.

So it’s no wonder that the company has generated a 175% total return over the last 10 years, doubling the return of the S&P500 and nearly quadrupling that of the US REIT Index.

A 4.1% yield keeps you building wealth no matter what’s happening in the rest of the market.

As with any investment, the key is getting in at the right price, something I obsess about.

For the full details on these two exciting companies, I’ve just put the finishing touches on a new report called 8 MegaTrend Winners for 2017. It puts you in the driver’s seat to profiting from the 4 powerful trends I’m telling you about today.

I’ll show you how to get this powerful new report for FREE in just a moment, but first, let’s talk about:

Money-Making Trend #2:
The Rise of the Global Middle Class

As big as the health care trend is, this one will likely end up even bigger.

Easily the most undervalued high-growth opportunity available to you is Emerging Markets.

Investors dumped EM stocks in 2013 because of too much risk and much easier profits to be had in the U.S.

But 30%+ returns in a single year for the U.S. market comes along only once a decade or so.

In emerging markets, big years are far more common, because these companies are just plain growing faster than a mature market like the U.S., Japan or Europe.

Here’s one illustration of the gap between the potential returns between U.S. stocks and foreign markets.

This chart shows the ratio of total market cap to GDP — a metric that Warren Buffett himself claims to use as a general gauge of market valuation — and it suggests that U.S. stocks are priced to return a measly 2% or so per year going forward.

But just look at the fantastic returns projected for many international markets!

The potential returns for China and Russia are north of 25% and many frontier markets farther off the beaten path will grow even faster.

Obviously, these are just projections based on past growth rates and current valuations, but when you aim for the sweet spot in these developed markets — consumer products being sold to a fast-growing new middle class — the returns on the best stocks in these markets is truly astronomical.

This is how you make the same kind of profits as early owners of Colgate-Palmolive (up 4,980% since 1978), Procter & Gamble (up 3,186%) and Wal-Mart, (up 89,541%).

And that’s the key to safely investing in this trend: Own developed-world stocks that have mastered the art of branding, distributing and marketing to the emerging world.

Investing this way gives you all the upside of that fast growth of populations, of buying power, of an exploding new global middle class… but none of the downside of corrupt governments, burdensome regulations, currency fluctuations, political instability, and much more.

Owning a slug of emerging markets is always a good idea, and it’s especially smart right now, when “emerging markets” are dirty words to many investors.

Investors are taking a second look now, but the odds are high they’ll only return after the big money has been made.

Their Shortsightedness is Our Opportunity

The safest way to profit from the growth in emerging markets is the path I’m following with my own investments:

U.S. and European blue chips with strong franchises that have proven they know how to sell to the emerging markets consumer.

I’d counsel strongly against trying to pick winners in the emerging markets’ own stock exchanges.

It’s the Wild West out there in emerging markets stock land and your investment capital could end up in Boot Hill.

Better to stick with one of my top picks today—a European maker of many of the food items in your kitchen pantry. Currently trading at a 17% discount to its yearly high, it’s the perfect combination of growth and safety and is suitable for even the most emerging markets-phobic investor.

Thanks to smart growth strategies, its 3rd quarter sales in emerging markets outpaced its biggest European rivals by a significant amount. The stock has doubled since the financial crisis and yields a healthy 2.8%, with regular dividend boosts.

If you want to go a bit further afield, I love a company based in the U.K. but with a long history in Asia. In fact, this firm was actually started with an office in Hong Kong in 1865, and developed deep ties in Thailand, the Philippines and other major Asian economies nearly a hundred years ago.

This is a true powerhouse—one of the largest financial firms on Earth with a growing network of partnerships and relationships in almost all of the fastest-growing economies around the world.

It’s a diverse enterprise, to be sure, but it’s darn effective at generating cash flow and paying dividends.

In fact, the current annual payout is nearly 6%–double or triple the measly payout of major U.S. financial firms like Wells Fargo, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase. Considering the potential here, this is the one Asian stock I think you just might be able to own for the rest of your life.

Complete details on both these gems can be found in the free report I mentioned earlier — 8 MegaTrend Winners for 2017.

