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The Steve Jobs Betrayal

Steve Job’s Final Betrayal or Final Vendetta

What was Steve Job’s Final Betrayal (Vendetta)?  This teaser is spin of some previous teases we have seen going around the internet for one of the Motley Fool newsletters and a secret stock pick you can get by signing up.  Its not that secret anymore as we reveal it below.  This tease plays on the extreme success of Apple’s iPhone.   They attempt to revealing details from Steve Job’s biography about his beliefs and feelings that the Android mobile platforms stole key parts and features from Apple’s iPhone.

“You may already know that in the final year of his life, Jobs revealed a stunning betrayal – and told his biographer, “I will spend my last dying breath… and every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank to right this wrong.”

With this in mind, the teaser goes on to discuss how fierce competition between the iPhone and Android will in turn drive down prices for each mobile device.  This in turn will bring about a glut of handhelds around the world.  This will lead to the need for much greater capacity in the cellular networks.   So if you missed getting in on the initial driving growth that both the iPhone and Android had, you can get in on the peripheral affects from this extreme competition.

What company is to benefit most from this growing need for cellular network capacity?  We have talked about this company before.   The writers at Motley Fool believe that American Tower Corporation (AMT) will benefit from the coming expansion.  This could be the case, however AMT is trading at a fairly high PE right now, just over 90.  And it is up quite a bit over the last few months.   It is a large company and it does control a great deal of the world’s cellular real estate.

American Tower Corporation is a holding company. The Company conducts its operations through its directly and indirectly owned subsidiaries. It is a wireless and broadcast communications infrastructure company that owns, operates and develops communications sites. Its primary business includes leasing antenna space on multi-tenant communications sites to wireless service providers and radio and television broadcast companies. This business is its rental and management operations. The Company also offers tower-related services domestically, including site acquisition, zoning and permitting services and structural analysis services, which primarily support its site leasing business and the addition of new tenants and equipment on its sites. On August 6, 2010, the Company acquired Essar Telecom Infrastructure Private Limited (ETIPL). On June 29, 2010, it acquired 113 towers from Telefonica Chile S.A. In January 2012, the Company merged with and into American Tower REIT, Inc

Check out the AMT chart below: (click on chart to make it larger)


The long term chart shows that the market is favoring AMT right now.   And it does pay a dividend.  If AMT can continue its growing market success both on and off the field it could be one to consider for your long term portfolio.  But as always do your due diligence before putting any of your hard earned money at risk.   When building long term portfolio success and finding those buy and hold forever stocks, it is best to caution on the side of conservatism.  Remember this is just our opinion and not be construed as investment advice in anyway.  We do not hold a position in this company.

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