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Here’s the exact day the U.S. dollar will collapse

Here’s the exact day the U.S. dollar will collapse
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We now know exact day of U.S. dollar collapse
Dear Reader,
We’ve been writing for several years about the problems of the U.S. dollar and our government’s insurmountable debt obligations.
But now, for the first time ever, our lead analyst believes we can accurately predict the exact day of the U.S. dollar’s official collapse.
He says this collapse will coincide with a new Federal law that goes into effect this year.
I strongly encourage you to take a minute to learn about this law and the exact date.
We expect this to be a huge story in the weeks to come, but right now no one is talking about it.
Get the facts for yourself here
George Rayburn
Publisher, Stansberry Research

Stansberry & Associates, Investment Research, 1217 St. Paul St., Baltimore, MD 21202

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