Money-Making Trend #3:
Interest Rates are a Hot Air Balloon
That Can’t be Denied

Interest rates really ARE going to continue to rise, and it will be a game-changer for fixed-income investors of all stripes.

In fact, I’m anticipating that I’ll be issuing a major sell signal for many types of fixed income investments in the next 12 months, and you do not want to miss it.

I don’t issue such warnings lightly — only a handful in the last 30 years — so believe me when I tell you this will change everything for conservative investors.

With this flip of the switch your whole approach to bonds and bond-like investments must change to match the brave new world of rising interest rates.

Here’s why: The 30-year period of falling interest rates has run its course. It’s provided a tailwind to bond returns for three decades, but now that party is over.

That means there’s a real wealth-robber just around the corner for conservative investors: Capital losses on your bonds.

You see, when interest rates rise, old bonds that pay lower amounts of income are simply less attractive. Investors sell them to trade up to higher-paying issues.

That causes their prices to fall and if you own them, the hit you can take can be quite painful.

Forgive me for covering these basics, but I hear all the time from investors who are surprised that the value of their fixed income holdings can go down when interest rates go up.

Yes, they’re still getting interest payments, but years of interest can be wiped out in weeks by ugly capital losses.

3 big factors tell me that interest rates are going up and they won’t be stopped:

  • The Federal Reserve — the most powerful financial entity on the planet — is determined to raise the level of inflation, and that means boosting interest rates. Whether it’s because they want to increase economic growth, lower unemployment, or deflate away our massive public debt…or all three…the rates are going up.
  • The U.S. government is facing a massive entitlements burden over the next 20-30 years. You can bet that before they make painful choices like cutting benefits or raising taxes, the Feds will print money and quietly pay off those obligations with cheaper dollars.
  • The economy is picking up enough steam to stimulate higher demand for borrowing. More housing loans, rising auto sales and higher business spending all are ramping up demand for credit, which in turn boosts the interest rates private lenders can require to lend the money out.

With these trends already underway, the time to develop a new strategy for your investment portfolio and retirement savings is now.

There will be both winners and losers, and no one will work harder than me to keep you out of the red and in the black.

One big trap to avoid is buying bonds with lower credit ratings and longer maturities. Don’t do it!

In exchange for bigger yields today, you could be socked with painful capital gains losses tomorrow, or worse, even defaults on the riskiest issues.

How To Let Higher Rates Boost Your Bottom Line

My basic strategy for dealing with higher interest rates has 3 prongs.

  • First, we move our fixed-income holdings from long-term bonds to short-term bonds.

    Short-term bonds are the safer end of the yield spectrum at all times, but are especially attractive when rates are likely to rise.

    That’s because the proceeds from each bond (or group of bonds, in the case of a mutual fund) that matures can be rolled over at higher rates, protecting you from holding unattractive low-yielding bonds in a rising yields world.

    Button: Save 60% Today OnlyMy favorite bond fund right now has a duration of only 2.5 years, so we’re well-insulated from interest rate risk. Even better, it spreads its bets among a number of different bond types—mortgages, US corporate bonds, foreign bonds (including emerging markets) and more.

    As a result of excellent management, the fund has returned 8.6% per year over the last 5 years. And today’s yield is a very attractive 5.2%, or 4 times what you’d get in a short-term CD or money market account.

  • Our second strategy is to use leveraged ETFs to capture quick gains when an interest rate rise is imminent — my top pick is ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury (NYSE: TBT)

  • This is an inverse fund — as bond values go down, this ETFs value goes up. It’s perfect for profiting from rising rates because it’s leveraged 2-to-1, so a 5% loss for bonds means a 10% gain for us.

    So while other bond investors are howling with pain, we’ll be quietly counting our profits.

    Now, there is more risk with leveraged investments, but we’ll use this one only when the time is right and only hold onto it for a matter of weeks so our risk will be strictly limited. Just be sure to wait for my signal to buy.

  • Third, we’ll shift money out of bonds into vehicles like REITs and utilities that provide a high income but also have the ability to raise those dividends over time and keep pace with inflation.

You’ll find all the details in 8 MegaTrend Winners for 2017.

