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Why is this investing book priced at $2,500? — Stock Gumshoe Daily Update

Why is this investing book priced at $2,500? — Stock Gumshoe Daily Update
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Daily Update
Aug. 22, 2013  
Greetings, Gumshoe readers!

Louis Basenese over at Wall Street Daily has gotten our attention with lots of overheated teasers in the past year, and some of those stocks have gone up nicely so I get lots of questions whenever he’s pitching one — this time around we look at the most unusual thing he’s promoting now (a book, not a stock) as well as a couple of the stocks he hints at in recent ads.  All here in today’s new article … or if you just want to buy that $2,500 book you can find it here.
Yesterday’s piece came out in the pre-dawn  hours — miss it?  read on …

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I’ve gotten overwhelmed with questions about the latest teaser pitch for Casey Energy Report, but it’s an unusually hush-hush pitch and it’s about a tiny little company that I know very little about … so I sent it out before the market open to give you a fighting chance to research it yourself.  They say it’s an oil stock sitting on maybe the “next Bakken” but they’re even trying to keep the country secret (spoiler alert: it’s Germany)… and they’re expecting drilling results in mid-September. Yes, we’ll give you the ticker — but what you do with it is, as always, up to you. Details here.



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