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Penny Stock tools Real Time Quotes Not much needs to be said here.  How can you execute proper trade timing if you don't know what the actual price of a penny stock is at the time you place your order?   Again, many online brokerages will provide this as part of your account services.   If your not using real time quoting for trading, you may as well stop here and start looking at mutual funds. Penny [more]
Brokerages and penny stocks With penny stocks, timing is everything, even down to how fast you can get a trade executed.  We don't recommend going with a full service brokerage if your looking to trade penny stocks on a daily basis.   Online discount brokerage such as Etrade, TDAmeritrade or Scottrade are fairly decent for commissions and execution.   There are many online discount brokerages out there and many of them offer some great tools as incentives [more]
What is a penny stock? Investopedia says: The term itself is a misnomer because there is no generally accepted definition of a penny stock. Some consider it to be any stock that trades for pennies or those that trade for under $5, while others consider any stock trading off of the major market exchanges as a penny stock. However, confusion can occur as there are some very large companies, based on market capitalization, that trade [more]
Introduction to Penny Stocks If you've found yourself looking at investing in penny stocks, you've probably done a trade or three on large cap stocks such as Apple or Microsoft. How did you do? What was the main reason you started investing? To make money right? Did you learn how to read financials and figure out where to go to find news on the market? Sites such as CNBC, MSNBC etc... Do you have the [more]
Could Yahoo (YHOO) Be The 2014 Stock Of The Year?
Could Yahoo (YHOO) Be The 2014 Stock Of The Year? (Great video by then 15 year old Michelle [more]
Can Marijuana Stocks Grow Your Retirement Portfolio – Green Harvest
Can Marijuana Grow Your Retirement Portfolio - Green Harvest As it turns out the cash crop of the [more]
10-86 plan – Little-known Loophole Could Triple Investing Income
10-86 plan - Little-known Loophole Could Triple Investing Income So what are they talking about, [more]
The Comcast, Time Warner Merger Official?
The Comcast, Time Warner Merger is Official? Good or bad? Though there has been  little o [more]
Oil Out Of Thin Air?
Oil Out Of Thin Air? New hype of a technology that claims to be 10 times cleaner than petroleum o [more]
The Steve Jobs Betrayal
Steve Job's Final Betrayal or Final Vendetta What was Steve Job's Final Betrayal (Vendetta)?  T [more]
Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) are comparable to real est [more]
Wal-tirement "How the King of Retail has Revolutionized Paying for Retirement and How to get in [more]
The $1,720 iPhone MIRACLE!
The $1,720 iPhone MIRACLE! Ohhh...iPhone? Miracle? Steve Jobs? And Money? This has my attention. [more]
Is this the end of credit cards?
Is This The End of Credit Cards? The Death of Credit Cards, or so David Gardner of Motley Fool w [more]
Panakeia 604
Panakeia 604 What stock is developing Panakeia 604?  Keep reading as we figure [more]
Bag Holders Anonymous….did you hold that penny stock too long?
Ugggghhh...Is this how you feel after realizing your one of the bag holders in a penny stock  you [more]
What is the "Tiny Gold Stock set for possible breakout? So you've seen the teaser "Tiny Gold Sto [more]
Bill Gates Just Bought $571 Million of This Stock What stock did Bill Gates buy $571 million of? [more]
The Shocking Truth about the iPhone 5? As we near the launch of the updated social technolog [more]

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