Money-Making Trend #4:
The U.S. Energy Boom is for Real

Unless you’ve been living under one of those oh-so-profitable rocks that are driving the shale oil and gas revolution, you’ve heard about the explosion of domestic fossil fuel supplies.

This development is truly astounding — a remarkable turnaround from the fears that we’d be hooked on oil from unfriendly foreign suppliers forever more.

No longer. Now U.S. energy development could literally be the most important driver of economic growth in America over the next 25 years.

It’s been a bumpy road to get here—the 2015 crash in oil prices wiped out many weaker players and even slashed the outlooks of giants like ExxonMobil and Chevron.

But the selling went much too far. Even after a sizable rebound in energy stocks, you still have a time to cash in on this new energy gold rush.

Don’t lose sight of just how much the world has changed. Thanks to the twin innovations of fracking and horizontal drilling, we now know that the U.S. is sitting on astounding amounts of oil and natural gas that have turned the energy world upside down:

  • Thanks to regulations and market forces, there may never be another coal-fired energy plant built in the U.S.
  • The U.S. is exporting our surplus natural gas through new liquid natural gas terminals and has grown oil exports to over 500,000 barrels a month.
  • The U.S. briefly claimed the title of world’s largest oil producer from Saudi Arabia in 2015 and will likely return to the top again.

To say that this is a game changer would be the understatement of the century. Just look at the trends in domestic oil and gas production:

Energy independence reduces the cost of production for American manufacturers, lowers transport costs, and allows the U.S. to gradually step back from its policing duties in the volatile Middle East.

Not to mention if we eliminated energy imports entirely, our trade deficit would be cut by 75% in one fell swoop… which would put the U.S. dollar and our national accounts on much firmer footing.

Of course, this windfall also brings fabulous profit opportunities for U.S. energy plays that just a few months ago were thought to be headed for the cellar.

So you’re going to be kicking yourself if you don’t get a share of the profits coming our way.

Careful: Profiting From Energy Safely Is Tricky!

Energy prices are volatile and you can get killed by short-term price fluctuations. Speculating on energy prices is a one-way street to an early heart attack… or at the very least an ulcer!

So we play the energy boom with a classic “picks-and-shovels” strategy.

Instead of gambling on the miners of the California gold rush, you would have made far more betting on the companies supplying all those greedy prospectors.

Levi Strauss made his fortune that way, and so did countless other hawkers of real estate, dry goods, housing, livestock and food.

In energy today, that means we steer clear of the explorers that can go belly-up with just one wrong move.

The easiest way to go bust is by falling for the trap of investing in a “massive new field” uncovered in some obscure corner of the U.S. Those “big strikes” often don’t pan out.

Instead, we focus on the pipelines and other infrastructure plays that ignore the price of energy and just bank steady profits month after month from the commodities flowing through their facilities.

Let’s start with picking up a few shares of one of the world’s largest independent oil refiners—Valero (NYSE: VLO). As a major player in the Gulf Coast refining game, this company is a leader in the growing field of exporting America’s surplus fossil fuels to resource-poor countries around the globe.

The combination of a shareholder-friendly management team, one of the strongest balance sheets in the sector and massive free cash flow has allowed the company to buy back stock like it’s going out of style. (Over $400 million in the second quarter alone!).

This should boost the stock nicely in the coming months all by itself, but a rising dividend will heighten the interest. The dividend has quadrupled since 2008 and now stands at 4.24%. Add it all up and I think Valero’s 160% gain over the last 5 years is just the start.

My second favorite is a big dog in the pipeline business, with one of the largest natural oil and gas networks in North America.

Its top-quality management and steady-as-a-rock business model means it’s a cash-generating machine like few on earth. In fact, since its IPO in 2001, quarterly cash distributions have risen an astounding 538%! And despite the tough times in the oil patch, the company boosted its payout another 10% this year.

Long term, this is one of my very favorite companies. It should be—I’ve owned it almost from the day it went public, so my money has compounded at a fantastic rate.

Yours will, too, if you follow my lead here. Current yield is a little less than 5%, but I’m betting the pace of its growth will throw off bigger distributions in the years ahead.

