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“I Bet You $117,238.20 That This Stock Explodes in 2013″ — Stock Gumshoe Daily Update

“I Bet You $117,238.20 That This Stock Explodes in 2013″ — Stock Gumshoe Daily Update
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Stock Gumshoe

Stock Gumshoe
Daily Update

Feb 4, 2013  

Greetings, Gumshoe readers!

Please for today’s new article.
There’s a new ad running from the Motley Fool, predicting a huge winner of a Rule Breakers stock that will be releasing news in just a few days and taking over a $130 billion business.  The pitch is from Jeremy Phillips, who is a Fool employee, but the stock is one that both Fool majordomos, Dave and Tom Gardner, are big fans of … so what is it?   for the story in today’s new article.
Or did you miss any of the fun last week?  Just read on …



By far the biggest tax “loophole” of 2013

Yes, taxes are going up. But what is probably the biggest “loophole” in the tax system? What allows anyone of any income to legally hide money AND income from the gov’t?
This technique allows you to pay zero taxes… and you never have to report this money to anyone, anywhere.




Last week started with a promise that you could earn 519% from “Buffett’s oil monopoly” … really?  Well, we can at least tell you what stock they’re teasing if you .

We covered a teaser pick from Casey’s Big Gold newsletter that pitched something called “Canada’s Golden Tollbooths” … everyone’s looking for passive and predictable income and many investors love the “toll road” investments, so what is this?  for the story.  


So much of the controversy about hydraulic fracturing and the new shale oil and gas boom has to do with the water it uses and pollutes and how that water is treated, which means there are companies trying to make a profit from cleaning that water.  Today we’re looking at a teaser from Eric Dickson about just such a company, and as we quote in the subject line he thinks they’re “making a killing.”  Worth your investment dollars?  We’ll see .. this one generated more comments than any other article this week.  and you can join in the fun as we figure it out.  


The first pick teased by John Mauldin’s Yield Shark as a January idea has done pretty well over the last ten days or so, and plenty of folks have asked us to look for the other three ideas … so we fired up the ol’ Thinkolator and we’ve got an interesting mix of “urgent” buy suggestions from them that we can reveal for you.   for the details.

And we closed out the week with a Friday File piece for the Irregulars that checked in on one of my larger holdings, sniffed around some other royalty companies, and included my notes on a new speculative buy and a stock for our watchlist.  If you’re in the Irregulars and missed that email you can find it on the top of the list here.







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