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Daily Update 
January 6, 2014
Greetings, Gumshoe readers!

Please for today’s new article.


Ian Wyatt is taking some victory laps for being one of the folks who was enthused about Tesla a year ago in the $30s, so his pitches tend to get attention from Gumshoe readers — which is why we decided to look into who he’s pitching as one of his top picks now, the “stealth retail king of 2014.”  Who is it?  Answers in today’s free article if you’ll just .


Or if you missed our first piece of this fresh, shiny new year, just read on …




Top Stock Trader Adam Mesh is Naming Names….


YRCW +492%, UNXL +207%, ALNY + 172%, LGF +122%, PRLB +95%, HBI +87%, YELP + 67%, ELLI +62%, XONE +49.25%. These are just some of the stocks his new Smart Money Prime stock picking system has identified-and cashed in on-in the last 12 months. Profits made in weeks or months NOT years.

It tracks the stocks that BIG institutions are loading up on right now. The one or two stocks out of 9,000 that the “smart money” is playing and about to send exploding higher.


Try a one month trial subscription for just $9.95.




We started off slow this year with a question many have been asking over the past week, “what’s the deal with that thing about Obama’s Secret Income?”


Yep, it’s back — they’re still calling it “Mainz Income” when they don’t call it “secret income”, and I thought it was worth sharing a few words about it with you today… partly because it’s easy to do (remember, this is lazy just-back-from-vacation man talking), and partly because my favorite “secret income” stock (dunno if it’s one of the ones they’re teasing) just announced a transformational deal on Christmas Eve that makes me like them even more. 


So here’s our first note of the new year for you, I hope you’re already having a fabulous 2014!




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