The icing on the cake? This energy gem throws off dividends that are tax-deferred, so you get to keep more of the payout in your hands and out of Uncle Sam’s.

I’ll give you all the details on these stocks in the report I mentioned earlier, 8 MegaTrend Winners for 2017 and you’ll find my updates and top times to buy in my regular communications from Profitable Investing, my private advisory service for conservative investors.

As I hope you’ve seen so far, my approach starts with a key distinction you must make in every investment you make:

Invest in the Big Trends Correctly
and You Make Out Like a Bandit

Take just a few of my most famous examples:

  • In 1982, Chrysler was on the verge of bankruptcy. I looked at their numbers and, more importantly, at the economic revival just beginning under Ronald Reagan and said, “Chrysler is going to survive to fight another day.” Within 12 months, Chrysler shares soared 426%.
  • In 1987, after 5 years of fantastic stock market profits, I warned investors about the dangers in the stock market. In fact just four weeks before the crash, I advised readers to “cut back your stock holdings” and “sell the overpriced blue-chip favorites with the fancy P/Es of 20 or higher.” At the same time I advised investors to make a big investment in zero-coupon bonds. My personal stake in Exxon zeroes soared over 900%.
  • In 1998, right at the bottom of a major August market panic, I warned readers not to panic and to stop their wild selling spree. In fact, I pounded on the table for my Profitable Investing subscribers to buy stocks with both hands. Our recommendations have risen as much as 500% since then.
  • In 2000, when everyone had a bad case of technology fever, I declared that tech stock values were bonkers and recommended my subscribers deploy their capital into unpopular investments like REITs. We avoided a more than 90% plunge, AND we banked more than 250% in a single REIT.
  • In 2003, many investors were focused on energy as the next hot sector, but I forecasted that gold was actually due for a revival. The Midas metal had been a money-loser for more than a decade, but I felt confident in my recommendation of an undervalued mining stock and a low-risk gold fund. Within five months, we locked in more than 50% profits.
  • And in the bear market of 2008, I steered investors away from wealth-stealers like Health Management (-77%) and Tenet Healthcare (-80%). Instead, we pocketed big winners like Unibanco (102%) and Chesapeake Energy (121%).
  • 2009 was another blockbuster year for my subscribers, with no less than fifteen of my recommended stocks soaring 30% or more. Overall, the Total Return Portfolio clocked a sparkling 22.5% gain, as verified by Hulbert.
  • In 2012, I recommended Microsoft when Wall Street pundits said Apple would eat its lunch. MSFT has rocketed 54.7% so far, while Apple has lost value.
  • In 2015, I was the first to call the oil time bomb, forecasting both the fall and rise of oil stocks—grabbing 52% in Chevron, 85% returns in Kinder Morgan, and 129% returns in Plains All American Pipeline.

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee Makes Your
Bet on Profitable Investing Completely Risk-Free

But Don’t Take
My Word For It…

"I want to tell you how much I appreciate your sound, conservative financial advice. I have been with you for several years, and you have made me very good results with individual stocks. Thanks and keep up the good work."

Charles H, Denver, CO

"Just checked my performance against the S&P 500. Using Richard’s advice I am up 16.1% for 2016 as opposed to the S&P at 9.53%. Thank you Richard."

Richard L, Plainville MA

For more than three decades, I’ve dedicated my life to helping investors just like you not only reach your financial dreams but also protect your wealth. Because when it comes to investing, our first priority is always safety.

And that’s why my Profitable Investing advisory service was declared the #1 Financial Advisory in 2010 — because of my sound advice during the global financial crisis.

(And because I nailed the March 9, 2009 market bottom almost exactly.)

I invite you to join Profitable Investing today so that you can put not only my plan for safely profiting from the 4 major money-making trends of the next decade into action, but also my award-winning advice for conservative investors at every stage of their financial lives.

When you join Profitable Investing, you get every tool you need to follow my strategy and become an all-weather success, such as…

  • Special Report to Get You Started: In 8 MegaTrend Winners for 2017, you’ll get the names and details on my top investments to buy now for low-risk profits.
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