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Help us help! — Stock Gumshoe Daily Update


Help us help! — Stock Gumshoe Daily Update

Stock Gumshoe

Stock Gumshoe
Daily Update

December 3, 2012
Greetings, Gumshoe readers!

It’s time once again for the end-of-year Stock Gumshoe charitable membership drive!

Wait, don’t go!  Really, we’ll be brief:  If you’ve ever considered joining our paid membership, now’s the time.  

For the next ten days, half of ALL revenue from subscriptions will go to charity.  Yes, this time around we’re not just rewarding new members with that warm feeling of do-gooderliness, we’re also including renewals.  And no, we don’t take any expenses out — if you join for a full year for $49 (for example), $24.50 gets donated to charity.

Joining the Stock Gumshoe Irregulars gets you even more of the Stock Gumshoe content that you love, with the Friday File and our “Idea of the Month” stock writeups … plus the new and beloved “Quick Take” box that only Irregulars see on our free articles (now you don’t have to read all the blather to see the solutions!) and access to my personal portfolio of stock holdings.

And for the next ten days, joining also helps a great cause — which cause is up to you, we have a poll up on our Facebook page to narrow down the list, the top two charities will split this year’s donation.

And in case you just opened this email looking for a few stock ideas to read about, well, how about that big campaign by the Motley Fool about the “next industry to crumble?”

That’s the new version of the ad campaign that they’ve been running for a couple months now, all about the “$2.2 Trillion War for Your Living Room” … and we wrote about it on October 15, you can see that article here.






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